How to Start a Business if You’re a Liberal Arts Major

How to Start a Business if You’re a Liberal Arts Major

So, you recently graduated from college with a liberal arts major and realized that you wanted to… build a business! Nowadays, more and more people choose this path, which is not surprising.

As your company’s founder, you open your potential to the fullest, embody the most daring ideas and determine your own path!

Some believe that all this is easier with a business or STEM major. Still, there are definitely no boundaries in the modern world. The main thing is to know your strengths and move towards the goal. And, of course, manage it all thanks to the online paper writing service PaperWriter, which is irreplaceable in this hectic world. But still, how can one do it? Read on to find out!

1. Realize Your Passions

Realize Your Passions

Let’s imagine that you graduated in Psychology, Philosophy, or English, but you see yourself working in the digital world or being an online store owner. In fact, the main thing that liberal arts major gives you is skills! And they include creative and critical thinking, oral and written communication as well as flexibility.

Thus, English majors can start a copywriting agency. Psychology graduates can create useful guides and courses for mental health awareness and then distribute them on their websites. Sociology majors may pursue a PR and branding career. And if you studied art history, why not organize tours of world museums and galleries, publish an online magazine or promote young creators?

Try to see how your passion is connected with your theoretical knowledge base and skills, and combine them wisely. Then, you will have enough energy to keep your business running while on the holiday season or when your hands are absolutely full. As Confucius said, choose a job you love and never have to work a day in your life.

2. Embrace Your Communication Skills

Liberal arts majors usually have a wide experience in communication, be it in school discussions, presentations, and events. Not to mention the writing skills you’ve improved by working on a ton of papers. And you will certainly use this baggage!

You need to find out the pitfalls of a particular field, so look for specialists who have achieved success in it and reach out to them. Yes, everyone is quite busy now, but chances are there, there will be someone willing to meet you for coffee to discuss their experience.

In addition, openness will be useful for you to find your first customers. Anyone can become them, from classmates and friends to old acquaintances or a barista from your favorite cafe. The key is to build an attractive image from the very beginning! The same goes for future employees – you can find a talented specialist anywhere, be it a groupmate meeting or yoga classes.

Of course, we must not forget about your media presence. If you’re a great writer, use storytelling techniques to communicate who you are, your values, and your ultimate goal. Surely, these days, the focus is on short videos, but if the text is captivating from the first words, the readers will be intrigued!

3. Make Sure Your Idea Is Unique

Whatever idea you choose, make sure it has no analogs. Show your imagination, and don’t be afraid to go beyond the usual. Whether you found a social media marketing agency, an event planning organization, or a platform for astrology readings, you need to hook the client with something no one else has!

4. Create A Business Plan

Well, here’s when the most serious steps begin. At this stage, you have to calculate the operating costs. This is necessary in order to predict how much money you need to produce a product or provide a service, including transportation, taxes, employee salaries, rent, etc. Knowing your operating expenses can determine whether your business will stay afloat.

5. Study The Market

Creativity and courage are amazing qualities…as long as they go hand in hand with realism! How many people will buy your product or service? How much can they pay? Who exactly will you contact, and why should they choose you?

6. Analyze The Risks

Analyze The Risks

Think in advance of all the problems that you may encounter when developing your business.

Assess your competitors: if their market share is overly large and their products are overwhelmingly popular, it will be difficult for you to enter the market. Basically, if an excellent product or service already exists, people are unlikely to buy something similar for the same or higher price.

7. Move On To Marketing Campaigns

The basic rule of marketing is to be where your customer is! Fortunately, targeting and analytics always help you figure this out.

Of course, the most effective channels today include events, digital ads, SEO, newsletters, social media, influencer marketing, and word of mouth. Never underestimate the power of marketing: better outsource other tasks (to a paper writing service, for instance), but make the strategy really brilliant. Plus, attend conferences and exhibitions of companies that produce products or services related to yours.

Ask your friends and acquaintances to introduce you to people who can be useful to the business. This interaction is vital for startups since a business cannot develop in a vacuum.

8. Take Advantage Of Crowdfunding

If your startup capital is not enough, and you are not yet ready to take out bank loans, look at fundraising websites. They have several pros. First, you don’t have to pay interest on the amount received.

Second, will stay in touch not only with people enthusiastic about your business but also form a client base. Finally, isn’t it perfect to be supported by hundreds (and later thousands) of customers?

9. Ensure Your Receive Payments On Time

Ensure Your Receive Payments On Time

If you are only starting your business, it may be hard for you to say “no” and be tough when it needs to be. But otherwise, people will just sit on your neck. Therefore, demand payment in strictly defined terms and don’t delay with invoicing.

If a customer is late with a payment, bring it to their attention. You surely don’t want your business to collapse because of irresponsible people.

To Wrap It Up

Perhaps the most essential rule when founding a company is to be patient. Remember that success doesn’t come overnight. It will take some time before you get a plus and start making real money.

And last but certainly not least, learn to build the right priorities. Owning a business is very time-consuming. Even if you have planned an evening with family and friends, you may have to leave early due to unexpected troubles or simple fatigue. We hope that your loved ones will understand you and you will avoid burnout. Good luck!

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