How to Get Local Followers on Instagram (2024 Guide)

How to Get Local Followers on Instagram

Having a large local following on Instagram is crucial for both individuals and businesses, as it enables engagement with local users and facilitates entry into sales or marketing strategies. Despite its importance, gaining local followers can be challenging. This article will explore effective methods for increasing local Instagram followers.

Are you a local business owner struggling to gain traction on Instagram? While the platform offers immense potential for connecting with your audience and boosting your brand, the challenge lies in attracting local followers who can benefit your business. With the average user dedicating nearly two and a half hours daily to social media, it is crucial to tap into this audience to drive quality leads and conversions. However, simply amassing a global following won’t necessarily translate to success for your local business.

In a world where social media posts influence the purchase decisions of approximately 78% of consumers, cultivating a strong local following cannot be overstated. But how can you get local Instagram users to notice your business and engage with your content? Joining a local Instagram pod might seem like a solution, but more effective strategies are available.

This article will explore actionable tips and techniques for growing your local Instagram followership. From leveraging local hashtags and geotagging to collaborating with influencers and hosting community events, we will explore proven methods to set you on the path to success.

1. Use Geotags

Instagram geotags allow users to tie their content to specific locations using longitudes and latitudes. This feature is valuable for businesses seeking to attract local followers. By adding geolocation tags to posts, such as your city, neighborhood, business location, or nearby landmarks, you increase engagement by approximately 79%. This fosters a sense of belonging and familiarity among local audiences, encouraging them to follow your account.

Additionally, geotagging provides better exposure by allowing users to view other images of the exact location with just one click. Even if you are not physically present in an area, you can still tag it, provided your business operates there and is on the map.

To geotag your Instagram post:

Step 1: Choose the media (image or video) you wish to post on Instagram.

Step 2: Proceed to the next screen to add tags, captions, and locations.

Step 3: In the “Add location” section, Instagram generates a list of nearby locations for tagging.

Add location section

Step 4: Select a location from the list provided if it suits your post.

Step 5: Alternatively, if you prefer to input a specific location, click the “>” sign.

Step 6: Type in your desired location, and Instagram will offer suggestions as you type to streamline your search.

Step 7: Review your post once you have added the location to ensure everything looks good.

Step 8: After posting, your content will be associated with the location you selected. Users who view your post can see the location tag and click on it to view other posts from that location.

It is essential to have your phone’s location settings enabled for Instagram, as the app requires permission to access and share your current location. Suppose you want to geotag your existing Instagram post. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Locate the post you wish to geotag and click on the three dots in the top right corner.

Step 2: From the pop-up menu, choose the option labeled “Edit.”

Step 3: In the subsequent interface, select “Add location…” to input your desired geotag.

Step 4: After making the necessary changes, repost the content, and the updated location tag will be visible.

2. Use Local Hashtags

Utilizing hashtags strategically on Instagram can significantly enhance your account’s growth, especially for local businesses. Incorporating relevant hashtags in your posts helps categorize and label your content, increasing its visibility and outreach. For local businesses, leveraging local hashtags is paramount, allowing them to connect with their immediate community and potential customers. Businesses can improve their post reach and attract more local followers by using phrases or words that resonate with the local audience.

Moreover, local hashtags facilitate connections with other businesses in the area, fostering partnerships and collaborations. It is important to prioritize quality over quantity when selecting hashtags, ensuring they are relevant to your content and target audience. To discover local hashtags, search for your city on Instagram and explore the “Tags” section to find relevant options.

3. Work with Local Influencers

Partnering with local influencers can be a powerful strategy for boosting brand awareness, particularly within your local community. These influencers have earned trust and credibility among followers, who often value their recommendations highly. By partnering with local influencers, businesses can tap into their loyal fan base and leverage their influence to reach a broader audience.

When local influencers endorse a brand or product, followers are likelier to follow suit, potentially leading to increased engagement and sales. This method saves time and effort in building a local fan base from scratch and allows businesses to benefit from trusted local voices’ established credibility and reach.

To identify the right local influencers for collaboration and achieve optimal results, you can use any of the methods below:

  • Influencer Hashtags. The search feature allows you to search for influencers by entering relevant hashtag terms. This helps you find top posts related to your niche and identify influencers whose content aligns with your brand and target audience. For example, if you are a fitness coach in Los Angeles, your search might involve hashtags like #losangelesfitnessinfluencer or #LAgymtrainer.
  • Influencer Agency. Influencer agencies facilitate connections between businesses and local influencers to support their marketing campaigns.
  • Google. You can conduct a Google search using certain keywords related to your niche, such as “fitness influencers Los Angeles Instagram,” to find relevant influencers and their profiles.

4. Local Ads

Utilize local advertising campaigns tailored to engage with your specific audience, targeting topics that resonate with them. By running these ads on social media platforms, you can increase brand exposure and establish a lasting presence in the minds of your desired audience,  leading to enhanced brand awareness and better SEO. A clear call-to-action button in your ads ensures seamless interaction with potential customers.

Platforms like Instagram enable precise targeting, allowing you to reach local audiences based on location. This makes it an effective strategy for growing a local following. However, ensure your budget can sustain ongoing ad campaigns for optimal results.

5. Run Giveaways


Businesses often organize giveaways to boost engagement on their social media profiles, making it easy to increase their follower count. These giveaways not only enhance brand awareness among relevant audiences but also foster positive relationships with customers, building a sense of community.

Hosting giveaways can attract free local Instagram followers, as people are drawn to win something relevant to the brand. Choosing prizes that appeal to your target audience and effectively promote the giveaway to maximize participation is essential. Popular giveaway formats include trivia contests, tagging friends, best caption contests, and follow-to-win contests.

6. Interact with people who have tagged your location

To grow your Instagram following, prioritize engaging with users, especially those within your local community. Consistent community management efforts can organically expand your local following, emphasizing connecting with users who have tagged your location. Approach engagement intentionally, avoid spammy tactics, and aim to appreciate and value Instagram users’ content genuinely. This involves actions like liking posts, leaving thoughtful comments, interacting with Stories, and introducing them to relevant brand initiatives. By fostering genuine connections, you increase the likelihood of recommendations and further growth within your local community.

7. Work with Local Brands or Businesses

Collaborating with influencers is one of many methods for attracting local customers on Instagram. Partnering with nearby businesses presents mutually beneficial opportunities for organic follower growth. By tagging and mentioning brands, companies, or locations in your posts, you increase the likelihood of being noticed and potentially reshared, ensuring that new followers are predominantly local.

These partnerships introduce your audience to new businesses and vice versa, fostering a positive community impact. Combining partnerships with giveaways and offering bundled local prizes can significantly expand your reach and engagement, benefiting all involved parties and reaching a broader audience.

8. Engage with your Local Competitor’s Followers

Engage with your Local Competitor’s Followers

Analyzing a competitor’s Instagram account provides valuable insights into their content strategy and audience engagement tactics. By studying their posts and identifying successful approaches, you can gain inspiration and refine your ideas. Additionally, engaging with competitors’ followers offers an opportunity to attract a relevant audience who shares an interest in similar businesses, increasing the likelihood of them following your account. This proactive approach enables you to leverage competitor insights to enhance your Instagram presence and expand your follower base.

9. Cross-Promote

Cross-promoting your new Instagram account on other social platforms notifies existing followers, encouraging them to follow you there too. Sharing links to your Instagram profile across multiple platforms increases visibility and provides additional channels for your content to reach and engage with your audience.

10. Support other local Instagram creators

Your Instagram presence thrives within a vibrant community of creators and businesses. Foster this community spirit by actively engaging with local businesses: liking, commenting, and sharing their content. Tag businesses when providing recommendations and collaborate with local influencers, ensuring fair compensation.

Generously supporting others’ content and promoting local businesses cultivates reciprocity, expanding your reach and establishing a reputation for fostering warmth and community spirit. Embracing this collaborative approach introduces you to new audiences and reinforces your positive presence within the local business community.

11. Optimize you bio

Optimize you bio

Your Instagram bio is a virtual storefront, providing a snapshot of who you are, what you offer, and your relevance to a local audience. Enhance your Instagram business profile for local engagement by incorporating your location, address, and phone number. This attracts local customers and boosts Instagram SEO, increasing visibility to nearby users.

A compelling bio signals to potential followers that your account is relevant to them, making it crucial in gaining new followers. Consistency in branding across all touchpoints strengthens your brand identity and strengthens connections with your audience.

12. Post Consistently

Consistency is critical when integrating Instagram into your social media strategy, with brands advised to aim for at least one daily post. As you establish a workflow and content pipeline, consider increasing posting frequency to two or three times daily for heightened competitiveness. Utilize Instagram’s built-in analytics to analyze user behavior and performance insights, informing your content calendar strategy. While initial research on optimal posting times is beneficial, adjusting based on your audience’s preferences is crucial for maximum engagement.

13. Instagram Takeovers

Elevate your local customer attraction strategy by hosting an Instagram takeover. In this type of takeover, someone temporarily assumes control of your account. This can be an influencer or a business that curates content, engages with your audience, and shares Instagram Stories throughout the day. Partnering with influencers whose values and audience align with your brand ensures a successful takeover that resonates with both their followers and yours.

Granting creative freedom to the influencer fosters authenticity, leading to increased engagement, follower growth, and other desired outcomes. A well-executed Instagram takeover creates excitement, generates buzz, and strengthens brand awareness within the local community.

14. Engage with your Instagram News feed

Engage with your Instagram News feed

After following numerous Instagram users in your locality, engaging with their content by liking and commenting on their photos is crucial. Consistent interaction fosters a sense of community and encourages reciprocal engagement. While this approach requires patience and persistence, avoid appearing desperate or overly eager.

Instead, maintain a genuine and respectful demeanor as you build connections with local Instagram users. Over time, this consistent engagement can lead to increased followers and meaningful interactions, contributing to the growth of your Instagram presence within the local community.

How to Know your Instagram’s Followers Locations

For Instagram business profiles, access to Instagram Insights is valuable for understanding audience demographics, including location. This data is essential for brands to tailor content and engagement strategies effectively. By utilizing Insights, businesses can gain valuable insights into their audience’s geographical distribution, enabling informed decisions to enhance online presence and engagement with the target audience.

Step 1: Access your Instagram profile and tap the chart icon or navigate to Insights.

Step 2: Click on the Audience tab to view insights.

Step 3: Explore top follower locations, categorized by cities and countries.

Step 4: Discover age range and gender distribution among followers.

Step 5: Analyze follower activity patterns, including peak days and hours of engagement.


Q. Can one buy Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers is possible but not recommended due to the risk of receiving fake or inactive accounts, violating Instagram’s terms, and ultimately damaging your reputation. It is better to focus on organic growth strategies, such as creating high-quality content and engaging with your community, to attract genuine followers interested in your content.

Q. Does Instagram pay users for having followers?

Instagram does not pay users to have direct followers. However, influencers with large followings may earn money through sponsored posts, brand partnerships, and other collaborations, leveraging their audience for promotional purposes and receiving compensation from brands or companies.

Q. Why is it important to get more local followers on Instagram?

Gaining more local Instagram followers is crucial for businesses as it ensures a targeted audience interested in their products or services, leading to high conversion rates. A strong local following also fosters community engagement, brand advocacy, and increased visibility within the local market, contributing to overall business growth and success.


Attracting local followers on Instagram involves collaborating with local influencers, using geotags, hosting giveaways, and running targeted ads. Consistency is key, and while results may take time, these strategies offer the best chance for organic growth. By implementing these methods, businesses can connect with more people in their community, expanding their brand’s reach and promoting their products or services to a broader audience.

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