3 Hyped AI Tools vs. Three Popular Essay Writing Platforms

Three Hyped AI Tools vs. Three Popular Essay Writing Platforms

Is college life about studying? Yes. Is it about making the first steps in your adult life? Yes, again. But you see, those things don’t always go hand in hand really well. That’s why your college life ends up being about balancing.

Previously, to achieve the balance, you would look through essayhub promo code and, upon learning that the service suits your needs, order from it to have more time for your odd job or just to sleep. But now, things are different, and you have more options to balance your studying and first steps in adult life.

  • It is free
  • It can craft a paper within less than a minute
  • It has perfect grammar
  • It doesn’t make typos

Those are the main things that you can hear about AI writing tools. Out of four points, one is misinformation. And two of the points would, surprisingly, turn out to be a disadvantage rather than a benefit.

Still, there are dozens of articles suggesting that AI writing tools are going to replace essay writing services. There’s a chance they will, but it won’t be as soon as some of the articles suggest.

Before we dive into comparing what you can get from popular AI tools and writing platforms, let’s get some of the common myths about AI tools out of the way.

Firstly, it’s not free. Some tools work in free mode, but multiple limits won’t allow you to craft the paper you need. Secondly, the absence of typos and grammar errors is more likely to make your professor suspect something and run the paper through several AI detectors.

The results of AI checkers can lead to anything from getting a lower grade to the possibility of being expelled. This means you may have to rewrite whatever the tool has crafted for you, which doesn’t free you from anything. With all that out of the way, let’s compare tools with platforms to decide which option suits you better.



It’s fair to say that the arrival of ChatGPT changed the world forever. The conversations about an AI tool crafting texts have been around for decades, and finally, OpenAI offered an application that can do that.

Basically, ChatGPT is responsible for the idea that human writers can be replaced by artificial intelligence. How does the tool fare? Well, it’s better than other AI writers on the market, but there are some problems with it.

There’s a free version, but it has its limitations. In free mode, you cannot craft the essay you want, as you cannot teach the AI to do exactly what you want.

The paid version, which costs $20 per month, provides you with that option. Yet, regardless of the version you use, the tool doesn’t always provide a cohesive narrative, and it doesn’t add citations. Finally, run the ChatGPT-crafted paper through an AI detector ‒ and it will get flagged.


One of the most popular essay writing platforms that is slightly older than ChatGPT is DoMyEssay, which allows you to have your essay done for a starting price of $10.80 per page. All you need to do is fill in the order form and provide detailed instructions on your paper. You can also submit materials that should be used for crafting your paper.

Despite being on the market for just a few years, the service achieved what can be called a staggering success. Most of the customers give DoMyEssay extremely positive reviews. And the platform is frequently listed among the best online essay-writing services.

So, you get your paper crafted by a professional writer. Besides, you have a 24/7 support service that is ready to answer all of your questions and an unlimited number of revisions.

Of course, human writers are not AI and cannot craft your paper within seconds. The minimum deadline is three hours, but the price will be higher than the average $10.80 for such an urgent task. However, you don’t have to worry that AI detectors will flag your paper or that you’ll have to rewrite it completely on your own.


If ChatGPT is hyped, then MyEssayWriter.ai is overhyped. The tool was launched in the summer of 2023 and got hundreds of positive reviews. Yet, the comments on review aggregators seem to be artificial, and all the articles praising the tool seem suspiciously promotional.

So, what MyEssayWriter.ai is all about?

Mind that aside from AI writing tools, MyEssayWriter has human authors. But most reviews completely ignore their existence. All the praise is focused on the tool. So, give it a prompt on what your essay should be about, and it will craft a paper for you.

The paper is going to be quite generic, although unique. And if you run it through AI detection, it will get flagged. Basically, that’s what you can get for a subscription that will cost you, based on the plan of your choice, between $29.99 and $179.88. You can generate a small essay for free, but you won’t be able to download it without paying.


For the last decade, EssayHub review has remained a go-to service for college students. The platform works only with qualified writers, with each author holding either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the respective field.

You may think that such a picky approach to writers is somehow reflected in the prices, yet the starting price is $10.80 per page. And the service has suggestive discounts.

If your paper exceeds one page, you get 5% off on every extra page. Ordering from EssayHub, you don’t have to pay until you’re satisfied with the paper.

Most students praise the intuitive design of the service’s website, its lucrative discounts, and the high quality of papers. The writers follow your instructions properly, and you may request the writer to imitate your writing style. Surely, a paper like that won’t be flagged by AI detectors.

Caktus AI

Caktus AI is another popular essay-writing tool. Is it free? Yes, you can test it once for free before registration. If you decide to try it for free, make sure that you manage to put the topic that you need. One wrong click ‒ and it will generate a text on AI writing tools.

There are two subscription plans: monthly, which will cost you $14.99, and yearly, which will cost you $99.99. So, what can you get for that price?

Give your prompt ‒ and the tool will produce an essay within seconds. Everything is perfectly fine with the speed.

However, there are issues with quality. Firstly, the tool may expand on random things. Say, when you need a paper on the pros and cons of using AI in academic writing, the tool may expand in length on what AI is or what academic writing is. And the produced paper may contain up to 25% of plagiarized material.

Needless to say, it’s going to be flagged by AI checkers.


Throughout its more than ten years on the market, EssayPro helped more than 1.5 million students. The starting price is $10.80 per page, and just like EssayHub, EssayPro offers lucrative discounts. The longer your essay, the bigger the discount. Besides, you can find promo codes for EssayPro on various academic writing-related websites.

The service is known for providing papers of exceptional quality. You can pick a writer for your paper independently, filtering the writers by subject. Alternatively, you can allow the service to pick the author for you.

The service is also known for delivering the order before the deadline, so customers can ensure that everything is intact with paper. And if you find that something is amiss, you can request free revisions.

Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks

What do we have in the end? Should you avoid using AI writing tools? No, but you should know what to expect. If you plan to write your paper independently but cannot figure out what your paper should contain or how to start, AI writing tools can be your go-to option. Use the produced paper as a draft for your essay.

However, if you want to delegate your writing duties to someone else and get a quality paper, you should opt for essay writing platforms.

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