How Much is a Lion Worth on TikTok in in US $ and Coins

How Much is a Lion Worth on TikTok

A lion TikTok gift is worth 29,999 coins which equates to $400. If you are given a lion gift, you can redeem it to cash through virtual diamonds which are 50% of the coin’s value. However, TikTok also takes its share.

TikTok is one of the most popular platforms that people use to create videos and share with their audience. Additionally, people use TikTok to view videos and get more insights on different niches. Therefore, it is beneficial to both content creators and the viewers.

If you have some favorite content creators on the platform, it would be great to reward them with a TikTok gift as a motivation to keep entertaining you on the platform. Virtual gifts are affordable, and you can be able to gift someone for as low as 0.42 US cents (1 coin). Therefore, you have no excuse for not rewarding your favorite TikToker.

The only limitation would be that the content creator needs to have over 1,000 followers to start receiving the gifts. After getting a good amount of coins, a content creator can convert them to diamonds, and cash it out through PayPal.

How Much Is The Lion On TikTok Worth?

how much is the lion on tiktok worth

The lion is among the most expensive gifts on TikTok worth 29,999 coins, equivalent to 400 dollars. Therefore, if you are thinking of rewarding your favorite content creator, a lion’s gift would be perfect. A lion is a luxurious gift to give to anyone.

It might be that you have been benefiting so well from someone’s videos for a long time, then why not gift them with a lion? They will surely appreciate the gesture.

How To Buy TikTok Coins

Are you wondering how to purchase coins on TikTok? Well, here are some simple steps you can take to recharge your coins to gift your favorite content creator.

Step 1: Access the TikTok app and log in to our account.

Access the TikTok app

Step 2: Click on the “profile” icon at the bottom of your TikTok app screen.


Step 3: Click “settings and privacy”, then proceed to tap “balance.

settings and privacy

Step 4: While on that page, click on “recharge” and choose the coin package that you want.


The coins are determinant of the gift you want to give your favorite content creators. If you want to gift them a lion, then you need to purchase 29,999 coins which are equivalent to around $400.

Alternatively, you can recharge coins directly from a video or livestream that you are watching.

Step 1: Access the TikTok app

Step 2: Navigate to your favorite video from your preferred content creator.

Step 3: Tap the comments button on the specific video

Step 4: The gifts button should appear, if it doesn’t the creator can’t receive gifts.

Step 5: Click “recharge” and choose the coin package you want based on the gift you want to reward your favorite content creator.

Follow the instructions till you are done.

How To Send Gifts On TikTok

You can send gifts on TikTok to show appreciation to a content creator or even motivate them. They will appreciate the gesture. To give a gift, you must have purchased coins and when you send a gift, the respective coins will be deducted from your account. However, to be able to send gifts there are some things you need to consider:

  1. You need to be 18 years or older.
  2. Gifts are available in only selected countries.
  3. Gifts can only be sent to personal accounts.
  4. You need to adhere to the virtual items policies.

How to send gifts during a livestream

YouTube video

Step 1: During a live stream, click the gift button at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Check the gifts and choose the one you would like to send

Step 3: If you have enough coins, they will be deducted to send the gift, however, if you don’t click the recharge option and follow the instructions to complete the payment

Step 4: Once done, click Send.

How to send a gift to a video on TikTok

Step 1: Access your TikTok app, and select your favorite video.

Step 2: Tap the comments button in the specific video.

Step 3: Click the gift button next to the “add comment” option. In case you can’t see gifts, then the content creator isn’t eligible to receive gifts.

Step 4: Choose the gift you want to send. If you don’t have enough coins, you can click the “recharge” option and follow the instructions to purchase coins.

Step 5: Tap“Send” to send the gift to the content creator.

TikTok Gift Price List

TikTok Gift Price List

TikTok allows viewers to reward their favorite content creators with gifts. You can choose a gift based on the number of coins you have purchased. Luckily, you can purchase gifts worth 1 coin and even to an extent of 44,999 coins.

 (The table represents the number of coins needed for each gift and the price.)

Tennis: 1 ($0.01)Mirror Flower: 1000 ($13.30)
Flame Heart: 1 ($0.01)Gerry the Giraffe: 1000 ($13.30)
Love letter: 1 ($0.01)Watermelon love: 1000 ($13.30)
Football: 1 ($0.01)The magic lamp: 1000 ($13.30)
GG: 1 ($0.01)Disco ball: 1000 ($13.30)
Hi July: 1 ($0.01)Fireworks: 1088 ($14.46)
Mini speaker: 1 ($0.01)Diamond tree: 1088 ($14.46)
Lightning bolt: 1 ($0.01)Take a drive: 1200 ($15.96)
Coffee: 1 ($0.01)Gaming Chair: 1200 ($15.96)
Ice cream cone: 1 ($0.01)Counting sheep: 1200 ($15.96)
Weights: 1 ($0.01)Bombom car: 1288 ($17.12)
Rose: 1 ($0.01)Streamers set-up: 1400 ($18.62)
TikTok logo: 1 ($0.01)Flower Arrangement: 1500 ($19.95)
Alien peace sign: 1 ($0.01)Champion: 1500 ($19.95)
Garden gnome: 1 ($0.01)Chasing the dream: 1500 ($19.95)
Squirrel: 1 ($0.01)Diamond ring: 1500 ($19.95)
Daisies: 1 ($0.01)Garland: 1500 ($19.95)
Pink shoes: 5 ($0.07)Drinking time: 1777 ($23.63)
Duckling: 5 ($0.07)Tree House: 1799 ($23.91)
Chic:  5 ($0.07)Fast Boat: 1888 ($25.09)
Pandas: 5 ($0.07)Magic album: 1999 ($26.58)
Finger heart: 5 ($0.07)Airship: 1999 ($26.58)
Mic: 5 ($0.07)Makeup Box: 1999 ($26.58)
Hi: 5 ($0.07)Autumn Candle: 1999 ($26.58)
Cotton’s shell: 5 ($0.07)Mystery firework: 1999 ($26.58)
Tiny dino: 10 ($0.13)Cooper flies home: 1999 ($26.58)
Stars snap: 10 ($0.13)Star Adventures: 1999 ($26.58)
Crocodile: 10 ($0.13)South Korea: 2020 ($26.88)
Rosa: 10 ($0.13)Whale diving: 2150 ($28.58)
Maxwell: 10 ($0.13)Jetski: 2199 ($29.23)
Raccoon: 15 ($0.20)Music Box: 2399 ($31.89)
Perfume: 20 ($0.27)Travel: 2888 ($38.39)
Baby fox: 20 ($0.27)Motorcycle: 2988 ($39.74)
Capybara: 30 ($0.40)Mermaid: 2988 ($39.74)
Donuts: 30 ($0.40)Old Famous Car: 2999 ($39.88)
I love you: 49 ($0.65)Superstars: 2999 ($39.88)
Ruby red: 88 ($1.17)Ringworm: 3000 ($39.89)
Origami: 99 ($1.31)Dancing bears: 3000 ($39.89)
Hat and mustache: 99 ($1.31)Meteor shower: 3000 ($39.89)
Cap: 99 ($1.31)Car drifting: 3000 ($39.89)
Paper crane: 99 ($1.31)Ferris wheel: 3000 ($39.89)
My favorite: 99 ($1.31)Spilled flowers: 4000 ($53.18)
Little crown: 99 ($1.31)Flower overflow: 4000 ($53.18)
Hand heart: 100 ($1.33)TikTok volcano: 4000 ($53.18)
Confetti: 100 ($1.33)Mike: 4000 ($53.18)
Bear love: 100 ($1.33)Tractor: 4099 ($54.51)
Butterfly: 169 ($2.24)Leon the kitten: 4888 ($65.01)
Musical Notes: 169 ($2.24)Pirate ship: 4888 ($65.01)
Witch’s Hat: 177 ($2.35)Private jet: 4888 ($65.01)
Hearts: 199 ($2.64)Pool party: 4999 ($66.47)
Sunglasses: 199 ($2.64)Beach hut: 5000 ($66.48)
Ski Goggles: 199 ($2.64)Ellie the Elephant: 5000 ($66.48)
Padlock and key: 199 ($2.64)Wolf: 5000 ($66.48)
Sending positivity: 199 ($2.64)Draco: 5000 ($66.48)
Travel trolley: 199 ($2.64)Dancing Adam: 5000 ($66.48)
Goggles: 199 ($2.64)Silver sports car: 5000 ($66.48)
Love you: 199 ($2.64)Flying jets: 5000 ($66.48)
Garland headpiece: 199 ($2.64)Bird whisperer: 5000 ($66.48)
Puppy love: 199 ($2.64)Submarine: 5199 ($69.12)
The passion rose: 199 ($2.64)Cooper’s home: 5999 ($79.77)
Roman Empire: 199 ($2.64)Airplane: 6000 ($79.78)
Pug: 199 ($2.64)Starfish bay: 6000 ($79.78)
Indoor fan: 199 ($2.64)Double-decker: 6000 ($79.78)
Rock n’ roll: 299 ($3.97)Sports car: 7000 ($93.07)
Superpower: 299 ($3.97)Monster truck: 7999 ($106.35)
Bridal Veil: 299 ($3.97)Match trophy: 7999 ($106.35)
Boxing Gloves: 299 ($3.97)Leon and Lili: 9699 ($125.11)
Corgi: 299 ($3.97)Yachts: 9888 ($131.53)
Duck: 299 ($3.97)Aquarius: 9999 ($132.94)
Dash: 299 ($3.97)Interstellar: 10,000 ($133.00)
Elephant trunk: 299 ($3.97)Sunset speedway: 10,000 ($133.00)
Balloon Joget: 300 ($3.99)Octopus: 10,000 ($133.00)
Tumpeng Rice: 300 ($3.99)Falcon: 10,999 ($146.29)
Campfire: 388 ($5.16)Mountains: 12,000 ($159.60)
Singing frogs: 398 ($5.29)Convertible car: 12,000 ($159.60)
Sweet Dreams: 399 ($5.30)Frog prince: 12,000 ($159.60)
Forever Rosa (399) ($5.30)Bungee jump: 12,000 ($159.60)
Swing: 399 ($5.30)Spaceship: 13,999 ($186.19)
Cotton the Seal: 399 ($5.30)Planet: 15,000 ($199.50)
Gamer cyber mask: 399 ($5.30)Leopard: 15,000 ($199.50)
Flower flight: 399 ($5.30)Peacock: 15,000 ($199.50)
Necklace: 400 ($5.32)Rosa Nebula: 15,000 ($199.50)
Marine trap: 400 ($5.32)Castle skyline: 15,000 ($199.50)
Across the board: 450 ($5.98)Maggie: 15,000 ($199.50)
Coral: 499 ($6.63)Pirate’s ship: 15,000 ($199.50)
Magic potion: 499 ($6.63)Pyramids: 15,000 ($199.50)
Gardening: 500 ($6.65)Diamond flight: 18,000 ($239.40)
Money Rain: 500 ($6.65)Party boat: 19,999 ($265.94)
Spaghetti kiss: 500 ($6.65)TikTok shuttle: 20,000 ($266.00)
Window basket: 500 ($6.65)Castle fantasy: 20,000 ($266.00)
Ice Machine: 538 ($7.15)Phoenix: 25,999 ($345.62)
Record Player: 600 ($7.98)Adam’s dream: 25,999 ($345.62)
Love Balloon: 699 ($9.29)Griffin: 25,999 ($345.62)
Goose: 699 ($9.29)Dragon flame: 26,999 ($359.29)
Swan: 699 ($9.29)Lion: 29,999 ($398.95)
TikTok trophy: 699 ($9.29)Golden sports car: 29,999 ($398.95)
Shoes: 700 ($9.31)Sam the whale: 30,000 ($399.00)
Pearl: 800 ($10.64)Gorilla: 30,000 ($399.00)
Train: 899 ($11.94)Leon and Lion: 34,000 ($452.10)
Travel with you: 999 ($13.28)Zeus: 34,000 ($452.10)
Badminton: 999 ($13.28)Seal and whale: 34,500 ($458.78)
Galaxy: 1000 ($13.30)TikTok stars: 39,999 ($532.06)
Gold mine: 1000 ($13.30)TikTok Universe: 44,999 ($562.48)

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I redeem the TikTok gifts into cash?

You can redeem, by converting the TikTok gifts to diamonds. The diamonds tend to be 50% of the value of the coins. For example, if you have 1000 coins, those are 500 diamonds. Each diamond is worth 5 US cents, therefore if you have 500 diamonds you can cash in $250. However, you will still incur TikTok fee charges.

Q. How much money do you get from 1 lion on TikTok?

1 lion is worth $400, however, when you redeem through diamonds to get the cash, it equates to $200 since diamonds offer a 50% value of the coins. TikTok also a certain fee based on what you have earned.

Q. Which country has the cheapest TikTok coins?

TikTok coins vary in different countries due to exchange rates and economic conditions. You can purchase from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Mexico, and Russia.

Reward Your Favorite Content Creator With A Lion Gift

If there is a content creator that you love, then rewarding them with a TikTok gift would be great. If you have the means, you can consider giving an expensive gift like a lion to them. The content creator will surely appreciate the gesture.

Also, as a content creator, you can consider providing engaging content consistently to increase your followers and increase your chances of getting gifts. You can also often livestream to increase your chances of getting gifts. Be smart about it.

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