How to Find Unlisted YouTube Videos Without a Link [Yours & Others]

How to find unlisted YouTube videos

An Unlisted YouTube video is a type that cannot be seen in public places such as YouTube channels, subscriber feeds or any browser search results. Unlisted YouTube videos can be mistakenly found in the owner channel playlist. To access unlisted YouTube videos, you need to have a video link to view them, which can also be shared with other groups. Can someone find unlisted YouTube without links? Yes, following a few tips described below can be helpful.

Why use an unlisted YouTube video?

Why use an unlisted YouTube video

Youtubers may sometimes want to make unlisted YouTube videos in their channel due to several reasons:

  1. Privacy: Youtubers would want to make their videos private and not appear in the search result in their channels. People with links to unlisted videos can view and share personal and sensitive videos with friends and family.
  2. Using unlisted YouTube videos can assist YouTubers in limiting the number of views and engagement a video can get. The traffic aims to ensure the unlisted videos reach a particular audience so that it doesn’t attract public viewers.
  3. Testing: Unlisted YouTube videos will be a perfect way of testing out new content uploaded to a small audience who will have a glance at the video before it is released to the public.
  4. You can link the unlisted YouTube websites or online resumes you can share with interviewers during job applications.

How to find your own unlisted YouTube videos

Here are four easy and quick steps to find unlisted YouTube videos in your YouTube channel account.

Step 1: Sign into your YouTube account using your app or browser, and in the upper right corner of your screen, you can click on the profile picture.

click on the profile picture

Step 2: A dropdown menu will appear with options, and ensure to select YouTube Studio.


Step 3: On your left panel, select the videos option to display all the uploaded videos.

YouTube studio video

Step 4: The new open page on your screen will display all the videos you have uploaded, and you can select any unlisted videos to view, or you can decide to change their visibility.

How to find other unlisted YouTube videos

YouTube video

It is easier to find an unlisted video on YouTube if you have the link from the person who has uploaded the video, which is usually shared with others but kept hidden from the general public. Worry less since these three main ways can help you to find other unlisted YouTube videos, such as

  1. Check the public playlist. Most YouTubers accidentally make the mistake of adding unlisted videos to the wrong playlist, which now becomes visible to anyone who has checked this playlist. From there, you can have the unlisted video link.
  2. Using unlisted videos website search as This website helps search for, submit, and watch unlisted YouTube videos. The website is easy to use, and no registration is required.
  3. Search operator. Search operators such as symbols and words will give you specific results, for example, site, unlisted “black-eyed peas,” intext. Users can use this search operator in google and will narrow down search results to get a precise result. When searching on google, you will get YouTube videos that will appear, and you can find unlisted YouTube videos in the results.

How to set unlisted videos

To set the unlisted video on YouTube is simple, and you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube account. Go to the top right corner and click the camera video icon to create a new video and click the upload page, or you can go to your channel video manager.

Step 2: On the upload page, click on “select files to upload,” select a video from your files on your computer and upload it.

upload video

Step 3: Fill in the details of the uploaded video where you enter the description and thumbnail from the video, or upload yours and go to the next step.

Step 4: The next step is video elements which you can add some features, but it is mainly for advanced features. You can skip this step and go to the last step.

set video visibility unlested

Step 5: Visibility step. You select your video’s visibility at this step and choose unlisted; only people with the link can view it.

How to cancel unlisted videos

At some point in your YouTube channel, you may need to cancel unlisted videos for personal reasons, and the process of cancellation is straightforward. You can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube channel and click on your profile picture.

Step 2: Select YouTube studio from the dropdown menu and click the video option to display all uploaded videos.

YouTube studio

Step 3: You can select the unlisted YouTube video to cancel its visibility by choosing the video to be public.


Q. How do I find private videos on YouTube?

Private video on YouTube is not accessible on the channel homepage. You will need a specific link to the private video shared via email from the owner who has invited you so that you can see the video. Also, note that you must use the account the link was shared to see the video.

Q. Is an unlisted YouTube video still private?

An unlisted YouTube video is a video that is not visible to the public and cannot be found in the search through the browser. However, the unlisted video can be shared with another group of people by sharing the link of the videos, but for a private YouTube video, you can’t share the link with other people.


The tips above on finding your Unlisted YouTube videos and others have been shared with steps. If you need to find listed YouTube videos, try the information above and find as many videos as possible. Also, you can set and cancel an unlisted YouTube video through the visibility settings.

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