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Buy Real Media Customer Reviews

“Take a look at this in depth Buy Real Media review and find out if this renowned agency is good enough to purchase social signals or not.”

The internet these days is filled with social media growth sites. Look around, and you’ll find dozens of them in a single Google search. However, not all of these websites provide the required level of quality, authenticity, and customer care.

Buy Real Media is an agency whose name always pops up when it comes to social media growth agencies. Now, the question is, is this company good enough for an ordinary Joe to buy social signals? Or is it just another wolf in sheep’s hide? We’ll find the answers to these questions in this detailed Buy Real Media review.

Since its origin in 2011, and re-launch in 2018, this website has been providing services for quite some time now. These guys claim that all their services are legit and that every social signal they provide is 100% authentic. But let’s not get swayed by this claim and see what Buy Real Media has actually in store for us.

TL; DR – Short Review

Recently I got the chance to try one of Buy Real Media’s services. I wasn’t getting enough views on my YouTube channel, so I purchased them from this website. The results, I would say, were quite satisfying.

My channel’s watch time hours improved along with likes, shares, and comments. Also, the content’s reach was boosted significantly, which attracted new subscribers to the channel. Overall, the experience was satisfactory and, in my opinion, Buy Real Media is a worthy site.

What is Buy Real Media?

At its core, Buy Real Media is a social media growth company. They provide a wide range of services for some of the biggest and most renowned social media platforms. For instance, you can purchase social signals for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

They aim to help people expand their social networks and command fame by enhancing their social proof. When you buy social signals, you make your profile stand out from the competition, giving you leverage.

What separates this website from others is that these guys take the good old-fashioned manual approach for sourcing social signals. They do not automate the process like other sellers and secure the social signals only from real and active accounts.

Purchasing social signals from Buy Real Media is also quite easy. Just choose the social signal, select the quantity, add the URL where you want it, and let these guys do their thing. With their secure payment methods and attention to privacy, you can purchase any of their services with complete confidence.

Buy Real Media Services and Pricing

Buy Real Media Services and Pricing

Some of the most popular services that I glanced through while documenting this review are given as follows:

Instagram Services

Buy Real Media takes special pride in providing high-quality social signals for Instagram. They provide Instagram likes, followers, views, impressions, saves, mentions, comment replies, comments, profile visits, post reach, and story poll votes.

Some of their prominent packages for Instagram include:

  • Instagram views: 1000 views for $12 and 5000 views for $49
  • Instagram likes: 1000 likes for $20 and 5000 likes for $95
  • Instagram followers: 1000 followers for $20 and 5000 followers for $95

TikTok Services

For TikTok, these guys cover all the salient signals like followers, likes, views, shares, and comments. Their prominent TikTok packages are:

  • TikTok views: 1000 views for $3 and 5000 views for $12
  • TikTok comments: 500 comments for $53 and 1000 comments for $100
  • TikTok followers: 1000 followers for $39 and 5000 followers for $189

YouTube Services

You can purchase the views, subscribers, likes, favorites, shares, watch time hours, dislikes, and comments, from Buy Real Media. Their primes YouTube packages are:

  • YouTube shares: 1000 shares for $17 and 5000 likes for $75
  • YouTube views: 1000 views for $16 and 10,000 for $156
  • YouTube subscribers: 500 subscribers for $89 and 1000 subscribers for $178

Spotify Services

Give your Spotify tracks a boost by purchasing authentic plays, followers, saves, monthly listeners, and pre-saves. And all of these services are quite affordable too, you know:

  • Spotify track plays: 5000 plays for $21 and 10,000 plays for $41
  • Spotify followers: 1000 followers for $17 and 5000 followers for $79
  • Spotify saves: 1000 saves for $9 and 5000 saves for $30

Discord Services

If you’re a Discord user, you would understand the importance of members in a server. Fortunately, Buy Real Media provides 100% legit discord members that can boost the engagement of your server. Get your first 500 Discord members for just $32. You can purchase this package again or move to a bigger one to suffice your needs.

Why Buy Real Media Better Than Others?

Why Buy Real Media Better Than Others

In my opinion, the following features make Buy Real Media a better option than other sellers in the market.

100% Authentic Services

First and foremost, it’s their 100% legit and authentic services that make them stand out. These guys ensure that all their services are sourced from real people with active accounts on the platform. No wonder their social signals improve the organic reach and growth so quickly.

On-Time Delivery

These guys promise a realistic delivery time for their services and complete the order with time to spare. Instead of promising ultra-fast delivery, Buy Real Media delivers social signals at a natural peace to maintain discretion.

Wide Variety of Services

Their services are vast enough to meet all your social media needs. Think of a social signal, and I’m pretty sure these guys would have it. From Instagram likes to SoundCloud plays, this website has every social proof that any average guy might need.

Good Customer Support

Their customer support team is filled with experts who are always ready to offer a helping hand. These guys are always there to answer your questions and help you find the perfect service package. You can rely on them for any support you might need.

Fast Delivery

These guys always try their best to deliver the social signals as fast as possible. However, they never provide too many signals too soon because it can cause damage to a profile. Their fast delivery is just fast enough to boost your account without causing any trouble.

Targeted Services

The most effective social signals are the ones that come from different regions and improve your profile organically. That’s precisely why Buy Real Media provides country-targeted services. You can buy many of its services from countries like India, Russia, Europe, Egypt, etc.

Buy Real Media: The Good and The Bad.

If we talk about the pros and cons of Buy Real Media, here are some things that really impressed me:

  • Variety of services covering all the major social media platforms
  • Assurance of delivering legit and safe social signals from real accounts
  • Rock bottom prices for services packages
  • Money back guarantee with no hidden terms and conditions
  • Phenomenal customer support
  • A decade-old legacy in the market

The only thing that disappointed me was that this site offers no free trial for any of its services. Had it been the case, it would’ve made things a lot easier for the people purchasing social signals for the first time.

Buy Real Media Customer Reviews

Buy Real Media Customer Reviews

Now, at this point, some of you might say, why do I have to take this guy’s word for granted?

Well, if that’s the case, then perhaps you might believe the words of other buyers. You can visit Buy Real Media’s any service page or check out Sitejabber to read their customer reviews.

Even I read their customer reviews before placing an order, and all of them were words of appreciation. Especially their Sitejabber page is filled with words like legit service, best price, extremely satisfied, etc.


Is Buy Real Media Real?

Yes! Buy Real Media is an authentic social media growth website that’s been around since 2011. They are well renowned in the market and have an extensive client trial as well.

Is it Safe to Buy from Buy Real Media?

Yes! It’s safe to purchase services from Buy Real Media. They deliver 100% legit social signals using the drip-feeding approach, maintaining audacity.

Does Buy Real Media Require Any Password?

No! Buy Real Media doesn’t require its customers to enter any kind of password on the website.

What are the Payment Options Available?

Buy Real Media has integrated all the trusted payment methods. You can pay through credit card, Stripe, or cryptocurrency.


Tracking a legitimate social media growth website is difficult in this day and age. But it’s not like you can give up purchasing social signals for fear of getting scammed. In such conditions, Buy Real Media is a ray of hope for desperate souls.

These guys have a long history of providing 100% authentic services to their clients while ensuring safety and discretion. Their dedication to quality and affordability is simply unpatrolled. Not to forget their rock bottom prices that make it easy for even rookies to purchase social signals.

In the end, I would say that Buy Real Media is the real deal and its promotion services are worth every penny. Feel free to check out their customer reviews and decide for yourself.

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