How to Get YouTube Red for Free on iPhone

How to Get YouTube Red for Free on iPhone

YouTube Red is the latest addition to the YouTube list of features. However, YouTube Red is a premium feature because you have to pay a monthly subscription to access it. You can use the newest feature addition to remove ads when streaming videos on the platform, among other benefits. Here is how to get YouTube Red for free on iPhone.

YouTube is the top-ranking video streaming platform owing to its more than 2 billion active monthly subscribers. You can stream videos on the platform ranging from educational, inspirational, or entertaining content. YouTube offers users a free subscription package to stream videos, but users endure frequent ads interrupting their streaming experience.

YouTube Red is one of the latest feature rollouts on the YouTube video streaming platform. YouTube Red is a monthly subscription feature that does away with the constant advertisements while streaming video/music content on YouTube. However, you can use an innovative method to bypass the motley subscription fee and enjoy streaming videos on YouTube. Here is how to get YouTube red for free on iPhone.

What is YouTube Red?

What is YouTube Red

Let us first explore the YouTube Red feature before exploring how you can enjoy it for free on your iPhone or iPad. YouTube Red is a premium service on YouTube video streaming service that only paying users can access ever since November 14, 2014. The YouTube Red service enables subscribers to access premium features such as streaming content on the platform without ads, downloading/saving content to watch when offline, and playing music in the background even when the YouTube app is not running on your device.

How much is the YouTube Red subscription fee?

How much is the YouTube Red subscription fee

You must pay a subscription fee of $ 9.99 monthly before accessing the YouTube Red premium service. The YouTube Red subscription fee may vary depending on location and streaming device. The monthly subscription fee can be challenging if you are on a budget, but you can use the methods below to access the YouTube Red premium service for free on your iOS device.

Procedures for getting YouTube Red for free on iOS

You can use the procedures below to access the YouTube Red premium service for free on your iOS devices. Read the text below carefully before selecting a process that best suits your device.

Method 1: Subscribe to the YouTube Red Free Trial

YouTube Red Free Trial

You can follow the steps below to use the Free Trial method to access the YouTube premium service on your device.

Step 1: Create a Google account on your iOS if you do not have one linked to your device.

Step 2: Go to the Apple Store and download the YouTube app before installing it. You can authenticate the download using Touch ID, Apple ID password, or Face ID on your iOS device.

Step 3: Launch the YouTube app before tapping on the avatar icon at the top right of your screen.

Step 4: Locate the Sign in option before tapping on it. Proceed to tap on the Add Account option before entering credentials for the Google account on your device. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Sign in process on your YouTube app.

Step 5: Tap the avatar icon at the top right corner of your screen again before tapping on the Switch to YouTube Premium option. Ensure you tap on the try it for free option before confirming your purchase with Touch ID, Apple ID password, or Face ID.

Step 6: Wait for the Free Trial billing message before canceling your subscription.

Step 7: You can cancel your subscription by navigating to the Apple ID section before tapping the Subscription option.

Step 8: Locate the YouTube Premium option and tap on it. Proceed to tap the Cancel Trial option to complete the cancelation process.

Step 9: Create a new Google account and repeat the above process to access YouTube Premium for free.

Method 2: JailBreak using YouTube++

You can follow the steps below to jailbreak your iOS device and use the YouTube Premium service for free.

Step 1: The jailbreak method only works for devices running iOS version 9.0 or below. You can jailbreak your iOS device using the Pangu Jailbreak tool before proceeding with the steps below.

Step 2: Download and install the YouTube ++ tweak tool from the Cydia cloud platform.

YouTube ++ tweak tool

Step 3: Launch the YouTube app on your device before navigating to the Settings option from the main menu.

Step 4: The next step is tapping the Preferences option and tweaking the YouTube++ settings according to your preferences.

tapping the Preferences

Step 5: You can now access some YouTube Premium services, such as ad-free playback, offline playback, and background audio features.

Method 3: YouTube Converter app

YouTube Converter by Softorino

YouTube Converter is a third-party app you can install on your iOS device like any other iOS app. You can use this method if your iOS device runs version 9.1 or above. However, it is essential to note that the third-party app only allows you to download and save content from YouTube. The YouTube Converter app is the ideal to-go tool to download your preferred YouTube content and watch it later when your iOS device is offline.

You can get the third-party app by searching for YouTube Converter by Softorino and installing the app from a trusted source. However, you can use alternative third-party apps to get similar results on your iPhone. You can opt for alternative third-party apps like Bulk Media Downloader, Airy YouTube Downloader, and the 392.Youtube-dl.Free application.

The YouTube Converter by Softorino is by far one of the most efficient tools to use because it requires you to only copy the URL of a YouTube video before launching the app and tapping on the download button.


Streaming videos/audio on YouTube can be frustrating, with digital advertisements popping up everywhere/anytime on the video streaming platform. The YouTube Premium service solves such issues by doing away with the hurdles while streaming content on YouTube. However, the YouTube Premium service is $ 9.99 per month and can be a challenge if you are on a budget. You can utilize the above solutions to access the YouTube Premium service for free on your iPhone.

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