10 Free Instagram Followers Hack [Tips to Get Real & Active Followers on Instagram]

How to Increase Followers on Instagram

There are a variety of ways to get Instagram followers. But, do any of them work? And, what are some helpful tips to gain Instagram followers?

Various online offers are enticing you to follow or enjoy someone’s Instagram. However, which tactic is best? This is where you need to be careful.

Any Instagram followers hack that makes ludicrous follower growth claims will likely ruin the engagement on your account by adding thousands of Instagram bots or even worse – get your account shut down.

All in all, finding the best Instagram followers is not easy. For finding someone, you want an app that will give you quick results. Look no further than this list of hacks and tips to give you free Instagram followers.

Why Instagram Followers are Important?

Today more than ever, social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter depend on what is seen as popular. Therefore, any big deal or well-followed Instagram account is considered a big deal and successful.

Often this is seen as a sign of success. As much as many want to succeed though if you do something illegal you may be caught. Also, you could face penalties and face account suspension. Or other limitations like shadowbanning.

Instagram Followers Hack 101 For Free

Instagram Followers Hack 101 For Free

What does this all mean? Instagram followers hack is essentially defined as a fast and easy way to get more real followers on Instagram. Pure and simple. The thing about the hack is to get these followers with very little if no effort.

All in all, Instagram hacks can range from automation tools to anything like even contests, follow-backs, schemes, and more. Every Instagram follows hack promises to get you thousands of followers in a few days or weeks or else. There are even some apps that claim to get you followers in less than 50 seconds!?

How to get ahead and get Free Instagram Followers

Getting free Instagram followers takes time but will never cost you money with these tips. On top of that, you can add as little as 1 thousand followers fast. But, beware of apps that use bots. And be very careful with fake accounts that cushion your follower count as this is not good at all.

In general, you want engagement, promotion, and incentives to bring people to your account who will then follow.

Some Popular Tips to Gain Free Instagram Followers

Some Popular Tips to Gain Free Instagram Followers

A) Using Hashtags to Get Followers on Instagram: This is easy. All you have to do is use 5 or 11 hashtags at least to try and get some attention.  This is an easy way to get noticed in the viral stream on Instagram or any social media.

B) Be Creative with Marketing: Your goal may be to increase visibility, so be creative. Don’t just add hashtags without purpose but with meaning to your business and brand. When you gain followers, your posts will rank higher with more creative tags. Use hashtag keywords, and give your social media posts even more visibility. Therefore, avoid generic hashtags like #love or #bestplace if you’re selling yourself or your brand, for example.

C) Utilize Location Tags to Get Followers from Your Region: Local followers are the best and most loyal. With Instagram Stories and posts, you are more discoverable by tagging your location overall. The “location tag” is great for showing the city you are located. In general, your posts are easy to categorize with tagged content for a specific place.

D)  Be Active on Instagram and reply to many accounts and posts: Simply being active on social media has its benefits. Basically, you can try and get as active as possible and merely just be on various feeds and be present. Why? Other accounts will notice you and want you to continue to be active within their sphere. It is that simple because you do not want to be silent but instead be dynamic and social to various posts and ideas.

Best Instagram Hacks That Are Effective

Instagram followers hack allows you to get more followers as well as increase engagement with your existing audience. The best part is that we offer this service at no cost, so there’s no reason not to give it a try today!

1. Buying Instagram Followers In 1 Minute!

Buying Instagram Followers In 1 Minute!

Yes, it may seem too easy and like cheating but it works. When you buy Instagram followers it is to increase an online presence quickly and grow. Therefore, you can find a service to get you 1k followers in as little as  5 minutes. Even without human verification!

You will utilize bots as well to get 1 thousand followers. Just beware! As well some apps use fake accounts to increase and grow your follower counts. Though beware,  buying followers is against Instagram’s rules, so proceed with caution.

Just be careful,  on Instagram, your real audience may realize your audience is fake and it could damage your reputation.

2. Use Tools and Apps to grow Followers Quickly

Use Tools and Apps to grow Followers Quickly

For example, igToolsPanel is a fast way to get more followers on Instagram. How? IGTool does real-time growth to promote pages. Other apps may advertise and devise tricks to get you more followers organically or through some clever ways.

This is a great way to get real followers as opposed to buying followers. For example, when you do buy followers, the followers in question are most likely not real Instagram followers. However, apps will often show you the real ways to grow instead of just buying fake profiles or fraudulent support.

3. Gain Followers by reposting others’ content to get free Instagram Followers

Gain Followers by reposting others’ content to get free Instagram Followers

Yes, it is possible. All you have to do on Instagram or any social media is simply repost other people’s content. This is a surefire way to try and make another account satisfied by sharing content.

By sharing and reposting you gain followers by crediting the original poster in descriptions.  Remember to do this every time and accounts then notice and follow eventually every time. In a great scheme of ways to get followers, this is the only way to get free followers without getting flagged and penalized.

You especially have a great chance to get free followers if you use a reporter app. This allowed me to start reposting video content on Instagram. There are ways to grow and gain followers with an organic touch.

4. Request Followers to Share Their Photos to Grow Instagram Followers

Request Followers to Share Their Photos to Grow Instagram Followers

Sharing photos may seem innocent but it doesn’t have quite a few positives. For example, when you have a new account you can get followers on Instagram if you ask for engagement. This is fun for your followers and also nets quite a few fans on Instagram.

Adding friends this way will be a lot easier with customer photos in your feed on Instagram. You increase your social credit and score for viability. If you are new to collecting friends and then having a customer then reach out to influencers. This is a way to naturally get more friends.

You ask for photos to share. Remember to ask for smaller specialized accounts under 5,000 followers. These smaller or less notable or bigger influencers with few followers need social media love so will follow you usually. Also, on Instagram, if you want to monetize an account you need to spread your name via other people’s accounts.

5. Affiliate Deals and Marketing for Getting Instagram Followers

It is possible to entice and get followers through promotions. You can also offer other Instagram accounts an affiliate deal where they may get a commission for every sale. So, how this works is if they score with their customer referral link then they can come back and gain something for just following you.

This approach of combining some modicum of sales with outreach is key. You can reach out to customers and offer a good deal of incentives for followers.  You can build your brand and get followers at the same time.

6. Simply Ask and Work with an Influencer

Simply Ask and Work with an Influencer

All in all, when you work With Influencers you can Get More Insta followers. This is an effective and real way to grow your base and become bigger naturally.

You greatly increase your chances to seem quite relevant when you have a bigger name on your account. In summary, you can increase Instagram followers simply by giving an Instagram shoutout. This is just name-checking someone and being open to people for your account and visibility.

One example of success was working with an influencer and offering a shoutout. The result was over 2,000 nonactive Instagram followers on an account. That is massive growth with sponsoring a name. However, that could point to other less natural growth as well so know how you are dealing with them as influencers.

7. Repost other Accounts’ Content for Quick Followers

Repost other Accounts Content for Quick Followers

It may seem silly but one way to grow is to share what other people do. You simply show what you like and the people who do it are usually happy and appreciative. Some may not follow right away but others may fall in line soon enough.

When you reshare Instagram-specific content you get results. Also, it helps to share announcements on other social channels for the same result to get followers. Lastly, all in all, you could post and go with stories about an upcoming Instagram Live for sharing stories or content as well.

8. Share Original and Unique Content that nobody Else has

Share Original and Unique Content that nobody Else has

You can organically grow your Instagram following with partnerships. It is that simple. You can connect and get ahead of the curve with a lot of unique content and creative photos.

All in all, being unique goes a long way. Don’t be average but put your personality and slogan, or value in your Instagram bio. Make it shine around. Give and offer potential followers a clear and valid idea of a unique and special account.

Take your photos and have fun with them and make them special and unforgettable. People will remember you and then you get followers.

9. Post Content that is in demand and People want to see

This is easier because you are going where the trends and real interests are overall. You basically Post content that followers want to see and view and consume.

Therefore, research and check trending topics. Guarantee that you can know what is popular and in demand. When you follow popular sports topics or politics then you will get popular and add friends. All of this is for free. Why? Because you show and share what you like about current events or sports or trends in media and much more.

The algorithm for Instagram and other social media is changing all the time. However, take the time to research trends and hot topics in media, sports, and politics. Of course, then go and post a ton and go hard on Reels to show as much as you can and be real and entertaining. In time you will notice that some type of content performs better than others. This is why testing is so crucial as knowing if entertainment or sports or even music is best.

10. Make Entertaining Content and Stories for Instragam

Make Entertaining Content and Stories for Instragam

Entertainment sells anywhere online. Therefore, take it seriously to thrill your Instagram followers. Simply just make your Instagram followers happy. Bring them joy by trying to entertain and make them laugh.  The overall incentive is and the payoff is audience growth.

In general, the better Instagram accounts have fans who love them. They share their content and people then follow and they get followers for free. These are the building blocks for a high follower account.

Getting Instagram followers for free is really about connecting and entertaining. You want to be liked and feel important to your followers.  Emphasize and highlights your personality skills, especially in entertainment in these areas like inspirational content, comedic or humorous content, and Re-sharing.

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