How To Change URL On YouTube Channel [Customize Channel]

Change URL On YouTube Channel

To change the URL on the YouTube channel, you will need to change your handle. You can then share the Handle URL with your audience so that they can find you on YouTube. Unfortunately, you can no longer create a custom YouTube channel URL.

Having a unique YouTube channel URL can make you look more professional. By default, your YouTube channel’s URL consists of your Channel ID (a 24-character name tag). The unique URL identifier makes it easy for other apps and audiences to identify the channel. However, don’t you think that Channel ID is too long? Would it be easy to share with others?

Well, that’s why having a customized YouTube channel handle URL would be great. Not only is it even easy to copy and paste but also, helps to build your brand. In this article, we will learn more about how to change the URL on your YouTube channel.

Can You Still Create a Custom YouTube URL?

Custom YouTube URL

Unfortunately, unlike before, when you could choose a custom URL for your YouTube channel, nowadays, it doesn’t work that way. According to YouTube regulations, you can only update your handle on your youtube/handle page. You can then share your Handle URL with your intended audience.

You can no longer create a custom URL or even change it. However, if you have an existing one, you can continue using it. You can also not delete the custom URL; if you want to, you will need to delete your channel. However, the action will be permanent, and you will need to open a new channel.

In the past to create a custom URL you needed to have at least 100 subscribers in your channel, your channel needed to be  at least 30 days old, and your YouTube channel needed to have a banner and profile icon. However, nowadays, you can change your handle without meeting any of those requirements. Moreover, you can only change your Handle name twice after every 14 days. Highly-Efficient!

How To Change URL On YouTube Channel

It is not that complex to change the URL on your YouTube Channel. However, unlike before, where you could set a custom link, nowadays, you need to change your YouTube handle to have a custom link to your channel. You can either change your handle name through YouTube Studio or Handle’s page.

Method 1: Change the YouTube channel URL through YouTube Studio.

The first method you can use to change your YouTube Channel URL or handle is through YouTube Studio. You can’t change your default Channel URL ID anymore, you can just modify your handle, which you can use to share with your audience so that they can access your YouTube channel.

Step 1: Access YouTube Studio

If you have a YouTube channel,  you have access to YouTube Studio which allows you to easily manage your online presence, analyze engagement, and even generate revenue if you are in the YouTube partner program which also requires you to meet some requirements. You can either access it through the YouTube Studio website or app.

Access YouTube Studio

Step 2: Navigate through your Profile Icon

While on your YouTube studio dashboard, click your profile icon on the left side of the screen. This action will redirect you to your profile page. Click the “Customize channel” button just beside the “manage videos” button..

Navigate through your Profile Icon

Alternatively under your profile icon, scroll down, till you find the customization menu item. Click on it, and it will take you to the customization page.


Step 3: Customize the YouTube channel handle

Customize the YouTube channel handle

On the top menu tabs, click on basic info. You will be able to see your name, handle, channel description, channel URL, links, and contact information.  You can then modify your handle to be as you prefer.

modify your handle

Step 4: Save the changes

Save the changes

Once done customizing the YouTube channel handle, proceed to click Publish which allows you to save the changes. Ensure you have chosen a name that corresponds well with your brand.

That’s it.

Method 2: Change the URL through the Handle’s page

Alternatively, you can decide to change the URL on the YouTube channel through the Handle’s page.

Step 1: Access the YouTube Handle page

First you will need to access your YouTube handle page. It gives you an overview of what the handle is and how you can use it to boost your audience. Due to their unique nature, they make identification easier.

Access the YouTube Handle page

Step 2: Click the Change Handle button

Scroll down and click the “Change handle” button that will allow you to customize it. Through the handle, it will be easier to get noticed through shorts, get tagged in videos, get an identity, connect with others in the YouTube community, and make it easy for people to find you.

Click the Change Handle button

Step 3: Choose a unique handle name

You can then customize the handle as you wish. Unlike custom URLs in the past which you could just change thrice in a year, for a handle, you can change twice after every 14 days. Ensure you choose a name that corresponds with your brand for easy identity. Do your research for the perfect handle name.

Choose a unique handle name

Step 4: Confirm Selection

Once you are sure of the chosen handle, click on “confirm selection” to save the changes.

Confirm Selection

Criteria for Creating a YouTube Handle

When choosing a YouTube handle, ensure it corresponds with your brand and the kind of content that you are showcasing. Additionally, try and keep it simple and memorable which will make it easier for people to find you.

The handle should also include relevant SEO keywords that will make it easy for you to be found. Also, check for the availability of the handle before settling for it, to prevent taking a long time before finding the right one.

Additionally, be sure to update your audience about your new handle – however, ensure it is too far from your YouTube channel’s name.

Some key handle name requirements to be met include;

  • It should have 3–30 characters and contain alphanumeric characters (a -z, 0-9)
  • It can contain special characters like periods, hyphens, etc
  • It shouldn’t resemble a phone number or URL
  • The handle should be unique
  • The handle should follow the YouTube community guidelines

The Different Types of YouTube Channel’s URL

Luckily, your YouTube Channel can have more than one URL that can redirect your audience to your channel’s homepage to see your content. The different types include the handle URL, channel URL, custom URL, and legacy username URLs.

1. Channel URL

This is the default YouTube channel URL that has 24 digits (name tag)

For example:

If you have never created a custom URL, then this will be your permanent channel URL. Unfortunately, you can no longer create a custom Channel URL.

2. Handle URL

The handle URL is created automatically when you choose or change your channel’s handle. It starts with the @ symbol and your chosen handle which you can customize through YouTube studio > customization > Basic info. For example: Ideally, you can also change it through the Handle’s page.

Handle URL

3. Custom URL

Previously, it was possible to have a custom URL, however, it is not possible anymore. Luckily, if you already have one, you can continue to use it. However, as a new creator, you can not create another one. You will need to customize your handle for a custom URL.

4. Legacy username URL

If you created your channel long ago, it may have a username. However, when creating a channel nowadays, having a username is not mandatory. The legacy username URL’s resemble this:

For example:

Increase your Audience on YouTube Effortlessly

If you want to become a successful YouTuber, you need to sell yourself  as a brand and if you have a unique handle that will be used as your YouTube Channel URL it will be much easier. You need to choose a name that people can easily relate to.

If you are a brand, you can use the name that you use on all other social media accounts for easy identity. If not, you can let people know your unique YouTube channel URL.

Therefore, if you have created a custom URL before, you can continue using it. However, if you want to create one now, you can only customize your YouTube handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What else can you use to share your YouTube channel?

You can use your YouTube channel handle. This is even essential when the user is not even on YouTube. It entails the YouTube URL and your handle.

Q. Can you create a custom URL for your YouTube channel?

Yes, by changing your YouTube handle. However, you can’t customize the Channel ID like before.

Q. Is every YouTube channel URL unique?

Yes, every user has a unique YouTube ID. This is for easy identification in case of anything like a follow-up.

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