5 Best Lissandra Skins (Ranked from Worst to Best)

Best Lissandra Skin

Lissandra or the ice witch has a psyche-chilling look and is incapable of conjuring a warm look, but she has a figure that commands the respect she requires for her mission. She may not have a warm look on her face, but some of Lissandra’s skin may gladden your heart. Below are some skins that may warm your heart.

Lissandra, the Ice witch, along with her two sisters, is a cross between the watchers and the ice-born. They worked for the iced watchers until Avarosa and Serylda (Lissandra’s sisters) chose to fight for their independence. In the last days of their revolt, the watchers escaped and planned to destroy the world.

Lissandra came to the rescue of the world and succeeded in shutting them up beneath the Howling Abyss. During the battle, she sacrificed her sisters and many others. Although Lissandra won in the battle as she successfully killed her sisters and locked up the watchers, the fame of her sisters still lingers, and threatened by her past springing up on her; she secretly vowed to destroy anyone that is a threat to her life and mission. So to achieve her objective, she wields different abilities.

The ice Witch destroys anywhere she is with a whirlwind of mayhem, destroys her enemies’ plans, and causes physical damages with passive triggering hypothermia, chilling cold, and piercing ice splinter.

1. Bloodstone Lissandra

YouTube video

This main skin character Lissandra, or the Ice Witch, displays a different disposition from her usual icy self. She wears a cooler style portraying a more stylish and casual figure different from her normal skin. The elements show her down-to-earth nature. The theme is, however, another matter as it bestows on her a fresh personality different from her regular decorative icy character.

If you expect the usual excitement that comes with this LOL, you would be disappointed because this skin is dull.

  • Release date: 04-29-2013
  • Price: 975 RP

2. The Blade Queen Lissandra

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Like the bloodstone Lissandra, this skin strays very far from her chilly character. In this skin, she acts as a sorceress with blades as a weapon. Her dressing is slightly exaggerated with elegant adornments but devoid of her usual lethal look. Also, the elements were not successfully executed in the skin. Rather, they were colored bronze bits. New sounds were given to her abilities.

Although the skin may appear attractive, it, however, failed to deliver its real ideas. The skin has various recommendations that show the picture of an unfocused theme. But despite everything, the theme is quite special if you can bring yourself to overlook its bleariness.

  • Release date: 05-26-2016
  • Price: 1350 RP

3. Coven Lissandra

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This portrays Lissandra as the icy witch, though an incredibly stylish one. Add to her total ensemble; she wears a big ornamented headpiece. At her feet, she has on what looks like tendrils that lend a dark feel to her disposition. The clothing is showcased in her outfit, and her skin and blond hair reveal her human part.

She has abilities that slow down or impede her enemy’s movement and enables her dark shards to stick out. The sounds of Lissandra’s skin strays far from the regular icy sounds with a top pitch that gives a sinister feel. Her voice has a kind of dark echo, adding to the portrayal of danger. This skin adds a mechanical part to the ice witch persona, perfect for people that love ice Witch and robots.

  • Release date: 27-11-2018
  • Price: 1350 RP

4. Dark Cosmic Lissandra

YouTube video

The dark cosmic Lissandra skin compares favorably with that of the Coven Lissandra; maybe the reason is that the skin’s design is just out of this world. Welcome the dark skin cosmic that changes the frosty witch to the supernatural cosmic sorceress. It is among Lissandra top skin, with hair designed as galaxies, and the external costume is a blend of stars, nebulas, and magical space.

The skin also comes with different incredible extra touches like a headdress that resembles an eclipse. Although the price is a bit high, thanks to the splash art of the skin, you won’t regret spending your money. Talk about beauty, the skin has it, featuring the witch holding planets and handling galaxies effortlessly; the sight is indeed a beauty to behold.

This skin depicts the gorgeous and earthy still strong nature of the witch, and as you load this skin into a game, the sheer wonder of its beauty will hit you all the time.

  • Release date: 10-24-2020
  • Price: 1350 RP

5. Program Lissandra

YouTube video

Accepting the coldness of the witch’s persona takes a new meaning in this skin. Instead of feeling regular cold anger, you will be propelled to embrace the iciness of an outrageously gorgeous metal machine. In this skin, expect to see the feeling every science fiction buff player deeply desires. The body is virtually designed in various ornamental bolts, wires, and advanced massive robot-like hands that scrabble their way through adversaries.

Another aspect to look out for is the animation of her death; it is weirdly beautiful. Her body disintegrates and crumbles, and something that looks like her soul lives on, soaring around in blue lights.

  • Release date: 04-06-2016
  • Price: 1350 RP

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