How to Start An Onlyfans Without Followers in 2023

how to start an onlyfans without followers

If you want to be the hottest star on Onlyfans, then join this platform immediately. However, do you know how to start your Onlyfans account without followers?

Starting on Onlyfans can seem futile if you don’t have any followers. However, there are ways in which you can boost your profile to get more followers.

To earn well on Onlyfans, you need to get many followers who will view and subscribe to your content. The profit you make depends on the kind of content that you share. Therefore, be creative and provide content people will be enticed to view.

We have highlighted some of the best ways to start an Onlyfans account without followers. If you follow other creators, use an Onlyfans bot, dress up for your videos, and promote your account on social media. All will be well.

1. Focus On Other Users

Focus On Other Users

One of the best tactics for getting followers is following high-profile Onlyfans content creators. Once you follow, they will check your profile, and if you have similar interests, they may end up following you.

However, ensure you have enticing content that will make them want to follow you. If you pay attention to others, there is a 10-20% possibility that they will pay attention to you too. Also, consider those with many followers, not few followers.

2. Use Other Social Media Accounts For Publicity

Social Media Accounts For Publicity

If you are new to Onlyfans, you can use YouTube to promote your content. It is a platform with fission communication that you can use to post your videos or photos. Also, remember to guide users or subscribers to your Onlyfans homepage using customized links.

You can also try other Social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, and TikTok. Though, you have to be discreet with the kind of media you post to prevent being banned from the platforms. The media you post on social media needs to be morally acceptable.

Also, don’t use your official social media accounts to retain anonymity from family and friends. The accounts should be separate from your personal life. While creating the social media account, use a stage name, unique email address, and new private social media accounts.

3. Dress Yourself Up

Dress Yourself Up

People easily get enticed by what they see. Therefore, ensure you have great videos or pictures on your homepage. It would help if you made your audience want to see more of what you offer.

In the homepage media, ensure you look beautiful, attractive, and sexy. If you offer great visuals, sure enough, you will gain followers. Therefore, ensure you look amazing in all videos or pictures you take.

If you want an upper hand over your competitors, you must go the extra mile. However, ensure it aligns with the kind of content you want to share in the first place.

4. Onlyfans Bot

Onlyfans Bot

Similar to other social platforms, you can use bots to gain some fake fans in the early stage. Additionally, the auto-follow bot automatically follows others, who then follow in return.

This follow/unfollow tactic or mass following is quite popular on Instagram and can work on Onlyfans too.

5. Collaborate With Other Small Creators

Collaborate With Other Small Creators

To grow your Onlyfans account, you must collaborate with other small creators. You will be surprised by how welcoming they are to collaboration. You can create a video together or retweet each other’s content.

Also, when you get subscribers, you can request them to promote your account in exchange for customized content. Ensure you provide great offers; they can’t reject them.

6. Invest In High-Quality Equipment

High-Quality Equipment

The videos and pictures you take need to be high quality which is only possible with a great camera and equipment. Also, ensure you use a great microphone to ensure the sound is well captured.

Tips On How To Create An Onlyfans Account

YouTube video

If you want your Onlyfans account to gain followers, you must put in the extra effort. Here are some great tips you can use in creating an Onlyfans account.

1. Have An Appealing Username

While on Onlyfans, don’t use your legal name. Instead, use an easy-to-remember username that people can easily find you with. Just think of something cool, relevant, and easy to remember.

Please don’t use a too obvious name. However, you can use a nickname or a name of something you like and customize it to your liking.

2. Exclusive Content

People are always curious and if you want to capture their attention, promise them exclusive content. What is the unique thing that you will provide that others haven’t?

Plus, don’t forget to deliver the exclusive content later. Keep your promises! Also, remember to provide content that suits the main motive of creating the Onlyfans account.

3. Detailed Profile

Make your Onlyfans profile as detailed as possible. Ensure in your profile you provide details on what you will provide in your Onlyfans account. Make the users excited to read your bio and interact with your content.

4. Use A Killer Profile Picture

Another great tip is to use a killer profile picture. Provide one that shows you looking so beautiful or charming. Ensure you create a good impression that will entice new people to follow you. The picture should look professional and reflect your style.

5. Have Goals

When on Onlyfans, you need to set goals. What do you want to achieve after a week or month? How much content would you want to have posted? Have a guide on what you want to achieve after a certain period. Also, remember to post often to keep your followers engaged.

What Is The Profit Of Onlyfans?

What Is The Profit Of Onlyfans

The profit you make from Onlyfans depends on the cash you make from subscriptions. Additionally, you also earn from pay-per-viewed content. Most creators earn from pay-per-view rather than subscriptions. The cheap subscription price is $4.99, and you ought to gain subscribers to earn through that channel.

Suggestions On Operating Onlyfans

On Operating Onlyfans

If you want to succeed on Onlyfans consider to

  • Understand the platform
  • Use your strengths to your advantage.
  • Specialize on content that is geared toward your target audience
  • Differentiate on when to tease about the content you will provide and when you deliver content.
  • Engage with your fans regularly.


Q: Can you have an anonymous OnlyFans account?

Yes, it is possible to be anonymous on Onlyfans. You can consider being a faceless content creator which, unfortunately, makes it hard to attract new subscribers. This reduces the chances of anyone knowing your identity.

However, you can consider showing your face on paid Onlyfans content.

Q: Can I be a content creator on OnlyFans without my face?

Yes, you can be on Onlyfans without showing your face and earn from it. However, it won’t be easy for one who shows their face. However, some remarkable people make money even without showing their faces.

Boost Your Onlyfans Account Instantly

Onlyfans can help you earn a sizeable income. Just do thorough research and know what your target audience will want to view. This will help you align your goals and create an Onlyfans account that will gain followers as time goes by.

As you promise your audience content, be sure to deliver it too to create rapport with them. Always be wary of them and don’t give false promises. Engage with your audience and this will help boost your profile and know what they want.

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