How many People Blocked me on Twitter [Quick Check]

How many People Blocked me on Twitter

Have you ever wondered how many people have blocked you on Twitter? It can be disheartening to realize that someone has completely shut you out from their online world. But fear not; there are ways to discover how many people have blocked you on the popular social media platform.

Users can communicate and establish connections with others on the Twitter platform through tweets and messages. It is a known fact that only some get along on the internet, and occasionally, arguments or disputes can result in one person blocking another. Even though it’s hard to tell who has blocked you on Twitter, there are a few ways to estimate the number of people who have decided to keep you out of their online presence.

Your curiosity might get the better of you, and you start to wonder how many people on Twitter have blocked you. Discovering who has blocked you can be an intriguing and illuminating experience, whether out of curiosity or a desire to enhance your online interactions. This article will explain how to find out how many people on Twitter have blocked you and offer some explanations for why someone might decide to block someone else.

How to tell if someone blocked you on Twitter

All social media sites, including Twitter, now have the blocking feature. Unfortunately, Twitter never tells you or makes it clear when and who blocked you. That does not imply, however, that you cannot see who blocked you. On Twitter, you can manually check if someone has blocked you in a few different ways. Though it might take some time, you can tell immediately if you are trying to find a particular user.

Someone blocked you on Twitter

Step 1: Visit their profile

Using the search function is the first option. Use Twitter’s search bar to look for a particular person. Place an asterisk next to the name of the user. When you attempt to search for the tweets of the person who has blocked you on their profile, you will encounter an error message stating, “This user’s tweets are protected.” This indicates the user has blocked you, so you cannot view their tweets.

Step 2: Check their follower list

Examining their list of followers is another method to determine if someone has blocked you. It indicates that the person has either blocked you or has their account set to private if you cannot see their followers.

Step 3: Try to follow them

The best way to find out if someone has blocked you on Twitter is to try to follow them. You have been blocked if you receive an error message stating, “You are not authorized to view this user’s tweets.”

In conclusion, a few alternative solutions are needed to view who has blocked you on Twitter. Making a new account and attempting to follow the person who blocked you is the most effective way to accomplish this. If you are successful, you will understand why you were blocked. You can also look through the lists of mutual friends to assist you.

How to See How Many People Have Blocked You?

Blolook offers a simple solution for determining the number of individuals who have blocked you on social media. This external website lets you know how many people have blocked you on Twitter.

This is how it functions:

Step 1: Visit the Blolook website, then sign in with your Twitter credentials.

Visit the Blolook website

Step 2: To use Twitter, confirm that your account is authorized.

Step 3: This program will search through your account and display the total number of Twitter users who have blocked you.

Blolook is a web-based and mobile application service that is free of cost. Therefore, if you have ever been curious about someone who has blocked you, you can quickly check. However, the name of the person who blocked you remains hidden.

What Does Blocking Mean for You on Twitter?

On the social media site Twitter, users can post brief messages with up to 140 characters that contain information. Retweeting, liking, and commenting on one another’s posts are further ways to communicate on Twitter.

One of the privacy features of Twitter is blocking. What occurs on Twitter when you are blocked, then? In simple terms, you can no longer see what they are tweeting about. Both the ability to view their tweets and communicate with them on Twitter will be lost. Additionally, you cannot view comments or replies in a conversation and do not receive any notifications from their account.

How Do You Get Someone to Unblock You on Twitter?

On Twitter, there are several reasons why someone would block you. Maybe you offended them with something you said, or you were constantly spamming their mentions with @replies. A few options are available to you when attempting to unblock someone on Twitter, regardless of the reason. The following advice will help you unblock someone on Twitter:

1. Make an Attempt to Interact via a Shared Twitter Friend

Discussing it with a friend you have in common and asking them to unblock you after they’ve heard or seen what happened can be beneficial. Even if they were not there to witness everything, their perspective may differ from yours, so getting another person’s opinion can help you better understand the circumstances and decide how to proceed.

2. Communicate with the Individual Through Other Means

This can be a good action if you get along with another person. Other means of communication include phone calls, Facebook, and Instagram. Tell them why what they did was hurtful and whether you feel comfortable talking to them about it. Then, find out if there is anything they can do to make things right. When people realize how their words or actions have affected someone, they usually want to make amends and try to make things right.

Can You Know Who Blocked You on Twitter by Notification?

Blocked You on Twitter by Notification

Regretfully, you need help finding out who on Twitter has blocked you. There isn’t a notification or other way to tell on the platform that you have been blocked. This implies that the only surefire way to find out is to attempt to view the profile of the individual you believe has blocked you.

As previously stated, you may have been blocked if you cannot access their profile. There are a couple more clues that indicate the person has blocked you.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Twitter?

Go to a user’s profile and select Block by clicking the three vertical dots next to the Follow/Following button. The following occurs when you block a user.

  • Their Tweets Are Not Visible to You (Unless You Want To)

You can remove a user’s tweets from your feed by blocking them. But you may notice that they are mentioned in tweets from your followers.

  • They Cannot Be Followed.

A user you have blocked cannot follow you back, nor can you follow them. You must unblock them before you can follow them once more.

  • They Unfollow You Automatically

A user you block will automatically unfollow you back, and you will unfollow them back. You can remove blocked accounts from your list of followers on Twitter.

  • They are Unable to View Your Profile

An account you block won’t be able to view your profile. The blocked user can, however, log out of their account and view your public profile if you have a public Twitter account.

  • Your Tweets Are Not Visible to Them

Unless you specifically mention a blocked user in your tweets, they won’t see your messages when they log into their account. Remember that they can still see your tweets if they have other accounts you have not blocked.

  • They are unable to DM, Tag, or Follow You.

You can’t follow, DM, or have someone tag you in a photo when you block an account.

  • You need to be in Their Search Results.

Even if someone uses your exact name in a search, they won’t be able to find you if you block their account.

How to block someone on Twitter

It is straightforward to block a Twitter account, even though it is difficult to see who has blocked you. If you block someone on Twitter, they won’t get any notifications about your decision.

They can only learn about your actions by visiting your profile and viewing Twitter’s notification regarding your block preferences.

Check out our guide below if you want to block an account.

Step 1: Open your Twitter account and log in.

Use the search function to locate the user on Twitter that you wish to block.

Open your Twitter account and log in

Step 2: Click the three dots menu in the upper-right corner of the user profile page after it has opened.

It will open a dropdown menu as soon as you click it.

Click the three dots menu in the upper-right corner

Step 3: To block the Twitter user, click “Block @xxx”.

An alert regarding your action will appear after you click it.

block the Twitter user

The person will not be able to follow or message you after you click “Block,” and you won’t get any notifications.

Follow or message you after you click Block

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Twitter Blocking

Q. Can I Block Someone on Twitter Without Them Being Able to Tell?

It’s easy to block someone on Twitter. All you have to do is click the person icon next to the Follow button on the profile page of the person you want to block, then select “Block.” Once you take this action, Twitter will not notify the person that you have blocked her. But after that, she won’t be able to follow you on Twitter or add you to her lists on Twitter.

Q. How Can I Contact Someone Who Has Blocked Me?

Contacting the user who has blocked you on Twitter is not possible. To connect, though, you can use alternative social media sites. Additionally, you can get assistance from mutual friends on Twitter in this matter.

Q. Can Someone See If You Called Them and If They Blocked You?

You cannot contact or text someone once you have blocked them. Technically, even though the message will be sent, the recipient won’t see it.

Q. How can I tell if someone deleted their Twitter account?

If someone deactivates their account on Twitter, you won’t be able to see their tweets. If you have a particular tweet from that person you would like to look into, you can find it with a Google search. To do this, go to Google and type “put tweet here” site: If the person’s tweet appears in the search results, you can click on it to see it.

Q. Can You Leave a Message If You Are Blocked?

Text messages can be left in the chat window. However, the user can see the message once they unblock you.

Q. What Does It Mean When It Says Someone’s Tweets Aren’t Loading?

People may have blocked you or adjusted their account’s privacy settings if their tweets are not loading.

Q. When You Block Someone, Can You See If They Read Your Message?

The blocked individual won’t receive the newly delivered message. So, your message needs to be readable by them.

Q. Is There an Alternative to Blocking?

You can use different extensions like Red Block, Mirror Block, Twitter Follower Blocker, and Likers Blocker as an alternative to blocking.

Final Thoughts

Recall that the number of users who have blocked you on Twitter does not indicate your value or the caliber of your posts. Social media sites can serve as a breeding ground for dissenting viewpoints, and understandably, some users would want to block others due to disagreements or personal preferences. Put your attention toward building a robust online community, interacting with your followers, and producing insightful content.

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