What Does FS mean on Snapchat & How to Use?

What Does FS mean on Snapchat

Using abbreviations is time-saving because you don’t have to type long sentences, especially when using a phone. Snapchat is one App that uses new abbreviations daily; you must be familiar with those terms. If you are a new user of Snapchat and would like to know what FS means on Snapchat, keep reading!

Many teenagers are now on social media, which explains why new abbreviations and phrases are emerging daily. If you don’t regularly use social media, it can be hard to understand some of these abbreviations. But you must know these abbreviations to keep up with the conversations. What does FS mean on Snapchat? That’s what we will discuss in this post.

What FS means on Snapchat.

What FS means on Snapchat

FS can have several meanings on Snapchat, so its purpose depends on the context used. It’s used primarily to stress a point or to mean absolutely, and it may also mean “For sale” or “Fucks sake.” FS on Snapchat can mean:

1. “FS” can mean “For Sure.”

Most people use “FS” on Snapchat to mean “absolutely” when stressing a point they are making. If you are also on other messaging Apps, you can use “FS” as a confirmation. For instance, “Are you guys going on a road trip this weekend? You can count me in “FS.”

When using FS, it can mean that you are confident or reluctant. For instance, when you say, “Yes, I will attend the party, FS” means that you are optimistic, but when you say,” Yes, oh yes, I will attend the party, FS” means that you are reluctant.

2. “FS” can mean for sale.

Many Snapchat users now use the term “FS’ to mean “For Sale” when they want to sell their goods and services on the App. Yes. Snapchat is a great place to market your goods and services, especially if you are a small business owner. To effectively use “FS” on Snapchat, you must have high-quality photos, include basic information about what you’re selling, and post online.

The advantage of using this abbreviation on Snapchat is that you quickly convey your message without typing long sentences in your post.

3. “FS” can mean Fucks Sake.

Some people can also use “FS” on Snapchat to mean frustration and how pissed they are. For instance, you may fail to show up for an event, and a friend texts you, “FS” why dint you show up?

Using FS on Snapchat Can also mean

Using FS on Snapchat Can also mean

You can also use FS on Snapchat to mean:

  • Fly safe
  • Forget Sorry
  • Free Source
  • First Sight
  • Fight Safely
  • Free Safety
  • Free Style

Common Acronyms on Snapchat.

Common Acronyms on Snapchat

Other acronyms commonly used on Snapchat are:

  1. LMK means “Let me Know.” You can use this abbreviation to request someone to inform you about something.
  2. S/O on Snapchat means “shout out” to recognize someone or something.
  3. HMU stands for Hit me up. You can use this phrase when you want to invite someone to come hang out with you.
  4. TBH is another common abbreviation on Snapchat that means “To be honest.” You can use it to express a sincere opinion about someone or something.
  5. FFF means Follow for following to tell someone you should follow each other on Snapchat.

However, you should know these meanings also, according to the context in which you use these abbreviations.

Is Snapchat Safe for Teenagers?

Is Snapchat Safe for Teenagers

Snapchat has gained many followers over the past few years, and most of them are teenagers. The high teenage population on the App is the main reason there are new abbreviations and slang words on Snapchat. It becomes challenging for parents to monitor their children’s online activity, making it unsafe for teenagers.

What is the minimum age for using Snapchat?

You must be at least 13 years to use Snapchat, according to the terms and services of Snapchat. However, Snapchat does not have a way to verify the age, so it’s easy for unauthorized kids to access the App.

How To Ensure Your Kids are Safe on Snapchat.

YouTube video

Unlike in previous years, parents can now make the App safer for their kids. Snapchat now has a Family Center section which has three options. First, you can see your kids’ friends, who your kids chat with, and you can also report any safety issues. These features make it easier to know what your children are doing on the App.


Snapchat helps its users to socialize and also express themselves on the App. But, since many teenagers are on this App, they always come up with new abbreviations and slang words, so you must keep up with them. The most common abbreviation is FS, which can mean, for sure, for sale or fucks sake, depending on the context used. Other common acronyms on Snapchat include S/O, FFF, TBH, and HMU.

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