What Does S Mean on Snapchat & How to Answer in 2023

What does s mean on Snapchat

The social media app Snapchat has become popular among teenagers and young adults, offering users a range of features including disappearing messages, videos, images, filters and more. One of the common abbreviations used on Snapchat is ‘S’, which stands for ‘streaks’. Streaks are when two or more users send snaps (images or videos)

Have you seen “S” on a Snapchat story or picture before? Well, that inevitably means Streak! While some users prefer using the acronym STRX or even spelling out the complete word, utilizing abbreviations and acronyms is not only time-saving but also an enjoyable way to communicate with your acquaintances through this popular social media app.

What does s mean on Snapchat?

What does s mean on Snapcha

On Snapchat, “S” is a single letter abbreviated for the word Streak. You can find the “S” emoji next to your friend’s name, and both of you become Snapstreaks as it brings more bonds with your friends. When you chat with each other with your friend back and forth on Snapchat for at least three days consecutively, a streak (S) is created.

Streak is usually recognized with a small fire emoji denotation that appears beside your name, as seen in your friend’s snap account shows the number of texts under it. Depending on some users, the “S” can be changed into “STRX” or use a long-form word. To keep the streaks, there should be a daily snap or conversation exchange between the two; otherwise, it will disappear. The “S” is also used to tag a snap as a streak that separates it from a regular snap.

What does the number in front of the flame mean?

The number beside the flame on Snapchat shows the days you have been snapping with each other with your friend. For example, when it is written 4, it means you have been snapping regularly with your friend for four days.

The more days you exchange, the higher the number will be, and the flame will become hotter, indicating a stronger friendship. The flame symbol is a way to show the level of interaction and engagement between friends on the platform.

When to send  “S” on Snapchat?

What does the number in front of the flame mean

As a user of snap chat, it is always a bad feeling when your Snapchat friends forget about you, and you don’t chat as before. To prevent your friendship from fading away, the streaks play an essential role in keeping your friendship on the Snapchat platform.

For a longer relationship on Snapchat, you will frequently be using “S.” Here are some reasons for you to send  “ S” to your Snapchat friends;

  • When you want to maintain and sustain a friendship with individuals who are reasonable for a long time on Snapchat, sending streaks will help you with that.
  • Sending streaks to your long-time friends will maintain a discussion with them and have a daily conversation.
  • When you want to boost your score to a higher score, you can send streaks “S.”
  • Sending “S” to your Snapchat friends can prove your friendship on the Snapchat platform.

How to send Snapchat “S”?

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As we all know, “S” is abbreviated for the word ‘Streak,’ To maintain your Snapstreak with your friends with whom you have a streak going on for some time, you can send a Snap  ‘S’ on Snapchat. Sending snaps of ‘S’ to your friends can be sent to individuals or all users at a go so you can maintain your Streak with your friends.

Here are several ways you can use to send a streak snap to your friends:

1. Draw designs

Drawing design is one of the easiest ways to send a snap of ‘S.’ Use the drawing tools available in the Snapchat app to create and send custom drawing designs as a snap. Click snap using the Snapchat camera, and tap the ” Draw ” icon in your right-side panel. You can create a drawing using your finger and make the “S” look nice to share with your friends to maintain the Snapstreak.

2. GIF

Snapchat platform provides a good number of GIF collections that are so funny that it makes the platform excellent for use. GIFs are also another way to send a Streak on a snap. To use Gifs, you need to click a snap on the platform and use the Snapchat camera, where you will have some buttons on your right-hand channel, and make sure to click on the ‘sticker’ button.

Next, go to the search bar on the top and enter a search for ‘ Streak,’ where you will be populated with all the GIFs having Streak, and you can scroll down to select your favorite. Add as many streaks GIFs as possible and send a snap to your friends.

3. Emoticon

In the Snapchat app, you can use Emoticon to decorate your snap to display emotions. Since Snapchat has no emoticon in the sticker menu when you snap a photo or video, you will add the Emoticon on the snap by using your device keyboard to type out the Emoticon, and the Snapchat app will eventually recognize their example (like :), :P, etc.).

By doing this, you will maintain a streak with your friends when they open it before 24 hrs.

4. Sticker.

There are many stickers in the Snapchat app; you can add any sticker to your snap to ensure you have a Snap streak with your friends. To select a sticker, first, you need to snap using the Snapchat camera and navigate in your right-hand panel. Select the sticker button from the menu and scroll down for a suitable sticker.

To find a ‘streak’ sticker in the sticker menu, go to the search bar and enter Streak. You will discover several stickers below the Bitmoji. Select as many stickers as you want to send to the other user.

The meaning is represented by other symbols.

The meaning represented by other symbols

The Snapchat app has numerous symbols; it is excellent to know and understand them clearly to enjoy the app while having a Snapstreak with your friends. Here are a few symbols that you need to be conversant with:

  • A small flame next to your friend’s name in the chat shows that you have a Snapstreak with that friend. It has a number next to the flame to display the number of consecutive days you have snapped with your friend.
  • Snapchat heart emoji is used to show your best friends because of the number of messages you send back and forth.
  • The red heart shows you have been #1 best friends for two weeks,
  • Pink hearts indicates you have been # 1 best friends with your friend for two months.
  • It shows you have a Snapstreak with your friend.
  • Smiling face. It shows you are one of the best friends but not the # 1 best friend (who has the most messages).
  • This symbol means you share a best friend.
  • Grimacing Face, This symbol indicates you are sharing a #1 best friend with the same person.
  • It shows that your Snapstreak is about to end, and if you want to maintain the Streak, you can send a fast snap to a friend.


Q: How do I respond to an S on Snapchat?

When you receive an “S” on Snapchat, it indicates that the sender wants to continue a conversation with you from the previous chat or to start a new one with you. So you need to reply with a snap or a chat message. However, if you fail, you have no right to brag about having consistent conversations with your friend.

Q: What do GMS and FFF stand for in Snapchat?

GMS in Snapchat stands for “ good morning streak.” While FFF stands for “ Follow for Follow.”

Q: What does S/U mean in Snapchat Story?

The S/U stands for ‘Swipe Up” it is an interactive feature of the app where a user sees it at the bottom of a story. To swipe up, It encourages using stories to feature and activates links where the account holder can customize it. You can add web links to your stories in Snapchat messages,


To wrap up, on Snapchat, when you use an “S,” it is an interactive way of wanting to continue a conversation with your friend or start a new one to maintain a Snapstreak.

In this article, we have shown ways to send a streak “S” to your friends and the meaning of other symbols you can see on Snapchat. Another helpful piece of information is to respond fast when you receive an ‘S’ on the chat because if you fail, the Snapstreak will end.

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