13 Best Ashe skins in League of Legends [ALL Ranked]

best ashe skin

The Frost Archer – Ashe, is one of the three queens that rules Freljord and watches over their people. She wields a bow made of true ice, the very bow that made her hair turn silver and her eyes shine blue. Which skin do you like best?

Though Ashe isn’t happy with her role as a leader, her kind heart seeks to protect her people with her ice magic, but more importantly, her primary goal is to unite all of Freljord under one name.

Ashe is a ranged marksman that deals massive damage to enemies while providing utilities. Her basic attacks shoot ice arrows that slow enemies hit by it. If she attacks a target five times, she activates her Q, sending a large barrage of arrows in a fast pattern, dealing lots of damage while slowing them down.

Her W shoots a volley of arrows that slows enemies and deals physical damage. Her E sends a magical snowbird that flies across the map, revealing the fog of war for her and her allies to gather information on their enemies.

Her ultimate is a global ability that travels endlessly across the map; the longer it travels, the more damage it brings and the longer the target is stunned—making it an excellent utility for herself and her team.

1. High Noon Ashe

YouTube video
  • Release date: October 10, 2019
  • Price: 1820 RP

Fighting to hunt down satanic demons, Ashe is dressed in a western country style with a Wide-brimmed hat and a sizeable divine bow that shoots angelic arrows. Riding into battle on a black ghost horse with red eyes, Ashe’s change in voice truly fits her new role as an angel that kills demons. Ashe shoots arrows made of light, slowing her target to deal consistent physical damage.

Once her Q is activated, Ashe sends furries arrows that deal bonus damage as her large bow lights up. Ashe sends a volley of divine arrows that leaves a trail of light behind them. Ashe’s E sends a brown bird to a map location; once it reaches its destination, the bird shatters to an angel-like figure before quickly fading away.

Ashe’s ultimate shoots a large arrow that travels for a long distance and stuns her enemies. Her R reveals Ashe’s true angelic form, showing her white wings on her back and the golden spiritual aura around her.

2. Coven Ashe

YouTube video
  • Release date: August 12, 2021
  • Price: 1350 RP

Coven Ashe hides her eyes under a purple crow mask, including a long white cape. Wearing purple clothes, Ashe matches well with her dark theme as a Coven marksman. Featuring a new voice, Ashe wields a silver now that shoots dark arrows, surrounded by purple auras. Target slowed by her passive will have the arrow’s aura around them, indicating that they were hit.

When Ashe uses her Q, her bow turns Purple, and she starts shooting multiple arrows simultaneously. Her W sends orange arrows made of dark energy with a purple trail behind them in a volley, slowing those hit by it. Her E sends a black crow to a location on the map that shatters into black feathers revealing everything in its path.

Ashe battle cries as she sends a large arrow filled with evil energy around it. The tip of the magical arrow is white and gold, powered by her ice magic, while the body and the trail are made by the dark powers she possesses.

3. PROJET: Ashe

YouTube video
  • Release date: August 01, 2016
  • Price: 1820 RP

Witnessing the consequences of PROJECT on humanity, Ashe and her team of revolutionaries decide to fight this secret organization that used them as test suspects. Wearing a super-suit, her body is empowered by modern technology. She was wearing a blue hoodie and a mask that covered her eyes. Her robotic bow shoots digital blue arrows that slow enemies.

Activating her Q causes her bow to modify its shape to shoot a group of arrows simultaneously. Ashe’s W shoots a barrage of blue arrows that freezes anyone hit by them. Her E sends a small flying plane that reveals its location in its path then self detonates to create a wide scan of a specific radius in the area.

A large arrow that is digitally shaped and made of ice is sent when She uses her ultimate. Stunning and creating magical damage to those stunned by it.

4. Fae Dragon Ashe

YouTube video
  • Release date: Octobor 01, 2020
  • Price: 1350 RP

Encountering the Fae Dragon, the giant creature realizes Ashe’s true powers, becoming devoted to her. Ashe wears a light cyan dress with accessories that references the Fae Dragon. Her black hair and her Far Dragon wings on her back make her especially beautiful. Powered by the Fae Dragon, Ashe shoots an arrow at her target that causes her dragon to growl whenever it lands.

Ashe’s Q generates the green dragon aura around its bow, shooting multiple arrows at once. Enemies that are hit by it are marked with green grass around underneath them that slows them down. Her W sends a hail of arrows mixed with purple and cyan. The trail they leave behind is combined with leaves.  Ashe sends an adorable flying dragon with her E, revealing an area in its path.

Ashe uses her ultimate ability to send a giant arrow across the map. The two Fae Dragon’s follow ashe’s will and fly around the shooting arrow to deal with a battle-changing impact upon landing.

5. Cosmic Queen Ashe

YouTube video
  • Release date: August 21, 2018
  • Price: 1350 RP

Ruler of the stars, Cosmic Queen Ashe, is dressed in a tight dark purple bodysuit followed with golden floating crows around her, as well as a floating blue mark above her head indicating that she is the cosmic queen. Ashe’s golden bow sends thin ice arrows that are empowered with the power of the cosmos.

Enemies hit by it can see the stars and galaxies beneath their feet. Ashe’s bow turns entirely into the color of the cosmos as it starts storming enemies with multiple arrows at a rapid pace. Her W sends a volley of cosmic arrows in a wide area. Her E sends a cosmic bird, purple, that shatters into stars; those stars shape the bird itself when they line together.

Ashe sends a cosmic arrow powered by the stars, each tip of the arrow is aligned with a start that shapes it. Those unfortunate enough to get hit by it are sent to their doom.

6. Championship Ashe

YouTube video
  • Release date: September 12, 2017
  • Price: 1350 RP (Legacy content)

Celebrating the 2017 Worlds Championship, Ashe is majestically dressed in a champion’s blue outfit and a golden crown on her head. Her blond hair flows through the wind along her white cape. Ashe uses ice arrows to hunt down her enemies, the powers channel at the tips as the arrow’s body turns bright blue. Her Q sends small dots of multiple colorful arrows at a rapid pace. Her W shoots a stream of arrows at the same time, covering a wide space. Ashe’s E sends a bat-like winged bird to reveal a target location.

Ashe’s R shoots a sizeable golden arrow filled with ice magic—stunning the target it hit and slowing everyone near the impact.

7. Heartseeker Ashe

YouTube video
  • Release date: February 14, 2014
  • Price: 975 RP (Legacy content)

Celebrating valentine’s day, Ashe is wearing a cute red heart-shaped short dress. Having tiny red hair on her silver twirling hair as an accessory, she uses her bow to charm those who defy her. Ashe sends golden tipped arrows with red bodies to an enemy, leaving a trail of hearts behind each arrow.

Activating her Q makes her bow glow pink, shooting multiple arrows in a very fast manner, each arrow creating hearts around it. Her W sends a volley of white arrows tipped this time, with sparkling stars generating behind them. Her E sends an ice bird that shatters into red roses, revealing a target location that Ashe has chosen.

Ashe’ R sends a sizeable red arrow with a heart-shaped tipped, charming enemies hit by, exploding into a pink shroud of hearts.

8. Amethyst Ashe

YouTube video
  • Release date: November 15, 2011
  • Price: 975 RP

Cutting her hair short, Ashe covers one of her eyes with her long silver bangs. Ashe wears a darkish purple cape and a dress mixed with purple and yellow colors. Each arrow that Ashe shoots becomes overflowing with dark ice energy slowing down its target.

After hitting a target five times, Ashe increases her attack speed and starts shooting a barrage of purple arrows with her Q. Her W sends multiple sparkling arrows in a volley to block enemies from running away or engaging on her. Her E sends a white bird that shatters into white and black feathers, revealing a wide radius of an area on the map.

Finally, Ashe sends a sharp-edged purple arrow, large enough to strike down an enormous beast and freeze them to death!

9. Sherwood Forest Ashe

YouTube video
  • Release date: April 08, 2010
  • Price: 520 RP

Ashe protects the weak and steals from the rich, becoming a thief and a rouge. Dressed in a green hood with a pointy cape, Ashe spots her enemies with her green eyes as her golden hair blows along with the wind. Ashe channels her inner ice magic through her wooden bow and shoots arrows filled with green energy made from her magical powers. Ashe’s W shoots a volley of arrows to hit multiple targets at the same time. Her E sends her friendly ice bird companion to reveal the locations of those who try to hunt her down or those who Ashe tries to get to.

Ashe shoots a large cyan arrow that travels endlessly across the map until it hits a target. Upon impact, the target is stunned, and the enemies around are slowed. The longer it travels, the longer they get stunned.

10. Marauder Ashe

YouTube video
  • Release date: February 17, 2015
  • Price: 750 RP

Dressed as a brutal warrior, Ashe is fully covered with steel armor and a helmet. Having sharp edges indicates her menacing sides. A red cape behind her back represents her empire. Ashe uses her ice magic to shoot ice arrows with her steel bow. Her W spreads multiple arrows in different directions at the front, allowing her to damage and slow down multiple targets at once. Her E summons an ice bird that flies across the lands, revealing everything in its path.

Channeling all her ice powers into one arrow, Ashes shoots a large frozen arrow through her bow towards her target.

11. Wood Ashe

YouTube video
  • Release date: July 18, 2010
  • Price: 520 RP

Ashe is one of the wood bandits, hunting down enemies and looting travelers. Her brown hair and green eyes show her beauty, but her bow shows something lethal. Ashe wears leather armor as her skin has blue markings of her tribe. She attacks whatever stands in her way with her ice magic.

Her Q can be activated after attacking five times in a row, causing her to increase the speed of her attacks significantly. Her W sends volley or frozen arrows in front of her, dealing damage to multiple targets. Ashe’s bird scouts the woods with her E, revealing everything and alarming her if an enemy is spotted.

Her Ultimate launches a giant ice arrow slowly, traveling vast distances until it hits a target. Target hit is stunned for a certain time and dealt magic damage to.

12. Queen Ashe

YouTube video
  • Release date: September 21, 2010
  • Price: 975 RP (Legacy content)

Even though Ashe is one of the queens of Frejlord, she still insists on fighting the darkness consuming the lands. Wearing an elegant blue dress and a golden crown on her blue hair, Ashe uses her ice bow to protect her people. All arrows shot from her bow turn into ice, storing magical powers that freeze people and slow them down.

Ashe provides a lot of utilities for her allies; her W sends a hail of frozen arrows in front of her at once, causing different enemies to be hit. Her royal companion made of ice is sent flying into the air to scout its queen and provide information to the army.

Lastly, Ashe uses her legendary move with her R, sending a sizeable royal arrow towards her rivals. Striking them with ease as they freeze in their spot from the arrow’s impact.

13. Freljord Ashe

YouTube video
  • Release date: November 20, 2009
  • Price: 520 RP (Legacy content)

She is dressed in a white cape, her silver-blonde hair twirls underneath her cheeks. Her short white dress lets her stand out along the golden lines on her outfit. All that Ashe needs is one arrow to give herself an edge. Her frozen bow gives her arrows special power that slows down her enemies, followed by her Q, which activates inner strength inside her bow; she starts shooting arrows at a rapid speed, enemies hit will get freezing effects on them.

Her W sends a volley of ice arrows before her, dealing physical damage to her enemy.  Once her E is ready to be used, Ashe keeps herself on guard by scouting the map for any incoming flankers, revealing them for her allies as well.

Lastly, Ashe aids herself or her allies by shooting her largest icy arrow. Blue particles grow as it floats in the air. Once the arrow reaches a target, it shatters and freezes the poor soul caught by it.

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