Twitch Partnership Requirements: How to Become a Partner

Twitch Partnership Requirements

If you have a good amount of followers, try to become a Twitch partner. You will get access to premium features, advertisements, and subscription revenue. You shouldn’t miss out on it. Twitch offers its users the capability to either be an affiliate or a partner. The partnership program is an advancement of the affiliate program, but with more benefits.

As a partner, your followers get a great Twitch experience. You just need to work on providing great content to increase your follower count. As we shall see in the article, it is not that easy to be a Twitch partner, but once you do, your chances of great earnings increase.

What Does It Take To Become A Twitch Partner?

Twitch Partner

It is not that easy to be a Twitch partner since you must meet the minimum eligibility requirements. These include:

  • Have a concurrent viewership of 75 average viewers within the last month.
  • Having streamed at least 12 different times in the previous month.
  • Having streamed for at least 25 hours in the previous month.

To become a partner, it is advisable to also be a Twitch affiliate.

Tips For Becoming A Twitch Partner

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Twitch tends to hold its partners to high standards than affiliates. Therefore, if you want to become a Twitch partner, these are some things that you can do:

1. Break Down Your Goals

If you want to achieve the Twitch partner status, you need to break down your large Twitch goals into smaller ones. Since you will need a minimum of 75 concurrent users to attain the status, consider first trying to get 10-20 concurrent followers or more per month.

You will feel less pressure on your side with smaller achievable goals. Also, when you reach certain milestones, be sure to celebrate with your community.

2. Provide Quality Production

Quality Production

Quality content can also play a role in your consideration to be a Twitch partner. Therefore, strive to have high-quality audio, videos, overlays, and graphics.

Additionally, fill out your Twitch profile and decorate it with Twitch panels. Make your profile more appealing and add Twitch sound alerts to make streaming more engaging.

3. Stream Entertaining Content

If you want to build your Twitch channel, consider streaming entertaining content. Always look for ways to increase your content’s value, and never stop talking on the Stream platform even if you have a small following, just be active on your channel.

If you are a gamer, you can teach your viewers some amazing tips and tricks and even play live with them. Also, don’t just stick to one type of content, expanding it can help you reach new viewers.

4. Engage Your Twitch Followers

Engage Your Twitch Followers

It is also crucial to engage your community. You can do this by building a Discord server for your Twitch channel. While on discord find ways to involve them in your channel activities.

How Can Twitch Tell If I Can Be A Partner?

Being a Twitch partner is not that easy as they have criteria for selection. The Twitch evaluators will check some things on your account such as

  1. Concurrent viewership – the minimum requirement is 75 concurrent viewers with high metrics. Most partners are accepted with an average of about 100–200 viewers. Therefore, your chances may be lower if you have fewer viewers.
  2. Chat activity – The Twitch team also evaluates your engagement to see how active and genuine you are.
  3. Entertainment value – The Twitch team also checks your audio, branding, and visual quality. They will also check the uniqueness of your channel. What makes your channel stand out?
  4. Stream frequency – You also get to be evaluated based on how often you stream and the stream length. They will also check your community’s activeness and whether it extends to other social media platforms.
  5. Revenue – If you earn from the platform, they will offer a partner status. It is much easier when you earn from Twitch than when you want to earn from it.

How Do I Apply To Become A Twitch Partner?

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To become a Twitch partner, simply:

  1. Complete the “path to partner” achievement on your profile dashboard’s menu.
  2. Fill up the channel’s form
  3. Wait for the team to review your partner form.

What Are The Benefits Of Twitch Partners?

  • Earn revenue from subscriptions.
  • Unlock 50 channel emoticons.
  • Earn from bits purchased by viewers to cheer you on.
  • Earn from advertisements.
  • Dedicated support team.
  • Access to exclusive opportunities.
  • Live broadcast delay.

Differences Between Twitch Affiliates And Twitch Partners

Twitch Affiliates And Twitch Partners

Twitch partners tend to have more features, emotes, and benefits than affiliates. For starters, Twitch affiliates can only have their previous streams stored on the Twitch channel for 14 days, however, partners’ content can stay for 60 days.

Twitch affiliates can have 5 custom emotes while Twitch partners can have up to 60 custom emotes.

In as much as affiliates and partners receive access to the ad incentive program, Twitch promises to give Twitch partners a sum of money after streaming for several hours.

How Much Money Can I Earn From Twitch Partners?

How Much Money Can I Earn From Twitch Partners

Twitch tends to take 50% of the channel’s subscription. The Twitch platform pays 1 cent per bit used on streaming.

Therefore, if your earnings are $2000 this month, Twitch will take up half, and you will remain with $1000. It all depends on the number of subscribers and subscriptions.

Also, there are sponsorships ad donations that you may get along the way. Therefore, teh revenue channels are more.


1. Can you lose your Twitch partnership?

Yes, you can lose your Twitch partnership if you break any of the rules in the partnership agreement such as playing copyrighted music, inactivity, losing followers, etc. Accounts that haven’t been active for a year can be inactivated by the Twitch team.

2. Can you become a Twitch partner without being an affiliate?

Yes, you can become a Twitch partner without being an affiliate. Luckily, it is not compulsory to first join as a Twitch affiliate before becoming a partner, but it is highly recommended

3. Is it better to be a Twitch affiliate or partner?

Being a Twitch partner has more benefits than being an affiliate since you will get the advertising revenue from your channel as a partner.

Additionally, partners get more access to premium features and subscription revenue. However, the requirements to join as an affiliate are much easier than for a partner. It is also encouraged that one starts as an affiliate and then progresses to be a partner.

Earn More Through Twitch Using The Partnership Program.

If you have great content on your Twitch channel, you will get more followers. This will increase your chances of being a Twitch partner and earning from it.

Therefore, strive to provide new content timely to ensure your account is not deemed as being inactive if you surpass a year. If you want to succeed in content creation on Twitch, you ought to work extra hard.

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