10 Best YouTube View Bots of 2023

Best YouTube View Bots

Do you own a YouTube channel and you want to inflate the view count of your videos using a bot? Then you are on the right page as we would be providing you recommendations on the best YouTube view bots you can use in the market.

YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform. Unlike others, you can create a channel, grow it and start making money either through the platform’s monetization via AdSense or your own preferred method of making money. YouTube is very keen on engagement and this is not only a ranking factor, but it also helps others know the quality of your videos.

If you are just starting out and you want your videos’ counts to be high to fake engagements in other to improve your ranking and get more viewers, then. You will need to make use of a view bot. With a YouTube view bot, you can automate the process of viewing your videos to increase the number of views they got.

There are a good number of YouTube view bots in the market that claim to help you get more views. In reality, not many of them are good for that. This is because YouTube does have a smart and effective anti-spam system that detects bots, removes the views they create, and even suspends one account in some instances.

With this, you only need to stick to the high-quality YouTube view bots that have been tested and trusted. In this article we would be recommending some of the top YouTube view bots you can use to increase the view counts on your videos.

1. TubeAssist Pro

TubeAssist Pro for YouTube Bot

TubeAssist Pro is one of the best YouTube view bots in the market. In fact, it is more than a view bot as it has got support for other features. As its name suggests, it is a bot that assists YouTube channel owners with the automation of some of their tasks. With the right techniques, you can drive targeted traffic to your videos. What is even more interesting is that unlike any of the other bots that you only get to deal with bot traffic, the views you get from this bot are all real views.

This is because it joins live videos of others and drops comments with links to your videos. By doing this, it is able to get you real targeted audience to watch your videos. Aside from helping you to increase your organic views, it also does help you automate other tasks such as comments, likes, unlikes, and even sending DM.

2. ASB YouTube Bot

ASB YouTube Bot for YouTube Bot

The ASB YouTube Bot is one of the YouTube bots that can help you get more subscribers and views for your videos. It is basically a YouTube automation bot that you can use to automate a good number of tasks. Some of the tasks you can automate include viewing regular videos and live streams, comments, like/unlike, sharing, subscribing, and even creating a channel.

One good thing about the ASB YouTube bot is that it does have support for managing multiple accounts. With this bot, you can manage hundreds of accounts with each account having its own IP address by using a proxy server for each. The bot is multithreaded and has been built to perform well. The bot is safe to use and updates are being pushed regularly to keep it functional. The bot is also available on some of the popular social media platforms.

3. Jarvee

Jarvee for YouTube Bot

 Jarvee is currently the most popular social media automation bot in the market with support for over 7 social media platforms. Unlike other bots that stand in your way, the Jarvee bot does not stand in your way — it gives you full control over its features.

However, while this might look like a good thing, it is only so if you are experienced and you can go overboard with its usage which will lead to your accounts getting banned.

For this reason, you should learn the theoretical aspect of YouTube automation before using Jarvee for YouTube. Its video watch feature allows you to watch videos automatedly in other to increase view counts. However, this is only possible if you have many accounts you are automating and it is even recommended you view the videos of others so things will balance out.

4. Socinator

Socinator for YouTube Bot

Socinator is just like Jarvee. If you want to use it to gain more views, you will need to create and manage multiple YouTube accounts with it. The tool has got support for managing multiple accounts and automating these accounts to watch your videos. You will have to be smart with your approach and make sure you do not like only your videos and do not use all of your accounts to view the same videos to avoid raising some red flags.

Aside from watching videos, you can use Socinator for automating other engagement such as likes, and comments. Some of the features this bot has to include spin syntax, proxy, and an easy-to-understand analytics interface to help you track the activities of the bot and how it has performed so far. Socinator as with the other bots is a paid YouTube bot.

5. Somiibo

Somiibo for youtube bot

Somiibo is another YouTube bot you can use to grow your account. The bot comes with 3 modules that can be used for YouTube. These include subscriber bot, like bot, and view bot. For the subscriber bot,  your channel will be used to subscribe to the subscribers of other users or search terms in a bit to get such users to return the favor. The same goes with the like bot. The Youtube bot will generate for you views so that your videos will look more popular than they actually are which could help in their rankings.

The Somiibo tool does have a free plan which you can use. With this free plan, you even get a proxy scraper that scrapes the Internet for free proxies to use. Interestingly, as a premium user, you are given access to their private proxies which are more reliable and effective. This bot does have support for multithreading and task scheduling, among others.

6. YT Monster

YT Monster for YouTube Bot

YT Monster is different from the other tools described above. For the tools described above, what you get are real YouTube bots. In the case of the YT Monster, what you get is a YouTube engagement exchange platform.

The platform is marketed as a site where you can get free YouTube views, likes, comments, and subscribers. However, before you rush to the website in other to get all of these, you need to know that nothing goes for nothing, and for you to earn any of these, you will need to carry out such in other to earn credits.

If you are not ready to carry out any task, you will need to buy the platform credit which you will then convert to pay for the engagement you want. One good thing about this platform is that the engagements you get are from real users.

7. Media Mister

Mediamister for YouTube Bot

Media Mister is another different service compared to the one above it on the list. For this service, you do not have access to a bot nor do you need to carry out any task to eat any engagement on your videos or channel. All you have to do is pay for the engagements and you get them delivered to you within a short period of time.

Media Mister has got experience when it comes to the provision of engagements that sticks. From this service, you can buy a lot of engagements for YouTube ranging from views, likes, comments, subscribers, shares, and even watch hours. It might even interest you to know that you can also buy dislike from this service. Instead of buying one type of engagement, you are better off buying multiple to make things look more natural.

8. FollowersUP

FollowersUP for YouTube Bot

FollowersUP is another service like the Media Mister service that you can buy YouTube engagements from. Whether you want to increase your YouTube watch hours, buy subscribers, or increase the number of views you have on your videos, the FollowersUP service is here for you. It has been set up to provide users with the engagements they need to grow their accounts without dealing with YouTube bots differently as managing bots can be difficult.

However, you need to know that the engagements you are getting from FollowersUP and Media Mister are bots originating and as such, you might lose some of the views, likes, and subscribers after a while. For this reason, this service offers support for refills within a specific period after purchase.

9. UseViral

UseViral for YouTube Bot

Are you looking for a place where you can buy subscribers, likes, and views and they will get delivered to you quickly in no time? Then the UseViral service is the service for you. This service has an account farm being managed by bots that it uses to deliver engagements to users at affordable pricing.

You can buy YouTube subscribers, likes, and views from the service and they will get delivered to you almost instantly. While this might look like a good deal, it is important you know that buying too many subscribers, likes, and views within a short period of time might lead to the suspicion that will get your account suspended as buying engagements are not allowed by YouTube. When using the UseViral service, the key here is moderation if you want to fly below the radar.

10. SidesMedia

SidesMedia for YouTube Bot

Another service you can buy subscribers, likes, and views from is the SidesMedia website. This website is more like the Media Mister and has got support from a good number of social media platforms including YouTube. SidesMedia will want you to believe that the engagements it offers you are from real users. For this reason, you are neither getting a refund nor a refill once your orders have been completed.

This shouldn’t make you feel the subscribers, views, and likes you receive from this service are real —  they are all bot originating as with what you get from Media mister, UseViral and FollowersUP. For this reason, you are better off buying small packages and watching how they stick around before you go on a shopping spree on the platform.


Q. What is a YouTube View Bot?

A YouTube view bot is an automation bot developed to help increase the view count of a YouTube video. It does this by automating the viewing of the video thereby increasing the number of times the video has been viewed.

It is used by YouTube content creators to a fake engagement and makes their videos more popular they are. This has two advantages with the most important being getting others to view the videos because of their view count. The other reason is so it can rank higher on the search engine.

Q. Are YouTube View Bots Legal?

The legality of a YouTube bot is determined by what you use it for. However, on a general level, it can be said to be legal. If all you need is to fake engagements so that others will want to interact with the videos or simply to get your videos to rank higher, then it is legal to use a bot.

However, it becomes a different thing if you use it to commit ad fraud as some creators are fond of doing that. Even though it is possible for you to generate views using a YouTube view bot, doing so is illegal and you can be in jail or get fined for that.

Q. Do I need proxies for YouTube View Bots?

The answer is Yes, It’s not just enough to purchase a youtube bot to boost your YouTube video views and subs. You also need to Get Best Proxies for YouTube Bots in order to get the best results from it.

With proxies, allow managing multiple YouTube accounts and automating various tasks while protecting your home IP address, also you can use those proxies to scrape data from youtube such as keywords, royalty-free videos, comments, and more.


From the above, you can tell that not all videos you see on YouTube actually have the number of views you see attached to them. Some will use a bot to increase the view count so that others will perceive the video as popular and as such, will want to interact with the video.

It is important I stress here that view bots cannot replace real organic views. Until your growth is driven by pure organic traffic, your channel will remain a ghost channel with no real activities and as such, no legit money can be generated.

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