10 Best Web Scraping Services in 2023

Web Scraping Services

With web scraping services, you do not have to deal with web scraping yourself. But that will only make you happy if you deal with the right company. In the article below, we will be taking a look at some of the best web scraping services in the market right now.

For most business and marketing experts, frequently sourcing information in large volumes has become a thing of interest. With the constant outpouring of information daily, accessibility to the exact data of interest will surely take time to retrieve.

So with this comes the need for web scraping, which is simply the extraction of data from websites using automated bots. This might sound relieving, but it’s way more exhausting and time-consuming than it sounds if you scrape the data yourself.

Running a business can be very tricky without having professionals who handle the collection of up-to-date, accurate, and well-structured data to keep your business breathing. Just as information is the life wire of businesses, so are the professionals involved in carrying out these activities.

Web Scraping Service has become an integral part of businesses. As an organization thriving to foster the productivity and effectiveness of your business, outsourcing your data collection tasks to a specialist in web scraping service is very necessary. These are professionals who can scrape thousands of web pages within seconds and millions of web pages per day.

They are known to be very vast, fast, up-to-date, accurate, and provide valued based data in accordance with their client instruction. Data provided are structured to the format of the client’s interest. Web Scraping Services have a great impact on all businesses. Having mentioned that, in this article, we will give you the list of the Best web scraping services you can start outsourcing right away to help grow your business.

1. Datamam

Datamam overview

Datamam is a top-rated professional, well-experienced, and effective web scraping company providing web scraping services. They are vastly equipped with advanced web scrapers for up-to-date high quality and well-formatted data in any format. Versatile with websites irrespective of the complexity of the data of interest. Although their services are way expensive, ranging from $5,000 for small scale and $40,000 for end scale, aside from that, they are very responsive and flexible.

In terms of data scraping, every client gets customized software to ensure security and confidentiality. Some of their clients include top fortune 500 businesses like Microsoft, United State Postal, and IBM, among many others. In addition, with the great team put together and their outstanding customer reviews, one of the core strengths of Datamam is that they are extremely reliable with good scalability, and these have made standout among others.

2. ScrapeHero

ScrapeHero overview

ScrapeHero is another top-rated web company providing web scraping services. They are known by some large businesses when it comes to creating value by collecting unstructured data from the websites of clients’ interests and organizing it into the client’s format of choice.

Contents are extracted and worked on in accordance with the client’s preferred data format, be it JSON, CSV, Excel, XML, and more. Because they are capable of extracting thousands of data in a second and millions per day, their services are sourced by many. Scalability is one of the features this service boat of when it comes to data size they can collect.

With ScrapeHero comes flexible handling of complex Javascript, CAPTCHA, IP blacklisting, and AJAX sites. Their client coverage includes Forbes, Los Angele Times, Business Insider, and The Guardian, among others. Though their services are very expensive, they are widely known because of their reliability in providing current data.  Just like Datamam, these providers as well have great customer reviews.

3. Zyte

Zyte overview

Zyte is formally known by the name Scrapinghub. This provider is one of the world’s leading web scraping services providers. They are very fast and as well arrange content in a sizable format as requested by clients. They are for both startups and large businesses.

Their team is a group of reliable experts who can help extract data of relevance, clarity, and usability. As a company, outsourcing Zyte services is truly worth paying for because, unlike ScrapeHero, Zyte is very pocket-friendly when it comes to cost. The service enjoys good reviews and recommendations from thousands of its customers. This provider is known for responsiveness and reliability in terms of evaluating clients’ costs and ensuring services that match up with the money spent.

4. 3i Data Scraping

3i Data Scraping overview

3i Data Scraping is a web data scraping service provider capable of transforming unstructured scraped web content into a structured format. This service has professionals knowledgeable in scalable scraping of complex web data that are huge in size.

Although their services are quite expensive, the quality of services they render makes it seems affordable and worth the cost. With 3i Data Scraping, you are assured of privacy and confidentiality. To ensure this level of high privacy, this service supports the signing of a non-disclosure of agreement.

With their team skills and experiences, millions of web pages are scraped off websites of interest daily. Services rendered cut across countries including Canada, Germany, and the UK. The web data extracted is organized in different formats, like CSV, JSON, Excel, and AJAX. These providers are reliably fast and easy to work with.

5. Octoparse

Octoparse Homepage

Octoparse is known as a web scraper. However, aside from its web scraper, the team behind the web scraper does offer a professional data service. As a professional data scraping provider, they can extract data from any websites of the client’s target and organize it into any data format, be it Excel, JSON, or CSV. with this team; you do not need to worry about complex issues in web scraping such as AJAX authentication, collecting complex data from text, and much more. Octoparse is very reliable and cost-effective.

The service is customer-friendly and focused on helping you grow your business. Extracted web content is always based on the instructions and needs of the client. Business or companies focus is Octoparse core value. In addition, with their years of functioning, they have become an outsourced choice among other web scraping providers.

6. BotScraper

BotScraper overview

BotScraper is also one of the best providers when it comes to web scraping services. They are well vast in terms of the services they render. BotScraper is known for the in-depth sourcing of data from the Internet as well as formatting of the data into the format specified by clients to help foster the client’s business growth. They are a very responsive team with high reliability as with the others described.

Uniqueness and less pricey services are the core selling point they are known for, coupled with the error-free data scraping features modified for your business. In terms of speed, BotScraper is very fast, irrespective of the web scraping task. Though known for all website extraction tasks, they are used more for real estate, social media, and e-commerce web scraping, among others. They have worked with several big names in the business world.

7. Marquee Data

Marquee Data overview

Marquee Data is a professional web scraping firm handling web or data scraping services of all business and technical interests. They are capable of scraping any data for clients across all niches in both public and private sectors. They are very reliable, flexible, and cost-efficient. Data scraped are presented in client-preferred format, be it in excel, CSV, or JSON. Marquee data make sure to carry customers along and deliver the services in the most convenient way.

One thing this provider has that is different from others is that payment of service rendered is not accepted until satisfaction is proven. Providing services that outperform all other web scraping service providers is their major goal. As they meet customer data extraction needs, little wonder they get outstanding services Reviews. Their service point is US-based.

8. Data Collector (Bright Data)

Bright Data Review

Data collector is a web scraping service under Bright Data. They are easy-to-use choices for clients wanting to outsource for web data extraction. They have the ability to tap into complex and public websites to extract data. With that, they are rated to be one of the leading data collectors. Having known to extract data from any website, their delivery formats are JSON, CSV, Excel, and HTML.

Data of clients collected can be formatted and sent via several ways such as email, Microsoft Azure, API, and Amazon, among others. They have a very responsive team with service efficiency. Data collection is under Bright Data and, as such, has the complete privilege of accessing websites without restriction because of the rotating proxies which enable changing of IP addresses.

9. Grepsr

Grepsr overview

Grepsr is one of the leading web scraping companies providing web scraping services. Based in the US with more than decades of experience. Their team is experts with the ability to scrape over 400 million pages per day. Very reliable with error-free service delivery.

They have over 50K users in 40 countries. Data are extracted across any websites of client interest, rearranged, and structured to customers’ preferable data format. The data are always clean, scalable, and customized. Grepsr is reliable in terms of service delivery to be provided regardless of the company’s requirements and sizes. The services are quite flexible and affordable. This provider is sure one of the best in the web scraping service market. Among their clients are some Fortune 500 companies in the world.

10. Mozenda

Mozenda overview

Mozenda is a web scraping service provider that enables careful scraping of unorganized web content to a scalable, organized format. With decades of experience acquired in the web scraping business, thousands of data are extracted in seconds and millions per day, thanks to the Data-as-a-Service features. As an organization, outsourcing your web scraping service to Mozenda will not cost much, and your aim will not be defeated.

Their service delivery is uptime with up-data- information. Mozenda is very reliable and cost-efficient as well as flexible with no risk. With this service, you can have access to free trials, though with limitations attached. After the trial, if you are interested, you can purchase their service plan. They are patronized by big names in the business world. They have incredible customer reviews.


Q. What are Web Scraping Services?

Web scraping services are those services that have been setup to help business, organizations, and even individuals collect data publicly available  on the Internet. These services make use of web scrapers which are bots that automate the process of web data extraction.

By using web scraping service, you will not have to deal with make managing web scrapers and all of the issues associated with doing that. These web services position themselves as professional data service where you provide your requirement, they send you a quote, and then they deliver the required data. Web scraping services have come to stay in today’s data-driven world.

Q. Is Web Scraping Legal?

In the past, web scraping is seen to be in the grey area without specifics of whether it is legal or not. However, after the HiQ Labs v. LinkedIn lawsuit, it became clearer that web scraping is legal provided the data is publicly available and you do not cause harm to target web servers.

Even with this, you can still fall into a legal trap. One of the advantage of using a credible and professional web scraping service is that you are given advisory on how to avoid legal troubles. Just know that the law is local and as such, what you read here is not a legal advice and as such, you should seek legal advise on web scraping from a competent law practioner in your region.

Q. Web Scraping Services Vs. Web Scraper?

You might be wondering what is the advantage of using a web scraping service over a web scraper. If you are a coder that want to get his hands dirty, you can go ahead and make use of a web scraper as you will save noney.

However, you will have to deal with the task of managing web scrapers and their associated tools such as proxies and captcha solvers. You also have to deal with blocks. If you do not want the headache associated with web scraping and only want the data of interest, then the best thing for you to do is make use of a web scraping service. 


Web Scraping Services has become a very important service if you do not want to deal with web scrapers directly. If you are in the business world, I bet you can tell how tedious and time-consuming it can be trying to source information.

Even with some tools, it is quite an energy to be put into, which if outsourced to the professional in the web scraping, the same time will be channeled into focusing on something different. These professionals are accurate and can scrape thousands of data within seconds and millions of data per day from websites of the client’s interest regardless of the format.

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