How To Cross Out Text In Discord (With Strikethrough)

How To Cross Out Text In Discord

Discord is a free chat platform that allows you to customize features and upload your themes. It’s also a great place to communicate with other gamers, such as players from the games you play. If you’ve never used it before, it is an opportunity for you to learn some new skills.

The cross-out feature on your messages is just one of the many customization options Discord provides. With this guide, you’ll learn to cross our text on your channel’s messages.

1. Using Markdown

If you want to cross out text, you will need to strikethrough it.

To do this,

Step 1: Press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard. The key is in the top-left corner of a standard physical keyboard.

punctuation menus

Step 2: Navigate to your keyboard’s punctuation menus on your device.


Step 3: Select the text you want to cross out and tap on “Strikethrough” from the menu that appears. A red box appears over your text with an X through it, showing that it has been deleted from Discord.

To strikethrough your text,

  • Ensure that your message is preceded and followed by two tildes. For example, “~~[your text goes here]~~” becomes “[your text goes here],” struck through.
  • Hold down Shift and then press the Tilde key.
  •  When you’re done striking out your text, click anywhere outside any text that’s been struck through.
  •  Apple’s iPhone and Android’s keyboards both have the tilde key.

Besides using tildes, Apple’s keyboard has a curved key called a Cmd key (case sensitive). This is accessible by holding down Cmd on Windows or Command on MacOS/iOS devices.

2. Using The Context Menu

You can use the context menu if you are using the desktop version or browser version of Discord. Accessing a context menu through the desktop or browser version of Discord is only possible. The context menu items behave per their name, which implies they can be used to perform context-specific tasks.

For example, if you want to delete a line of text from your message, right-click on the text and select “Delete” from the context menu. You will then be prompted for confirmation before your text is deleted from Discord.

The exact process works for changing font size and color as well. If you want to change font color or size, right-click on any text in your message and select “Change Font Size” or “Change Font Color” from the dropdown menu that appears above where your cursor is located when using that particular feature.

YouTube video

Here’s how to cross out text in Discord using the context menu:

Step 1: Make a note of the text that you want to format.

Step 2: You can highlight the message and move your mouse over it until a small black bar appears.

Step 3: Select ‘S’ from the list of Discord shortcuts to strikethrough/cross out text.

Step 4: You can click on ‘B’ to bold, ‘I’ to italicize, and ‘U’ to underline the text.

3. Cross Out Text In Discord With Strikethrough?

The Strikethrough command is a feature that allows you to cross out text in Discord. This is great for those who have sensitive conversations with other players. It also works for voice channel messages, which can be helpful if you don’t want people to know what you’re talking about.

Text can be crossed out by using Tildes (~). This is the only method in Discord for striking through messages and text.

Step 1: Open the Discord client and click on the text you want to cross out.

Step 2: Place two tildes in front and back to cross out your text. For example:

Open the Discord client

Step 3: ~~ There’s something wrong with you~~ (You will write this)

Step 4: Click anywhere outside the text you want to change and select “Delete.”


Q: Is It Possible To Cross Out Multiple Characters At Once?

Yes, you can use the Discord app to cross out text. This is especially useful if you have multiple channels where your team posts content and each member has their channel. You can easily cross out all the text in each medium by using the same method for each one of them.

Q: Can I Cross Out Text In Someone Else’s Message?

No. It is impossible to edit someone’s message, even as the server owner. This is because there are two kinds of statements: private and public. When you send a message to someone, it becomes a private message for that user only and can only be seen by them. However, you can click on the three vertical dots next to the message if you don’t like it or insert an emoji reaction.

Bottom Line

Designers have long used the simple, straightforward cross-out technique in their work to convey the removal or cancellation of text. It serves to highlight information, and it helps to show how information has changed. And the cross-out symbol is a simple, tried-and-true way to get those points across—without having to erase or redact any text.

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