6 Ways to Make Gunpowder in Minecraft 1.19

Make Gunpowder in Minecraft

While it’s impossible to craft gunpowder in Minecraft, there are multiple ways of earning it. From killing creepers to looting chests and building a gunpowder farm. But if you are a beginner in this game (Minecraft), you might feel lost when trying to get the gunpowder. This guide will tell you how to get gunpowder in Minecraft differently.

1. Killing Creepers

Killing Creepers

The easiest way to get gunpowder is by killing creepers. Besides, they are the primary source of gunpowder in Minecraft. They are widespread, and you can find them almost everywhere. However, creepers are frightening because they can sneak up behind you quietly and explode. Creepers target to kill unwary players; when they explode by themselves, you will not get any gunpowder.

The trick is to kill it before it explodes, and you will earn 1-2 pieces of gunpowder. The amount of gunpowder dropped by creepers increases with the game’s difficulty setting. When killing creepers, use a weapon that has a Looting enchantment to increase your chances of getting more than one gunpowder item.

2. Killing Witches

Killing Witches

Witch hut is another source of plenty of gunpowder when playing Minecraft. When struck accordingly, witches can drop upto six gunpowder pieces. Furthermore, you can earn upto 15 pieces of gunpowder if you use looting enchant and the witches die in your hands.

You need to find witch huts to get witches. It is easier to recognize them as they live in a wooden house near swamps surroundings.

To kill witches easily, go for witches in villages or other settlements and use bows and arrows. With the bow drawn sufficiently before firing it, three shots of arrows will be enough to finish off the witch. But remember, witches can throw hurtful portions toward you and drink health potions that rejuvenate them to drag the fight. Therefore, be prepared!

3. Killing Ghats

Killing Ghats

Ghats are not easy to kill! They are complicated, dangerous, and difficult to defeat; they can throw fireballs from 16 blocks away. Besides, they’re gigantic monsters with hanging tentacles flying via the Nether.

Even so, it’s worth hunting them down. In addition to collecting gunpowder in the same quantity as creepers, you’ll also earn Ghats tears, a useful item in making potions. Utilize the Looting enchantment to increase your collections.

To hunt and kill the Ghats:

  • Use blocks of obsidian and fire to make a portal to the Nether. But before you access the portal, make a diamond armor, bow, and arrows.
  • Create a glass barrier before you start hunting Ghats. The barrier will protect you from the dangerous fireballs launched by these creatures.
  • Use bow and arrows to attack Ghats. If you fire three intense shots, you can eliminate a Ghat.
  • As you are attacking it, set yourself behind the glass barrier to shield yourself from the fireballs released by the creatures. Alternatively, you can dodge the attacks by running away.
  • Do not try to kill Ghats standing on the lava blocks. This is because if gunpowder falls on the blocks, you won’t be able to collect it. Instead, try to shoot Ghats flying away from the lava blocks.

4. Looting Chests

Looting Chests minecraft

Particular places in Minecraft have gunpowder on the chests. You can earn from 1-8 gunpowder pieces by looting these chests. However, you must be specific when hunting for gunpowder on them. Here are particular areas to look at:

  • Desert Temple: There are 57.8% chances of finding gunpowder in the Desert Temple chests. You can earn 1-8 gunpowder from this area.
  • Woodland mansions: It offers a 57.8% chance of getting gunpowder. The woodland mansion chests can have up to 8 gunpowder pieces.
  • Dungeons (Spawners): The probability of earning gunpowder from these chests is 57.8%. The maximum number of gunpowder pieces you can get from them is 8.
  • Shipwrecks: These can offer 1-5 gunpowder pieces in their chests. However, there is a low likelihood of spawning; the probability is 20.8%.

5. Trading with Wandering Merchants

Trading with Wandering Merchants

You can earn gunpowder in Minecraft through trading with wandering merchants. To get the gunpowder, offer Emeralds to traders in exchange for gunpowder. The wandering traders are easy to come by when playing the game. However, the chances of the traders trading gunpowder for Emeralds are low. Even so, it’s worth a try!

6. Build a Gunpowder Farm

Build a Gunpowder Farm

Constructing a gunpowder farm (Creeper farm) is Minecraft’s most reliable method of collecting gunpowder. The gunpowder farm is a simple farm with many trapdoors and a dark setting. With proper construction, creeper farms can earn you thousands of pieces of gunpowder quickly.


Gunpowder comes in handy when you want to craft different items such as Rockets, Potions, & TNT while plain Minecraft. Unfortunately, you cannot craft the gunpowder, but you can earn it from the platform. There are many avenues for making gunpowder in Minecraft. They include killing creepers, witches, and Ghats. Besides, you can also get gunpowder by looting chests, trading with wandering merchants, and building a gunpowder farm.

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