15 Top Subscribers Youtube Channels in 2023

Top Subscribers Youtube Channels

Who tops the YouTube charts? Discover the world’s most subscribed YouTube channels and their captivating content. From viral music hits to entertainment, education, and more, we explore the captivating content that keeps millions of viewers returning for more.

YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users upload, watch, and share videos. This platform is among the world’s most popular websites, with over 2 billion daily active users. From cat videos, tutorials, music sensations, gaming videos, educational videos, comedy sketches, and more, billions of people gather daily to watch, learn, laugh, and be inspired. Apart from being a website, it is also a cultural phenomenon that has shaped how we consume media and created global celebrities, also known as YouTubers. Subscribers are the backbone of every YouTuber, and in this article, we outline the 15 most subscribed channels globally.

Before we find out the top 15 most subscribed YouTube channels, let’s learn how this platform evolved. This fantastic platform was founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, three former PayPal employees. The website aimed to allow people to create and share their home videos with family and friends. However, YouTube quickly became a global platform, becoming the second most searched engine website after Google. YouTube has opened many opportunities for people by creating career communities and providing jobs. As of September 2023, YouTube has over 113.9 million active channels and billions of views.

Another question is, why are subscribers important to a YouTuber? Subscribers are essential to a YouTuber as they help to increase viewership, engagement, community, and monetization potential. If a YouTuber has many subscribers, this tells the YouTuber that their audience loves what they do and wants to get more of their content. With a huge fan base, YouTubers can unlock features like monetization through ads and sponsorships, turning their passion into a full-time job.

Let’s get to the part you have been eagerly looking forward to. These YouTube channels have taken all it costs to beat millions of other YouTube channels to remain at the top. The following is a list of the top 15 most subscribed YouTube channels:

1. T-Series

T-Series Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

Subscribers248 Million
YouTube Views232 Billion
CategoryMusic Videos, Film Trailers
Approximate Monthly Income$10 Million
Approximate Net Worth$520 Million

Topping our list is T-Series, India’s largest music and movie studio. Founded in 1983 by Gulshan Kumar has become among the most prominent record labels globally, with over 150,000 songs and 1,000 films. T-Series offers a wide variety of content, including music, videos, movie trailers, and behind-the-scenes footage. The channel’s success has helped promote Indian music and culture to a global audience and has made T-Series among the best and most popular global record labels. T-Series also has a strong presence on other social media platforms to connect with its fans and promote its content. The success behind T-Series is its ability to produce high-quality content that a wide range of viewers love.

2. MrBeast

MrBeast Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

Subscribers182 Million
YouTube Views31.85 Billion
Approximate Monthly Income$3 Million
Approximate Net Worth$120 Million

If you are a huge fan of content creators, you may have seen Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as Mr. Beast, on YouTube. His videos often feature extensive stunts, challenges, or giving away large sums of money or expensive items to strangers. He launched his channel in 2012, and it took him five years for the channel to blow up and become a success. He is popular for challenges like’ Giving away $1 Million to Random People’, ‘I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive’, ‘Counting to 100,000’ and many more. He is also known for his elaborate and expensive productions, including elaborate sets, professional actors, and special effects. His generosity, high-quality production, and unique, entertaining content have contributed to his success on YouTube.So, if you want to watch entertaining content like how to ‘Plant 20,000,000 trees’, visit his channel, and you won’t be disappointed.

3. Cocomelon

Cocomelon Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

Subscribers165 Million
YouTube Views167.8 Billion
ContentNursery Rhymes, Education
Approximate Monthly Income$17 Million
Approximate Net Worth$790 Million

If you are a parent and want to do some house chores and distract your kids for a while, Cocomelon is there for you. Cocomelon is an American YouTube channel that features animated nursery rhymes and children’s songs. Cocomelon’s videos are known for their bright and colorful animation, catchy songs, educational content, and feature characters such as JJ, his family, and his animal friends. It offers various topics like the alphabet, numbers, daily routines, body parts, and lullabies.

4. Sony Entertainment Television India

Sony Entertainment Television India Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

Subscribers162 Million
YouTube Views151.7 Billion
Total Videos118,730+
Approximate Monthly Income$19.6 Million
Approximate Net Worth$105.1 Billion

SET India is a Hindi-language general entertainment pay television channel owned by Culver Max Entertainment. Its YouTube is the fourth most subscribed YouTube channel with over 160 million subscribers. It offers various videos, including popular Indian shows, Bollywood music videos, movie trailers and clips, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with celebrities, and many more. The YouTube channel has a global reach with viewers worldwide due to its large internet population. You can subscribe to this YouTube channel to watch your favorite reality TV shows or soaps.

5. Kids Diana Show

Kids Diana Show Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

Subscribers113 Million
YouTube Views94.7 Billion
CategoryKid vlogs
Approximate Monthly Income$945K
Approximate Net Worth$113 Million

Who would ever believe that kids would take online platforms by storm? Kids Diana Show is a YouTube channel that features Eva Diana Kidisyuk, popularly known as Diana, her younger brother Roma, and their parents. The channel features educational videos, challenges, vlogs, and music videos. The two siblings are known for their fun and energetic personalities, with their videos being popular with preschoolers. Kids Diana Show is among the most popular kids YouTube channels and has been dubbed in over 20 languages. Her younger brother has a YouTube channel, Kids Roma Show, with millions of subscribers. This channel has shown that creating popular, entertaining, family-friendly content is possible.

6. PewDiePie

PewDiePie Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

Subscribers111 Million
YouTube Views29 Billion
CategoryLet’s Play, Comedy, Vlog
Approximate Monthly Income$141K
Approximate Net Worth$40 Million

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, is a Swedish YouTuber known for his Let’s Play and comedic formatted videos and shows. He is among the richest online personalities and content creators. PewDiePie has been portrayed as a figurehead for YouTube, especially in horror and indie games. His videos are largely known for their humor, energy, and unique content. He has won numerous awards for his work, including the YouTube Creator of the Year award 2014. Did you also know he still holds the record for the most subscribed channel for 2068 days?

7. Like Nastya

Like Nastya Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

Subscribers107 Million
YouTube Views92 Billion
CategoryChildren vlog
Approximate Monthly Income$400K
Approximate Net Worth$20 Million

Anastasia Sergeyevna Radzinskya, known as Like Nastya, is a Russian-American YouTuber. She is among the most subscribed YouTubers globally, with over 100 million subscribers. Her parents also ran for her other YouTube channels with millions of subscribers and views. Her YouTube content mainly features educational entertainment, creating vlogs, unboxing videos, and roleplays. At a young age, Nastya was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, prompting her parents to create videos of her to document her progress on YouTube. Her videos quickly became popular, and she began to gain a huge following on YouTube. She has continued creating more videos and won numerous awards for her work.

8. Vlad and Niki

Vlad and Niki Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

Subscribers101 Million
YouTube Views78.8B
CategoryKids Channel
Approximate Monthly Income$12.9 Million
Approximate Net Worth$88 Million

Another children’s vlog on our list of the most subscribed YouTube channels is Vlad and Niki. Vladislav Vashketov, ten years and Nikita Vashketov, seven years are two Russian-American brothers. The channel features videos of the two brothers playing with toys, going on adventures, and interacting with their family and friends. Apart from their official YouTube channel, they also run over 20 YouTube channels dubbed in over 18 languages. They have over 230 million subscribers and over 130 billion views on all the channels. They have captured the hearts of millions due to their energetic personalities and funny and heartwarming videos. An amazing fact about these two global superstars is that they have been featured on CNN and Forbes and have a mobile app that features games and activities based on their videos.

9. Zee Music Company

Zee Music Company Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

Subscribers99.3 Million
YouTube Views59.8 Billion
Approximate Monthly Income$11.1 Million
Approximate Net Worth$115 Million

Zee Music Company’s YouTube channel might be a good option if you love Bollywood, Punjabi, or devotional music. It is among the most popular music channels on YouTube, featuring various Indian music. The channel features music videos from popular Indian artists such as Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Tulsi Kumar, and many more. Apart from music videos, the YouTube channel also features live performances, behind-the-scenes videos, and interviews with Indian artists. The channel has a playlist dedicated to the Zee Music Awards, India’s most prestigious award ceremonies.

10. WWE

WWE Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

 Subscribers97.1 Million
 YouTube Views78.8 Billion
 CategoryProfessional Wrestling
 Approximate Monthly Income$47.8 Million
 Approximate Net Worth$7.8 Million
CountryUnited States

It is no surprise that WWE is among the most popular and subscribed YouTube channels globally. From young children to adults, World Wrestling Entertainment has always been a source of entertainment. It offers content, including highlight videos, full-length matches, interviews, and behind-the-scenes shows. WWE is scripted entertainment that combines storytelling and athleticism, and although the storylines are predetermined, the physicality and dedication of the wrestlers are very real. The WWE YouTube channel is a must-watch for any fan of professional wrestling.


BLACKPINK Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

Subscribers91.3 Million
YouTube Views33.1 Billion
Approximate Monthly Income$884K
Approximate Net Worth$55 Million
CountrySouth Korean

Another duo on our list is BLACKPINK, a South Korean girl band formed by YG Entertainment in 2016. The group comprises four members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. BLACKPINK  is among the most popular K-pop groups worldwide, with billions of views. The YouTube channels feature music videos, live performances, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, dance practice videos and vlogs. The four members are considered the most successful Korean band in the world. Some of the most popular videos on the BLACKPINK YouTube channels include ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ with over 2 billion views, ‘Kill This Love’ and ‘How You Like That’.

12. Goldmines

Goldmines Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

Subscribers89.6 Million
YouTube Views25.3 Billion
Approximate Monthly Income$8.3 Million
Approximate Net Worth$81 Million

Whether you are a fan of South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi or Hindi movies themselves, the Goldmines YouTube channel has something for you. Goldmines is the official channel for Goldmines Telefilms, one of the largest YouTube channels in India. The Goldmines YouTube channel is a treasure of Hindi entertainment videos. With millions of subscribers, Goldmines offers the latest trailers and music videos, full-length movies, and funniest comedy scenes. Subscribe to the Goldmines YouTube channel today and start exploring.

13. Sony SAB

Sony SAB Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

Subscribers85.1 Million
YouTube Views103.7 Billion
Approximate Monthly Income$22.3 Million
Approximate Net Worth$228 Million

Sony SAB YouTube channel is the official channel for Sony SAB, a Hindi-language general entertainment channel owned by Sony Pictures Network India. You can find full-length episodes of Sony SAB shows, promos and trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, music, and videos from Sony SAB shows. People can also watch interviews of their favorite Sony SAB actors and actresses on the channel.

14. 5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

Subscribers80.2 Million
 YouTube Views26.5 Billion
 Videos 6500+
Approximate Monthly Income$176K
Approximate Net Worth$59.2 Million

5-Minute Crafts YouTube is a popular DIY channel with millions of subscribers and over 13,000 videos. The channel features DIY projects like crafts, home décor, beauty tips, and recipes. 5-Minute Craft is known for its short and easy-to-follow videos, with every video featuring simple instructions and a list of necessary materials. This YouTube channel will make it easier if you want to learn new tutorials or life hacks.


BANGTANTV Valuable Subscribed Youtube Channel

Subscribers76.4 Million
YouTube Views21.3 Billion
CategoryMusic, Entertainment
Approximate Monthly Income$3.1 Million
Approximate Net Worth$46.9 Million
CountrySouth Korea

Another Korean group on our list is BANGTAN, the 15th most subscribed YouTube channel. BANGTAN is the official YouTube channel for the BTS band. BTS is known for its high-quality and engaging YouTube content, which has helped them build a large and devoted fan base.

Their YouTube videos often feature music videos, live performances, behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, vlogs, and other special content. Their videos have received millions of views and likes and have broken numerous YouTube records. They also have another YouTube channel, BANGTAN BOMB, with over 20 million subscribers.


Q. Which video has the most number of views on YouTube?

‘Baby Shark Dance’ from Pinkfong YouTube channel has the most views, with over 13.3 billion views.

Q. Which YouTube channel holds the title of the most subscribed channel?

T-Series, a popular Indian music label and film production company holds the most subscribed YouTube channel title, with 248 million subscribers.

Q. Which YouTuber has the most subscribers?

MrBeast, an American YouTuber, is the most subscribed individual with over 184 million subscribers.

Q. What kind of content is mainly watched on YouTube?

Music videos are the most watched content on YouTube

Q. How do YouTube channels make money?

YouTube channels make money through ad revenue, channel memberships, super chat, merchandise sales, or sponsorships.


We have looked at some of the most subscribed YouTube channels worldwide. These channels come from different countries and offer a variety of content, from music to family-friendly adventures, entertaining videos, movies, and educational entertainment. They have earned millions of subscribers, making them some of the most popular creators on the platform.

We learn that YouTube is not just a place for videos but also a platform where creators can connect with audiences globally. These top channels inspire, entertain, and even educate millions of viewers.

Although they have faced their share of challenges and controversies, they continue to thrive and adapt. As for the future of YouTube, it looks so bright. With the continuously evolving content and emerging technologies, who knows what the next big YouTube sensation will be? On top of all, YouTube will remain a place of creativity, community, and entertainment in the coming days.

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