18 Best Phone Monitoring Apps for Android and iPhone 2023

Phone Monitoring Apps

Do you want to keep a tab on mobile devices and find out about their activities like calls, messages, and internet presence? This article provides you with the top best applications you can use to monitor any mobile device.

Phone monitoring applications spy on mobile devices and know about their activities without the owners knowing. To put it another way, you can use a phone spy app to keep tabs on the whereabouts of a target smartphone device. A real-time location of a cell phone can be tracked, as well as incoming and outgoing calls, texts, and emails.

These programs are invisible to the end-user, who has no idea they’re there. For various good reasons, you might want to employ a mobile phone spy program. Using these apps, you may monitor your child’s cell phone activities, track incoming and outgoing SMS and phone calls, or locate your phone if stolen or lost.

In today’s world, there are many different apps available to choose from. As a result, deciding on the finest phone spy applications may seem overwhelming. With this article, I believe your mind will be at ease as you make decisions. So, let me take you through the list of the top best phone monitoring applications right now.

1. mSpy — Best Phone Monitoring App for Parental Control


  • Price: 48.99 USD monthly (1-month plan), 27.99 USD monthly (3 months plan), 11.66 USD monthly (12 months plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

mSpy is one of the best mobile spying applications out there. Its primary function as a parental control app sets it apart from the rest of the pack.

Its many features are mobile phone monitoring and location tracking, surveillance of multimedia files, online activity tracking, and more. Apps and programs can be remotely controlled on a device that has been planted.

2. pcTattletale — Best Phone Monitoring App for Track Mobile Devices Anonymously


  • Price: 99 USD (Family plan), 147 USD (Family Plus plan), 297 USD (Business plan)
  • Device Supported: Android, Windows, and Kindle

Employers and parents alike can use pcTattletale to keep tabs on their employee’s or children’s online activities. Remote teams can benefit from the features provided by this platform. With the help of AES encryption and SSL technology, it stores recorded data in a secure, online cloud.

It has a one-year retention period for all recorded data. Just install pcTattletale on the workstation, and you don’t need to maintain any server or infrastructure to run the service.

3. FlexiSPY — Best for Call Monitoring and Geo-Fencing


  • Price: 29.95 USD monthly (Lite plan), 68 USD monthly (Premium plan), 199 USD monthly (Extreme plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

In addition to being one of the most widely used mobile phone spy apps, FlexiSPY is consistently rated as one of the finest. Its extensive and user-friendly list of capabilities further cements its reputation as one of the best apps for remotely monitoring a device.

Camera hacking and keylogging may also be done with it, as well as rudimentary monitoring of calls and texts. The program does what it promises to do flawlessly and without requiring any input from the user.

4. Spyera — Best Phone Monitoring App for Real-time Tracking of Online Activities


  • Price: 89 USD monthly (for Smartphone), 69 USD monthly (for Tablet), 49 USD monthly (for PC), and 479 USD monthly (All-in-one plan)
  • Device Supported: Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac

Spyera is a multi-award-winning program that lets you spy on someone else’s computer or mobile device. It has a wide range of spying capabilities that work flawlessly. In addition to monitoring employees’ or child mobile phone and computer activity, it may also track their position.

It has a slew of capabilities that are useful for keeping tabs on and influencing the behavior of your target. You can use it on any platform with any operating system because it is invisible.

5. XNSPY — Best for Tracking Phone Messages and Calls


  • Price: 4.99 USD monthly (Basic plan), 7.49 USD monthly (Premium plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

It’s safe to say that XNSPY is one of the most widely used phone spying applications. As far as spyware applications are concerned, XNSPY can be considered a leader in the sector. XNSPY applications can be used to keep an eye on any device. What I like about it is that it can be used to track incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages in real-time, thanks to the app’s more than 30 unique features.

The GPS location of the phone may also be tracked, which is helpful if you’re attempting to locate your children or if you’ve lost your device. Over the years, the application has added more complex functions like WiFi logging and WhatsApp tracking. The software is always being improved and improved upon.

6. Hoverwatch — Best for Recording Outgoing and Incoming Phone Calls on Target Device


  • Price:  24.95 USD monthly (Personal plan), 9.99 USD monthly (Professional plan), 6 USD monthly (Business plan)
  • Device Supported: Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac OS

Hidden monitoring app Hoverwatch is a smartphone monitor that can record location, Messages, calls, etc. It also can record WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. It allows you to keep tabs on your online activities.

It is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems. Invisibility to the target Android device’s user is a feature of its stealth mode.

7. eyeZy — Best Phone Monitoring App for Monitoring Social Activities


  • Price: 47.99 USD monthly, 27.99 USD for 3 months, 9.99 USD annually
  • Device Supported: Android and iOS

It’s easy to set up eyeZy as a parental control app on any phone, no matter what device you’re using. Using eyeZy, you can keep an eye on your target phone without them even realizing what’s going on. The program allows you to spy on anything from text messages to web browsing history and all other activity on the target device. EyeZy’s Artificial Intelligence is what sets it distinct from the competition.

As a result of its strong artificial intelligence, you don’t need to monitor the app constantly. The program will notify you whenever the target phone is in use. EyeZy’s bank-grade encryption ensures that your and your loved ones’ private information is safe.

8. uMobix — Best for Tracking User’s Online Activities in Real-time


  • Price: Subscription begins at 29.99 USD
  • Device Supported: Android, iPhone, and iPad

Facebook and Instagram can only be accessed in their entirety through uMobix. To manage an account, change its settings, add or remove followers, or enter someone else’s Facebook or Instagram account, users click on any available buttons. This software is the only one that works perfectly on both iOS and Android devices. It means that you can get it up and running without any problems and keep an eye on it. It’s not necessary to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to use uMobix, unlike many of its competitors.

Once you’ve entered your iCloud ID and password, you’re ready to monitor your backups. Features like the online status indicator (which shows when a user is online), real-time Android reporting, Youtube monitoring, and app activity tracking are all included in the software. When it comes to surveillance software, uMobix is one of the most cost-effective options available.

9. Mobilespy.at — Best for Tracking Location and Gaining Access to Device GPS


  • Price: Free (7 days trial), 19 USD monthly (Monthly plan), 13 USD monthly (Quarterly plan), 13 USD monthly (6 months plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

There are a lot of valuable features in Mobilespy. If you want to keep tabs on someone’s whereabouts in real-time using a smartphone tracking software with all the capabilities you could ever desire—including live access to GPS and the camera—this is the app for you.

As a result of the platform’s current design and ease of use, this Spy app is suitable for even the most inexperienced users. Over 42 unique features are available, and you may try them out on the Live Demo to see whether they meet your demands.

10. Cocospy — Best Phone Monitoring App for Tracking Phone Calls and GeoFence Notification


  • Price for Android: 39.99 USD monthly (Basic plan), 9.99 USD monthly (Premium plan), 69.99 USD annually (Family plan)
  • Price for iPhone: 99.99 USD monthly (Basic plan), 10.83 USD monthly (Premium plan), 399.99 USD annually (Family plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

Cocospy is an easy-to-use cross-platform phone spying tool. As a result, the phone user will not be aware of its presence on the device. It can be set up and installed in only five minutes. Real-time monitoring of the target device can be done via a dashboard provided by the app.

Log calls, track SMS messages sent and received, and keep an eye on online browsing history without difficulty. You may also use the program to follow a person’s whereabouts in real-time, either by using their SIM card or GPS technology.

11. iSpyoo — Best for Spying on Videos and Reading Private Messages


  • Price: Free (48 hours trial), 19.99 USD monthly (Basic plan), 23.99 USD monthly (Premium plan), 25.99 USD monthly (Gold plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

If you want to keep an eye on your employees or children, iSpyoo is an excellent tool. Smartphone spying has never been easier thanks to this feature-rich and simple-to-use app. The ability to monitor video calls on popular platforms like Viber and Skype may be the feature that sets this program apart.

As a business owner, this can be extremely beneficial. The app allows you to keep track of up to three different gadgets in real-time. With this simple app, you can also access functions like message reading, call recording, location tracking, multimedia monitoring, etc.

12. MobiStealth — Best for Tracking SMS and Monitoring  Location


  • Price: 59.99 USD (Pro plan), 69.99 USD (Pro X plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

For those who aren’t concerned about their children’s well-being but want to keep an eye on them, this app is for you! For the most basic espionage benefits, the tool gives only the most basic spying features.

It’s fantastic in terms of cutting costs. Use the program to spy on your target user’s social media and cell phone activity, as well as track their phone location. The app can remain undetected as it transmits data to your safe online account regularly, 24 hours a day.

13. Spyic — Best for Tracking SMS, Calls, Browser History, and GPS Location


  • Price for Android: 9.99 USD monthly (Premium plan), 69.99 USD monthly (Family plan)
  • Price for iOS: 10.83 USD monthly (Premium plan), 399.99 USD monthly (Family plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

Spyic is marketed as an app that allows parents to monitor their children’s cell phone activity, both online and offline, through their smartphones. For this, Spyic is an excellent choice because of the services it provides its consumers. Despite their simplicity, the spying tools offer all the essentials for keeping tabs on your child and ensuring their well-being.

You’ll be able to keep tabs on their phone calls and text messages. You can follow your child’s location in real-time, as well as keep tabs on their internet and social media activities to keep tabs on any inappropriate content they may be sharing.

In addition, the tool is extremely user-friendly. Installing the software is as simple as downloading it to your Android or iOS device, selecting the target device, and clicking the install button. As soon as you have set up the app, you can access the admin page and begin keeping tabs on the gadget from afar.

14. Spyier — Best Phone Monitoring App for Stealthy and Safe Device Tracking


  • Price: 9.99 USD monthly (Premium plan), 69.99 USD monthly (Family plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

Spyier is a popular program among parents who want to monitor their children’s online behavior. As a result, millions of people around the world have praised it. There are several benefits for businesses and relationships, as well as for parents, to using this app.

The app has all the essential functionality you’d expect from one of them. You’ll be able to keep tabs on all of the things that happen on the phone you’re spying on, whether it’s your own or someone else’s. The app’s secure stealth mode ensures that users are completely safe. When this program operates and transmits data to a secure web-based account, the end-user will not detect anything unusual.

15. SpyBubble — Best Phone Monitoring App for GPS Location and Call Recording


  • Price: 24.95 USD monthly (Personal plan), 49.95 USD monthly (Professional plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

One of the most user-friendly spying apps is SpyBubble, and it’s even more user-friendly to install on the target device. All of the capabilities that one would anticipate from a cell phone spy tool of this type are included in this cloud-based application. It’s a stealthy device that works perfectly.

Because they aren’t even aware, their calls, messages, location, and online activities are tracked and reported to you remotely. When the app is installed on a smartphone, it may also activate the camera and snap photos without the person being aware of it. Web-based accounts allow users to access all of the data gathered and recorded.

16. Minspy — Best for Tracking GPS, Social Media Presence, and Messages


  • Price: 9.99 USD monthly (Premium plan), 69.99 USD monthly (Family plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

Monitoring a mobile phone or tablet has never been easier with Minspy, a spyware tool that is safe, straightforward, and above all, simple to use. Spy on any computer, Smartphone, or Tablet via a web browser with Minspy. You don’t need to be physically near the device to use it.

No tinkering or jailbreaking is required to install Minspy on a certain device. For the software to work, you don’t need any technical know-how whatsoever. Aside from that, it is capable of doing all of the anticipated activities, such as tracking GPS whereabouts, monitoring calls, online activity, and sending SMS messages.

17. SpyFone — Best Phone Monitoring App to Track Lost Devices


  • Price: Free
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

Reverse lookup and panic mode are two of SpyFone’s most popular features, allowing you to rapidly locate a misplaced phone and find out who owns the phone number you’re following. That’s not all; the spying program has a slew of capabilities that make monitoring both Android and iOS devices simple.

18. iKeyMonitor — Best Phone Monitoring App for Remote Device Monitoring


  • Price: 29.99 USD (One-time payment), 69.99 USD (Pro plan one-time payment)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

For Android and iOS devices, iKeyMonitor is a terrific app. It gives parents the ability to keep tabs on their child’s mobile phone usage, including monitoring calls, reading messages, and tracking their whereabouts. Remote access and no technical expertise are required to install the software, which is completely undetected.


Q. Is it legal to use phone monitoring applications?

Monitoring a minor’s phone activity or your own is the sole acceptable usage. Using another person’s device without their permission or knowledge is a serious crime that can carry severe penalties, including fines and jail time. I only recommend that you make use of these apps for good reasons.

Q. Can I know if my device is being monitored?

Of course, you can. It would help if you were looking for apps or notifications that don’t seem right on your phone. Anti-virus software, which can identify and remove any form of adware, malware, or spyware from your device, is also an option.

Q. Can I install phone spying applications without being in possession of the phone?

Remote installation of these applications is possible even if the devices are not connected. App to app, this feature can differ greatly.


Applications like Mobile Phone Applications can be highly valuable for parents who want to keep their children safe and company owners who wish to keep their interests safe. You can only use these apps if you have a legitimate need for them. Your relationships and even your freedom could be in jeopardy if you use it in any other way.

Select your justifications with care. XNSPY or FlexiSPY are my top picks for advanced and economic espionage, respectively. mSpy is a good option if you’re looking for a simple user experience, particularly for parental reasons.

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