9 Hottest TikTokers with Onlyfans of 2023

TikTokers with Onlyfans

With the rise of subscription-based social media platforms like Onlyfans, more and more TikTok users are joining the fan-funded platform to share exclusive posts. If you’re curious about which TikTokers are taking advantage of these new opportunities, stick around for this article as we look at some of the top accounts to follow.

The internet has completely changed the way we consume content. With platforms such as TikTok, it has become easier to find new content creators pushing boundaries and engaging with their audiences in meaningful ways. One of the most popular trends amongst TikTokers is creating an Onlyfans account to monetize their content.

If you’re unfamiliar with this type of platform, it’s a subscription-based platform where content creators can charge followers for exclusive access to their content. If you’re looking for some inspiring accounts on Onlyfans, look no further. Read on to find out exactly which accounts you should be following.

Why use TikTok to promote OnlyFans?

TikTok to promote OnlyFans

There are many reasons to use TikTok to promote OnlyFans. For one, TikTok has a large and engaged user base. With over 1 billion active users, TikTok is a powerful platform for reaching new audiences. Additionally, TikTok is a highly visual platform, which makes it ideal for showcasing content on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform that allows creators to share their content with fans for a monthly fee. OnlyFans is popular with influencers, webcam models, and other content creators who want to monetize their work. By using TikTok to promote OnlyFans, creators can reach a wider audience and generate more revenue.

TikTok is also a great way to connect with fans and build relationships. Many content creators on OnlyFans use TikTok to interact with their fans and give them a sneak of upcoming content. It helps build excitement and loyalty among fans, which can lead to more subscriptions and higher retention rates.

Using TikTok to promote OnlyFans is a great way to reach new audiences, generate more revenue, and build stronger relationships with fans.

TikTokers vs. OnlyFans

TikTokers vs. OnlyFans

If you’re not familiar with OnlyFans, it’s a social media platform allowing creators to share content with subscribers for a monthly fee. And while it’s mostly known for being a platform for adult content creators, tons of other creators use OnlyFans to share all kinds of content, from fitness and cooking to fashion and beauty.

On one side, you have TikTok: the short-form video app that’s taken the world by storm with its creative content and addictive format. On the other side, you have OnlyFans: a subscription-based service that allows creators to share explicit content with their fans.

So, which one is better? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you want funny videos and creative content, then TikTok is your platform. However, if you’re looking for something more NSFW, OnlyFans is probably a better fit.

Of course, plenty of creators on both platforms are worth following. But if you’re looking for the best of the best, here are some of the top TikTokers with OnlyFans accounts that you should be following:

1. Paige Bauer

Paige Bauer

Paige Bauer is one of the most popular TikTokers with an OnlyFans account. She has over 74k followers on TikTok and over 30k fans on OnlyFans. Her content is mostly her tattoed skin videos, but she also posts lifestyle and fishing videos.

Bauer’s account is one of the most successful on OnlyFans, as she can bring in many new subscribers with her active TikTok presence. Her OnlyFans profile is free but charges $20 for exclusive X-rated content.

2. Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is a TikTokker with an OnlyFans account. She has over 30k followers on TikTok and over 100,000 fans on OnlyFans. Bella posts videos of dancing, lip-syncing, and acting on her TikTok account. She also posts videos of herself doing makeup, hair tutorials, and fashion and beauty tips. On her OnlyFans account, Bella posts exclusive photos and videos of herself. She also offers fans exclusive access to her private OnlyFans account.

3. Jacki


Jacki has been on OnlyFans for over a year and knows how to please her fans. She regularly posts videos and photos of herself in various states of undress, often with suggestive captions. Her account is NSFW, but it’s also full of content that will make you laugh and feel good.

Jacki charges $10 per month to view her photos and videos on her OnlyFans account. If you’re looking for a fun, sexy woman to follow on OnlyFans, Jacki is the one for you.

4. Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa has over 32 million followers on TikTok and is one of the most popular content creators on the platform. She often posts videos of herself twerking and dancing in revealing outfits and images and videos from her OnlyFans account. Khalifa charges $11.99 per month for access to her OnlyFans content, which includes nude photos and videos and sexually explicit content.

5. Kaya


Kaya has over 15k followers and 60k likes on TikTok and is known for her seductive moves and relatable content. She also has an OnlyFans account, where she posts exclusive content for her fans. Her account is private, so you must pay a monthly subscription fee of $7.50 to access her content.

Her OnlyFans account has explicit content and offers her subscribers virtual sex chat, message, and talk. Plus, she’s not afraid to show off her body – which she often does on her OnlyFans account. If you’re looking for some sexy content to watch, Kaya is one of the TikTokers with OnlyFans accounts that you should follow.

6. Laureen Elizabeth

Laureen Elizabeth

Laureen Elizabeth has over 51k followers on TikTok and is known for her stunning looks and fashion sense. Her content is a mix of lifestyle and working out, focusing on body positivity and self-love. She often posts videos of herself trying out new trends, styles, and makeup looks, as well as hauls of her latest purchases. While she doesn’t post explicit content, she is not afraid to show some skin in her videos.

Laureen Elizabeth offers a variety of content types on her OnlyFans account, from lingerie shots to fully nude photos and videos. She also offers access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content, such as getting ready for photoshoots and red-carpet events. Prices for her account start at $20 per month with a 7-day free trial.

7. Coconut Kitty

Coconut Kitty

Coconut Kitty is one of the famous OnlyFans users and has over 1.3 million followers. On TikTok, she’s known for her artistic videos and sultry dance content. She also has an OnlyFans account, where she posts more risque content for her fans. Her account is $10.99/month, and she regularly posts new videos, erotic stories, and photosets for her followers.

8. Sedona Sky

Sedona Sky

sedona sky is one of the top TikTokkers with OnlyFans. She has over 15k million followers, and her content mostly comprises her mean side and fun content.  She posts content for tall individuals, so if you’re a fan, you can watch her out. Her OnlyFans account is private, so only her fans can see her content. She charges $5 per month for access to her account.

9. Summer Brookes

Summer Brookes

If you’re looking for some new, hot lingerie content to follow on OnlyFans, look no further than Summer Brookes. With over 1.5 million followers, she’s one of the most popular girls on the platform. Her content is mostly lingerie and bikini shots, but she also occasionally posts nude or raunchy videos. She charges $7.99/month for her subscription, but it’s well worth it for all the NSFW goodness she delivers.


TikTok has become a haven for creative content, with its ever-growing list of creators and influencers. However, more and more users are now using the platform to promote their Onlyfans accounts, offering exclusive content to those who subscribe.

We’ve highlighted some of the top TikTokers with Onlyfans that you should follow if you want to stay up to date on what they’re offering. From lifestyle and dance challenges to X-rated material – these TikTokers have something for everyone.

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