100 iPhone Wallpapers – HD & 4K, Cool Backgrounds *Free Download*

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What’s your best iPhone wallpaper? You can use sports, landscape, cars, anime, movies, concise, season’s and other wallpapers to make your phone to look amazing.

What’s your iPhone’s wallpaper? When was the last time that you changed your wallpaper? Well, it is important to have a beautiful phone wallpaper. You will always feel satisfied when you open your iPhone’s screen.

Don’t just use the default wallpaper. You can use a variety of wallpapers. What about changing your wallpaper every single week?

These collections of wallpapers can help make your relationship with your phone better. No more shying away when someone borrows your phone!

1) Mandalorian iPhone Wallpapers

mandalorian 1 mandalorian 2

mandalorian 3 mandalorian 4

mandalorian 5 mandalorian 6

mandalorian 7 mandalorian 8

mandalorian 9 mandalorian 10

Are you a fan of fictional shows? Try a Mandalorian iPhone wallpaper! In most of these pictures, the character normally has a battle helmet, chest armor, and jetpacks. Get the most out of Mandalore alien races or species.  Also, if you are an action fan, then these iPhone wallpapers will do you justice!

 2) Spring iPhone Wallpapers

spring 1 spring 2

spring 3 spring 4

spring 5 spring 6

spring 7 spring 8

spring 9 spring 10

If you are a nature lover, these spring iPhone wallpapers will do you justice. It’s always a relief when spring comes after winter. Many rites and festivals are also celebrated during that time, and you shouldn’t be left out!

The spring wallpapers feature beautiful plants, animals, and sun rays. Nature is beautiful and can help you to feel relaxed if you feel unsettled. This is the best phone therapy that you could have.

3) Red And Black Iphone Wallpapers

red and black 1 red and black 2

red and black 3 red and black 4

red and black 5 red and black 6

red and black 7 red and black 8

red and black 9 red and black 10

Red and black images bring a sense of classiness. They provide such an aesthetic look that will keep you smiling all the time. There are different wallpapers designs and art that you can find in red and black. If you are also a fan of red wine, why not opt for a red and black iPhone wallpaper?

4) Attack On Titan iPhone Wallpapers

attack on titan 1 attack on titan 2

attack on titan 3 attack on titan 4

attack on titan 5 attack on titan 6

attack on titan 7 attack on titan 8

attack on titan 9 attack on titan 10

These types of wallpapers are minimalistic, aesthetic, and cool. If you are a fan of heroic films, then these attacks on titan iPhone wallpapers will do the trick. There are different types of heroic characters, and it just depends on who you prefer most. Your anime and manga interest will continue to increase.

 5) Batman iPhone Wallpapers

batman 1 batman 2

batman 3 batman 4

batman 5 batman 6

batman 7 batman 8

batman 9 batman 10

Who is your favorite superhero; spider-Man, ant-Man, batman, bat woman, avengers, or aquaman? Well, you can also acquire your favorite superhero’s wallpaper.

If you are a fan of batman, what are you waiting for? Get the respective iPhone wallpaper and watch as your love for batman escalates.

 6) Star Wars iPhone Wallpapers

star wars 1 star wars 2

star wars 3 star wars 4

star wars 5 star wars 6

star wars 7 star wars 8

star wars 9 star wars 10

Star Wars is one of the most epic shows in the world. Discover some of the most awesome Star Wars iPhone wallpapers of all time.

You can choose based on your favorite character or scenario. Most of these images are minimalistic to ensure you don’t get bored or see a cluttered look when you open your iPhone.

7) Sports Wallpaper for iPhone

Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you engage in sports? You can use these sports iPhone wallpapers on your phone to make it look better.

Let your passion also be evident on your phone. There are a variety of iPhone sports wallpapers like athletics, rugby, baseball, handball, football, swimming, skating, skiing, and much more. What will you go for?

beckham kobe bryant

Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks ronaldo

sea wave sports skateboard extreme

stephen curry tennis girl

8) Landscape Wallpaper for iPhone

How well do you connect with nature? If you love traveling, going to new places, and being adventurous. These landscape wallpapers are just for you.

You can choose wallpapers based on roads, buildings, trees, nature, sky, lakes, mountains, hills, and much more. Select a wallpaper depending on your taste.

Fantastic nature mountain lake canada mountain view summer sky sunset

Mountain wood winter christmas Nature fall autumn wood tree

Nature sea wave ocean Night sky sunset star nature

Sea sunset afternoon rock mountain Sky star round night purple dark nature mountain

Snow landscape mountain winter wonderful Water sea ocean wave bokeh

9) Car Wallpaper for iPhone

What’s your dream car?  Well, why not have your favorite car as your wallpaper. Not only that, but whenever you unlock your phone, you will see your dream car and decide to work harder. Sounds exciting, right?

Select these amazing car wallpapers and use them on your iPhone. Make your dream car an inspiration to you every day.

Art bmw car road blue Audi car interior dark blue

Bmw rainbow blue purple car Car bmw illustration art

Car lamborghini blue art Car lamborghini sports road race art

Lamborghini car drive sports red art Lamborghini car drive street art

Nature car sports city Racing car bw dark art

10) Anime Wallpaper for iPhone

How often do you watch anime? Well, why not have an anime as your wallpaper? There is a wide variety of interesting anime that you should watch.

Choose your favorite anime character and use him or her as your iPhone wallpaper. If watching anime is your hobby, getting an anime wallpaper will suit you best.

Art anime japan street Art girl anime blindfolded

Art girl anime Disney frozen poster film anna elsa art anime

Dragonball goku blue art illustration anime Dragonball red cyan art illustration anime hero

Frozen poster disney film winter anime Hatsune miku anime

Kakao yellow friends anime Studio ghibli tree green art illustration love anime

11) Movies Wallpaper for iPhone

Movies help to boost creativity, relieve stress, and bring relaxation. Why not use your favorite movie image as your iPhone wallpaper?

Also, you can use an upcoming movie wallpaper to make you remember when the movie will be available in the theater.

In addition, you can also use the famous movie quotes as your iPhone’s wallpaper. This will help you feel inspired always.

Avengers poster endgame film art Dealpool marvel hero poster film

Fantastic beasts and where to find them film illustration art Fast and furious 8 poster film illustration art

Film rogue one starwars poster illustration art Madmax furyroad film poster art lovely day

Marvel doctor strange art film poster Marvel poster avengers endgame film comic art

Spiderman homecoming hero film illustration art Venom marvel tomhardy film hero art

12) Concise Wallpaper for iPhone

Are you inspired by home decors or spaces? These concise wallpapers will do the trick. Your wallpaper should always be something that inspires you to be better. You can get the best, concise home decor images for your phone.

Just select what inspires you most. If you like minimalistic images, then the concise iPhone wallpapers will do the trick.

Abstract line white circle art digital simple Abstract vector art simple line patterns

Art apple logo minimal simple dark Circle red simple minimal pattern background

Earth planet minimal simple illust art Keep it simple word quote beige illustration art

Lollipop background simple flat material pattern Nature sunset simple minimal illustration art

Rainbow simple minimal abstract pattern Simple rainbow line awesome pattern background

13) Seasons Wallpaper for iPhone

How do you normally feel during the different weather seasons? Why not use that as your iPhone wallpaper.

You can put for Summer, Spring, Winter, and Autumn. You can even have a sky wallpaper, sunset, or sunrise. Whatever you like most. What will be your choice?

Art flower red light cherry blossom spring Flower spring red nature

Mountain wood winter christmas white green Nature fall tree autumn

Nature reed field flower fall blue Nature sea vacation beach rock summer blue green

Summer vacation ocean sea nature beach blue Tree green bokeh nature spring blue dark

Wave summer cool sea rock nature blue flare Wood mountain top sky color fall pattern

14) Sexy (girls) Wallpaper for iPhone

If you want your wallpaper to look great, you can use one of a sexy girl. There are a wide variety of pictures that you can use to ensure your wallpaper looks great.

You can choose cartoon pics, anime girls pics, or human girls pics. It just depends on your preference. What will be your choice?

Chloe moretz dark cute sexy actress celebrity Devushka model makiyazh sexy girl

Elizabeth turner girl sexy Girl bikini sexy blonde

Girl bikini sexy dive summer water Girl model face sexy

Margot robbie smile lips sexy celebrity beauty Melissa benoist whiplash premiere sexy girl cute

Rosie huntington victoria secret model girl sexy