How to Fake IP Address [4 IP Spoofing Methods, 10+ Options]

How to Get a Fake IP Address

There are many methods you can use to fake your IP address in other to avoid restrictions on the Internet. In the article below, we discuss 4 popular methods you can use to easily replace your real IP address as you access the Internet.

Do you need to stream online without being restricted because of your region, or do you want to avoid Internet censorship, access localized content, and bypass request limits, among other forms of IP-based restrictions? Then you need to use a fake IP address to provide you with the privacy needed on the Internet.

Fake IP addresses are addresses used to hide your real IP address from web services you access on the Internet, which in turn could hide your identity. A fake IP address could help change the location of a user, as well as access restricted websites easily without being stopped or tracked by the government or websites of target.

Having known what an IP address is, let go to how you can get fake IP addresses. You can get fake IPs by using either public wifi, VPN, proxies, and lots more. Keep reading to get informed on how you can fake an IP address.

What is an IP Address?

What is an IP Address

An IP address, commonly referred to as an Internet Protocol address, enables users to connect to and access the Internet. It is basically a means of identification on the Internet through which communication is enabled. There are dots between each number in the group.

These IP addresses are four in number, and they range from 0 to 255. Billions of users access the Internet daily to get information, and as such, each has a different IP address (a single address can’t be used by two users at the same time). is an example of an IP address.

People are on the Internet on a daily basis, and we use either our personal computers, laptops, pads, or androids to get the information; anytime a user is connected to the Internet, an IP address is present, working for you effectively. As a user, you can’t connect to the Internet directly, you have to connect to a network that gives you access to connect to the Internet.

Your device’s IP address changes whenever you change your network provider. If you are connected through your ISP, and you switch to a public WIFI, then your IP address would change to that of the public WIFI.

Why Fake IP Address?

The needs to fake an IP address are many, but below are some of the legitimate reasons users fake their IP addresses when connected to the Internet.

  • Unblock website

Unblock website

Are you blocked on a website because you went against their term of service or because you happen to be visiting from an unsupported location? For the most part, the location attached to your IP address is used to detect your location, and then such restriction is applied.

It is as a reason of this that some Internet users fake their IP address in a bid to unblock websites they have been blood from accessing. It is important you know that just faking your IP address does not do the magic. You need an IP from a supported location for you to pull through.

  • Access Geotargeted Localized content

Access Geotargeted Localized content

One of the best reasons to use a fake IP address is that you can access the content from a site that is not meant for your region. Remember, web services use your IP address to determine your location. If you are into SEO and want to see what the SERP is like in a country you are not located in, you will need to use an IP address that will help you fake your location so that you can get access to the localized SERP in that country.

  • Privacy concern

Users need complete privacy to access the web, in which every device you use has its unique IP address; the government tracks the activities performed by every user to know the actual information you’re retrieving. So to avoid being tracked by the government, then you need to fake an IP address to keep their tracking limited.

  • Avoiding website block

website block

This point is especially important for Internet marketers that use bots or manage multiple accounts. One of the most important pointers to spam is your IP address, and as such, if you want to push your luck past the limit on websites, then you will need multiple IP addresses and use them randomly as using the same IP address to send too many web requests or manage multiple accounts could lead to a ban.

IP Spoofing: 4 Methods to Fake your IP Address () 

If you’re looking for the best and most effective way to fake an IP address, then scroll to get informed on how you can get your location encrypted and secured.

1. Use VPN


A VPN software is a program that masks your IP address by providing you with a fake IP address through which you connect to the Internet. It is available for most platforms such as desktops, smartphones, and even routers. They do not only mask your IP address; they encrypt your web traffic, making it useless to eavesdroppers such as cybercriminals and the government.

VPN is heavily used in countries that ban Twitter, and so far, premium VPN service has proven to be hard nuts to crack for the government to be able to enforce their Twitter ban rules. VPNs are quite easy to use as all you need to do is have them installed, and with just a few clicks, you are good to go. They work from the system level, and as such, all web traffic from all applications is routed via the VPN server.

Some of these VPNs have a premium version, while others are free to use. However, it is advised that you utilize a VPN that has a premium version. With a VPN, you may access websites that are blocked in your country, appear to be in another nation while maintaining your true location, protect your identity from fraudsters, and gain complete access to all blocked and restricted websites. There are hundreds of VPN services on the market from which to pick. Some of the most popular and highly regarded VPN services are ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, and SurfShark.

Here is 5 best VPN option to choose from,

2. Use a Proxy Server

FAKE IP address using proxy

Another method for faking your IP address is by using a proxy server. A proxy server is just like a VPN server – they both act as intermediaries between you and web services on the Internet. The major difference between VPNs and proxies is that VPNs require you to have their application installed while proxies provide you with the proxy server address and port.

The paid ones will come with a username and password for authentication. Proxies work from an application level, whereas VPNs work from the system level forcing all web traffic from a device via the VPN server. If you want to get proxies to work from a system level, you will need to make use of a proxy client known as Proxifier.

Also one other key difference is that proxies do not encrypt your web traffic, making them faster but less secure than VPNs. Proxies are more used by Internet marketers and programmers to circumvent web request limits, access localized data, and do market research. On the other hand, VPNs are used more for personal usage.

Some of the best proxy providers include Bright Data, Smartproxy, Proxy-Seller, and TheSocialProxy. There are a good number of free proxies on the Internet. You are better off not using them as they come with performance, security, and privacy issues you will not want to deal with.

Here is a list of the best proxies to choose from,

3. Use Tor Browser

Use Tor Browser TO FAKE IP

The Onion Router, also known as the Tor Browser, is a browser that allows users to access information on the Internet privately without being monitored. One of the reasons why using the tor browser is best for faking IP addresses is that asides from changing your location, it also automatically erases all history of websites visited and activities performed on the websites anonymously.

Many individuals use the Tor browser to access private websites that aren’t available on the public Internet. This is referred to as “the black web” and is where unrestricted websites, illicit materials, and content can be found.

In addition to surfing the dark web, the Tor browser is frequently used by journalists and political activists to avoid restrictions. The anonymity provided by Tor allows them to publish articles and spread news about important events while also preventing them from being monitored by interested parties. Users that are concerned about being tracked or watched mask their IP address using the Tor browser.

Some users use the Tor Browser to seek medical assistance if they want to keep their health issues personal; you can communicate with professionals and get the information you seek privately. Others use tor browsers only to chat and connect with friends online because they don’t their information known by a third party.

It’s also the best way in which journalists use to make the activities of criminals known without implicating themselves. Although, the dark web is not a site one should visit except if you know what you are looking for and makes sure you get informed with the necessary information about the dark web to avoid getting yourself into a serious problem.

4. Use a Wi-Fi


Do you know that if you have a home Wi-Fi, all of your devices connect to the Internet using the same IP address, and that is the IP of the home Wi-Fi?  Well, if you also try connecting to any router at the coffee shop, the IP address used is that of the coffee shop. With, you have the perfect opportunity to fake your IP address.

However, it is important you know that connecting to public Wi-Fi comes with its own disadvantages as you can be sniffed on. It is not advisable to use public Wi-Fi for accessing sensitive services such as your bank, as the Wi-Fi could steal your login details. Interestingly, it also does have its advantages.

For mobile devices and laptop users, asides from hiding your real IP address, it also saves your device battery life as you are not connected through your ISP tower, which is more demanding energy-wise. But how is that possible? Wi-Fi allows users to share and receive information so fast due to its high speed; since you’re not connected to your network server, it uses less of your device’s battery compared to if you’re connected through your server.


However, using a fake IP address is beneficial as it provides a safer environment for users to access the website without being monitored, tracked, or blocked. Using your  IP address might expose you to threats, identity theft, or use your data to perform an unlawful act.

You appear in another location asides from your real country; isn’t this cool? It is recommended that if you’re faking an IP address, try as much as possible to go for the premium version that you will need to pay as not all the free versions are effective.

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