Top 15 Free Video Editing Apps for Android in 2023

Top Free Video Editing Apps for Android

Are you looking for the best free video editing apps for Android that can help you edit your videos to perfection? This post will take you through some of the best free video editing apps for Android.

Video editing can be a very difficult task to accomplish. To do this effectively, you will need a high-grade tech device, an app that can do the nice job of cutting, merging, effective transitioning from one scene to another. This may sound more like a professional movie-making procedure. But then, this is because video editing demands a lot, as earlier said.

But with advances in technology, we have seen a proliferation of video editing software programs that are minimal in size and approach but do the basic job of video editing quite well. Still, getting a video editor that will work seamlessly on an Android device has been quite difficult.

This is why we searched to discover some unique video editing apps that are compatible with such phones. We have these apps below.

1. ActionDirector Video Editor

ActionDirector Video Editor for play store

ActionDirector is regarded as one of the best video editing apps on Android. This app is also popular among PC users. The app does the essential parts of editing. You can upload videos from different sources and edit them as much as you want. You can modify videos by incorporating music or sound, trim and cut, add text, including slow motion, and another editing you can think of.

ActionDirector is known to support 4k videos, which is quite rare among video editing apps. The app gets updated regularly to continue giving users the best experience they can think of. The app has a premium version which you can subscribe to for more enhanced features.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush for play store

Adobe Premiere Rush is among a couple of Adobe video editor apps that are highly rated. This video editor is relatively new but has quickly garnered some reputation among Android users. The app has many features that are interesting and crucial to video editing. These features include multi-track timelines and cloud syncing.

Although the app’s user interface still leaves a lot to be desired, the app works efficiently. Adobe Premiere Rush is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, and thus, if you are already signed up, you will enjoy this app.

3. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo for Play store

FilmoraGo is a unique video editing app that is available for Android users. The video editor created by Wondershare is straightforward to use and is regarded as one of Android’s top video editing apps.

FilmoraGo’s user interface is modern and equipped with all the typical essential tools a good video editor should have. These features include stickers, PIP, filters, animations, effects, trim, and transitions. And one cool thing is that it can play your video in reverse.

You can make videos that would fit different social media platforms. Such as YouTube and Instagram. The only problem with this awesome video editor is that watermarks will be found in videos. There are ads to contend with too.

However, subscribing to FilmoraGo’s pro plan removes watermarks, ads, time. It removes any limitations on track length. You can also access more stickers, premium templates, and effects, which all improve your video editing experience.

4. Funimate Video Editor

Funimate Video Editor for Play store

We have observed that Funimate’s strength lies in its ability to help create perfect short clips that you can share on popular social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. This unique video editor is highly rated among video editing apps for Android.

The app has many interesting features, including effects, filters, transitions, and animations. People who want to create serious videos may not find this app appealing, though. Thus, if you’re going to fashion out unique videos and other related content that can go viral on social media, you shouldn’t look further than Funimate.

5. InShot

InShot for play store

InShot is an awesome free video editing app that focuses on filters, video trimming, and shorter videos. The app works well on Android devices, and it has many awesome features. These features include transitions, stickers, trim, filters, music,  crop, and effects. You also have access to free effects and music tracks that can make your experience with this app worthwhile.

Once you are done editing that awesome content, this app lets you share your finished product directly on social media sites, including TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. InShot can also take care of photos aside from videos.

You can edit photos and make collages. These features mean you will get a video editor, photo editor, and collage maker all in one app. This feature is what makes InShot unique. The app has a paid plan if you would love to unlock more features and functionalities.

6. KineMaster

KineMaster for play store

KineMaster is said to be the best video editing app available for Android users. The unique editing tools include extract audio, multiple videos, image and effect layers, clip graphics, slow motion, filters, and voice changer. With KineMaster, you are sure to make seamless videos, music, transition, and so much more.

The app comes with a loaded store containing stickers, fonts, effects, and transitions available for download. One thing we dislike about KineMaster is that it adds watermarks to your video content. This unwanted element can only be removed by subscribing to the app’s premium plan.

7. Movie Maker Filmmaker

Movie Maker Filmmaker for play store

If you are currently looking for the best free video editing apps for Android, Movie Maker Filmmaker has to be there. This video editing app has earned its place through efficiency and ease of use. The app allows you to trim, crop, set focus points and rearrange scenes in a video. You will find a good deal of video effects in this app.

Movie Maker Filmmaker comes with the basic tools that any good video editing app should possess. Custom filters can be modified, but the tool isn’t as great as one would have expected. Although the app has struggled with a couple of issues after a major upgrade, it still holds its place among the best editing tools for Android devices.

8. PowerDirector

PowerDirector for play store

PowerDirector is another great video editing app available for Android users. PowerDirector contains great editing tools typical of any modern, efficient video editing app.

This video editor features a collage maker, skin smoothing, slow motion support, filters, video stabilizer, effects, transitions, slow motion, Pan & Zoom, audio mixing, and voice changer. Opting for this app’s paid subscription will give you more features.

9. Quik

Quik for play store

Quik is not an editing app that has not seen many days like the others. This youthfulness may make you think it is not good for video editing, but you’re mistaken.  The app is another instant video maker that works well on Android. The app automatically assembles the items of your videos into a unique tailored piece.

You can alter the video generated if you don’t like some aspects of it, such as theme, fonts, music, or colors; you can make the changes as much as you like until you are satisfied with the outcome. This app comes devoid of watermark and ads problems, usually found in other video editors. And the app comes free without any option of an upgrade or premium version.

10. VivaVideo

VivaVideo for play store

When you talk of popularity, VivaVideo has created its own space. Although it is not all that superb, it is easy to use and does well for short videos for social media platforms. This app has more than 200 video filters, music, texts, fast and slow motion integration, and other vital features.

The app uses the storyboard approach when it comes to editing your videos. One thing we dislike about VivaVideo is that it adds watermarks to your video content. Also, it has a time limit for videos. However, these problems can only be removed by subscribing to the app’s premium version.

11. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip for play store

Adobe Premiere Clip is another great video editing app that works superbly on Android devices. Before this app can work, you need to open an Adobe account, which gives you a reward of 2GM of storage space. When editing with Adobe Premiere Clip, you can use the files in Adobe’s Creative Cloud accounts or the ones you have on your phone.

The video editor can create your video instantly. You can manually modify your video’s aspects such as highlights, effects, exposure, and shadow effects. This app can work in tandem with Adobe Premiere Rush. You can start a project in one and continue on the other. Having an Adobe Creative Cloud account is the only way you can make that happen.

12. Magisto Video Editor

Magisto Video Editor for play store

Magisto Video Editor is another great video editing app with a major focus on creating perfect video content suitable for social media posting. This app is compatible with Android devices. It can also transform a simple video clip into a music video. This is quite easy to achieve. Get the photos you need and videos, choose a soundtrack, and title the whole thing.

Magisto Video Editor has unique features: the editing style with options such as memories, travel, and caring moments. Magisto Video Editor has a music library filled with various songs from different genres, which you can incorporate when doing video editing. You can let the world see your creation by sharing your videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

13. Vlogit

Vlogit for play store

If you are looking for that video editing app for Android that has seen it all, you should check Vlogit. This app is said to be one of the foremost video editing apps fashioned to satisfy the editing needs of YouTubers & Vloggers. You will be glad to hear that the tool is free and does not come with watermarks.

Creating a video with this app is not difficult. You can incorporate music into your video too. The app allows you to directly upload your creation on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

14. VivaCut

VivaCut for play store

VivaCut is another video editing tool for Android. What makes VivaCut impressive is that it has many essential tools that an ultra-modern video editor should have. The app has been hailed as one of the best video editors for Android devices. If you need an app to make short movies or video clips, this one is enough.

VivaCut’s features include transitions, filters, chroma-key, audio extraction, multi-layer timeline editor, glitch effects, PIP, etc.

15. Vita

Vita for play store

This video editing tool can give you instant results; thus, you should consider using it for your video editing tasks. The video editor is available for Android users. Vita has several rudimentary editing tools: PIP, stickers, filters, timeline editor, fonts, effects, and transitions.

This app also comes with watermarks like in other video editors. But a subscription to VivaCut’s pro plan takes away that problem.


1. What are the benefits of mobile video editing?

Mobile video editing has numerous advantages. It would be best if you had little as per budget to create videos. There is no need for large personnel or some high-grade tech equipment to make your project happen. Video editing apps allow you to create and edit videos as you wish flexibly, and this can be accomplished at any time you want since all you need is already saved on your phone.

2. Which Android video editing app should I try?

All the video editing applications we have listed above can work efficiently on any Android device. But some depict more sophistication than others and may have certain tools not found in another. Therefore, you should know what your preferences are before choosing a video editing application.

3. Should I pay for a video editing app to get better results?

This depends on your finances and what you need the video editor for. If it’s just for fun and posting on social media, the free versions of these apps should be okay. But like we said, it depends on your finances.

4. What features should I look for in video editing apps?

When you are thinking of using a video editing app, you should check how easy to use the app is. This particular trait is vital as it would be frustrating if you choose a video editor whose features and tools are too incomprehensible.


Video editing can be a very difficult task to accomplish. To do this effectively, you will need a high-grade tech device, an app that can do the nice job of cutting, merging, effective transitioning from one scene to another. This is why video editors that will work seamlessly on Android devices are difficult to come by.

Thus, we searched to discover some unique video editing apps compatible with Android devices, and our findings are what you have above. We hope you will find the one suitable for you from the lot.

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