Who Is Number 1 on Spotify [Musician, Song, Album, etc]

Who Is Number 1 on Spotify

Discover who currently holds the top spot on Spotify. From the most-streamed musician and song to the most popular album and podcast, see who’s making waves in the world of music and audio entertainment. Find out who is #1 on Spotify today!

In the digital age, music has become more accessible than ever before. With streaming platforms like Spotify, you can access millions of songs from your favorite artists with just a click of a button. And with so much music available on the streaming giant, you must be wondering who is #1 on Spotify. Is it a solo artist or a band? What genre do they belong to?

Let’s look at the most popular artists on Spotify and how many followers they have at the moment. From the most streamed musicians to the most popular albums, we’ll discuss what makes these artists stand out from the rest.

Spotify’s #1 Musician

Spotify’s #1 Musician

Currently, Drake is the most streamed musician on Spotify. The Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter has over 68 million monthly listeners. This is his fourth time topping the list after previously holding the title in 2015, 2016, and 2018.

Drake’s unique style that blends Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop has captured the attention of listeners worldwide. He has released many albums and singles, including “Gods Plan” and “In My Feelings.” Drake has also collaborated with other popular artists like Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Kanye West. Some of his most streamed songs on Spotify include:

  • One Dance – 2.5 billion streams.
  • God’s Plan – 2.1 billion streams.
  • Hotline Bling – 1.8 billion streams
  • Passionfruit – 1.2 billion streams.

Drake is not the only musician who has achieved massive success on Spotify. Here are the top 10 ranking musicians in 2023.

#MusicianLead StreamsNo. Of TracksTracks With Over 1 Billion Streams
2Bad Bunny52,085,972,4981619
3Taylor Swift43,488,025,6423592
4Ed Sheeran41,497,874,92325111
5The Weeknd41,164,155,27422110
6Justin Beiber35,582,598,8522269
7Ariana Grande35,416,937,1361839
10Post Malone32,217,410,044999

Spotify’s #1 Song

Spotify’s #1 Song

Harry Styles’s Single “As It Was” is the most popular song on Spotify. It was released on April 1, 2022, as part of his album “Harry House.” The song rapidly became a global sensation, topping the charts in over 40 countries. In fact, it was ranked as the most popular song on Spotify in 2022.

The song’s catchy melody and relatable lyrics have resonated with fans around the world. In a UK radio interview, Styles explained that the song is “about embracing change, losing oneself, embracing oneself.” Currently, the song has been streamed 2.1 billion times on Spotify.

Apart from Harry Styles’s “As It Was,” other great songs have achieved major success on Spotify. Here are the top 10 songs on Spotify in 2023.

#Song TitleArtistDate ReleasedStreams
1As It WasHarry StylesApril 28, 20222,113,569,263
2Unholy (Feat. Kim Petras)Sam Smith, Kim PetrasSeptember 29, 2022998,699,009
3Flowers Miley CyrusJanuary 27, 2023807,929,944
4Bam Bam (Feat. Ed Sheeran)Camilla Cabello, Ed SheeranMarch 8, 2022671,772,940
5BonesImaginary DragonsMarch 30, 2022650,086,454
6About Damn TimeLizzoJanuary 27, 2023637,356,195
7Left and Right (Feat. Jung Kook Of BTS)Charlie Puth, Jung Kook, BTSJune 29, 2022557,516,840
8Shakira: Bzrp Music SessionsBizarrap, ShakiraJanuary 27, 2023488,134,034
9Shut DownBlack PinkNovember 9, 2023364,682,531
10Lift Me Up – From Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverRihannaNovember  9, 2022 240,972,345

Spotify’s #1 Album

Spotify’s #1 Album

The most streamed album on Spotify in 2023 is “Un Verano Sin Ti” by Puerto Rican singer and rapper Bad Bunny. It was released on May 6, 2022, and quickly became a massive hit, with tracks like “Me Porto Bonito” and “Neverita” capturing the attention of music lovers globally.

The album, which is mainly a reggaeton, cumbia, and indie pop record, features 23 songs. It has been streamed over 10 billion times on Spotify, making it the first album by a Latin artist to hit 10 billion streams.

Apart from “Un Verano Sin Ti,” there are other popular albums with over 1 billion streams on Spotify. Here’s a list of the top 10 albums on Spotify in 2023.

#AlbumArtistNo. Of Tracks
1Un Verano Sin TiBan Bunny23
2Harry’s HouseHarry Styles13
3SourOlivia Rodrigo11
4=Ed Sheeran14
5Planet HerDoja Cat14
6MidnightsTaylor Swift13
8Dawn FMThe Weeknd16
9Twelve Carat ToothachePost Malone14
10Mr. Morale & The Big StepperKendrick Lamar19

Spotify’s #1 Podcast

Spotify’s #1 Podcast

The Joe Rogan Experience is the most streamed podcast on Spotify. The podcast is hosted by American comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan. It launched in 2009 on YouTube but has exclusively been available on Spotify since 2020.

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast features long-form interviews with a wide range of guests, including:

  • Actors.
  • Scientists.
  • Comedians.
  • Politicians.

The podcast’s casual and conversational format has made it a popular source of entertainment and information for millions of listeners. In fact, according to Spotify, the podcast has over 11 million listeners per episode. Other popular podcasts on Spotify include:

1The Joe Rogan ExperienceJoe RoganComedy
2Call Her DaddyAlex CooperEntertainment
3Anything Goes with Emma ChamberlainEmma ChamberlainEntertainment
4Caso 63Dr. Eliza KnightSci-Fi
5Crime JunkieAshley Flowers and Brit PrawatTrue Crime
6The DailyMicheal Barbaro and Sabrina TaverniseNews
7Stuff You Should KnowJosh and ChuckEducational
8I’ve Had It PodcastJennifer Welch and Angie “Pumps” SullivanComedy
9Huberman LabDr. HubermanHealth
10Normal GossipKelsey McKinneyEntertainment

Spotify’s #1 Fan Artist

Spotify’s #1 Fan Artist

Ed Sheeran is the most popular artist on Spotify, with over 109 million followers. The English singer-songwriter has amassed over 80 million monthly listeners on the platform, with 11 of his 251 tracks earning over 1 billion streams.

Ed Sheeran’s genre is primarily Pop, although he incorporates elements of Folk, Soft Rock, and Hip Hop music into his sound. His music is characterized by personal and introspective themes, with many of his songs touching on topics such as:

  • Love.
  • Heartbreak.
  • Family.

He has collaborated with various artists, from Hip Hop heavyweights like Eminem and Travis Scott to Pop icons like Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber. Ed Sheeran is not the only popular artist on Spotify. Here are the ten most followed artists on Spotify in 2023.

#ArtistFollowers (Million)
1Ed Sheeran 109.7
2Ariana Grande87.9
3Billie Eilish76.6
5Arijit Singh70.1
6Justin Bieber70.0
7Taylor Swift68.3
8Eminem 66.3
9Bad Bunny64.8


Spotify has revolutionized the way people listen to music, and the above artists have taken advantage of its reach and power. With millions of fans around the world, their music has transcended borders and language barriers to become a cultural phenomenon. Their catchy melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and unique sounds have captured the hearts of music aficionados everywhere.

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