How to Reset a Nintendo Switch [Soft & Factory ]

How to Reset a Nintendo Switch

Has your Nintendo Switch been misbehaving of late; game freezes or sluggish gameplay? In this post, we’ll discuss how to reset a Nintendo Switch so that you have a smoother gaming experience or better yet, donate or resell the console. Read on for the details……

Soft Reset Nintendo Switch

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If your Nintendo Switch shows signs of reduced performance during gameplay, a soft reset could sort the problem. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Long press the power button on your console. From the power options that appear on the screen, select Turn Off.

Step 2: Lunch the maintenance mode by pressing the following buttons concurrently: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button

Step 3: From the screen options, select Initialize Console without Deleting Save Data.

Step 4: Click Ok to confirm your selection.

Wait a few minutes for the soft reset to finish before you can restart your console again. The simple operation should be able to reset your console and undo most of the glitches that may have impaired your Switch’s gaming performance.

Factory Reset a Nintendo Switch

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To undertake a hard reset or factory reset on your Switch, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Click on Settings on the home screen of the Nintendo Switch

Step 2: On the left menu, click on the System and then scroll down and then tap on Formatting Options

Step 3: Select Initialize Console, and then on the next screen, click Ok.

Your Switch console will begin formatting all the data and revert to default factory settings. The process normally takes around three to five minutes. However, in some cases, it might take a little longer to complete.

Format a Nintendo Switch Using Maintenance Mode

Besides using the settings menu, it is also possible to factory reset your Nintendo Switch using Maintenance Mode. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Begin by long-pressing the power button, and then from the on-screen power options, select Turn off

Step 2: Launch the maintenance mode by simultaneously pressing these buttons: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button

Step 3: From the screen options, select Initialize Console and then tap Continue

Wait a few seconds for the factory reset operation to run to completion.

Reset Nintendo Switch without Password

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You can reset your Switch console without doing it via the menu option or maintenance mode. This whole operation can be done without entering your password or username. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Long press the power button, and then from the menu options, select Turn Off.

Step 2: Once the console is off, press the power button for about 15 seconds. This operation will factory reset your console without compromising your game saves.

Step 3: After the 15-second press on the power button, allow 10 seconds for the formatting to complete, then press the power button again to restart your Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Reset Menu Options

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Before you opt for a complete Nintendo Switch reset, you might want to consider some menu options that may very well refresh the console and fix any glitches that may be affecting you’re the performance of your console during gameplay. Some of these options include:

Reset Keyboard

The console keyboard makes for easy searches of your favorite game titles. It supports predictive word typing, in which case you will be provided with word suggestions based on your search history. That way, you get to save time. By doing a keyboard reset, you’ll be able to clear all the predictive text suggestions to have a fresh start.

Reset Cache

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The reset cache option clears the entire browsing data from your Nintendo Switch. Among other options, you’ll lose your saved passwords for the Switch browser history.

Format MicroSD Card

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If you’re using a MicroSD card to expand the game memory on your Nintendo Switch, formatting may very well improve the performance of your console.

Initialize Console

Initialize Console

By initializing your Nintendo Switch, you will lose all your game data, including screenshots, passwords & usernames, game data system updates, and web browser history. In addition, your game system settings, including parental controls, will revert to their default. However, initializing your console won’t affect your Nintendo user account linked to online services such as Nintendo e-Shop.

How Long Does It Take To Reset A Nintendo Switch?

It takes around 15 seconds on average to reset a Nintendo switch. However, in some instances, the operation may take up to 20 seconds to complete.


Resetting your Nintendo Switch improves not only the overall performance of your console but also repairs other system flaws that may have developed over time. With that being said, we wrap up this post on how to reset a Nintendo Switch. I hope you found the article very useful. If you have any queries or suggestions, drop them in the comments section below.

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