4 Ways to Create Password in Windows 10

Create Password in Windows 10

One of the best ways to secure your data and system on Windows 10 is to use a strong password. A robust password will keep prying eyes and malicious individuals away from your computer.

Fortunately, Windows 10 comes with different methods of setting up and changing your password. One of the most accessible options is to create your password through the Control Panel. Once you make your password on Windows 10, you will be using it to log in to your computer. Here is a guide to help you set up your password for Windows 10. Read on for the details……

How to Create Password on Windows 10

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Follow these steps to create a password for your Windows 10;

Step 1: Open the Control Panel on your Windows 10. The easiest way to access the Control Panel is by pressing the Windows key (Start button). Proceed and type “Control Panel” in the search field.

Step 2: Open the control panel app by double-clicking on it.

Step 3: Proceed and open User Accounts (the first item on the right).

Step 4: Choose to Make changes to my account in PC settings.

Step 5: On the left of the new window, click Sign-in options.

Step 6: Below the Password area, select Add. This move will open a blue mini-window for creating your password.

Step 7: Key your new password in the first text field and re-enter the same password in the second text field. Ensure you type in the same password in the two text fields.

Step 8: Windows provides its users with password hints to help them remember their passwords. Therefore, in the Password Hint field, type anything to help you remember the password you just set in the step above. Proceed and click Next.

Step 9: Tap Finish to wind up the new password setup.

You have now set up your password on your Windows 10 computer.

Setup Password on Windows 10 Without Using the Control Panel

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You can set up your Windows 10 password without using the control panel by;

Step 1: Click the Start button. Alternatively, you can tap the Windows/Start key on your keyboard.

Step 2: On the left-hand side, click Settings.

Step 3: On the settings window, scroll downwards and click Accounts.

Step 4: From the new menu, choose Sign-in Options. This action will give you different signing-in options; password, PIN, and picture password.

Step 5: Just below the password, tap Add to open a password setup window.

Step 6: Type your intended password in the New password field and confirm the same password in the Confirm password field.

Step 7: The Password hint field allows you to key in something that will remind you of the password should you forget it. Key in the password hint; if your password is your favorite animal, then the hint could be your favorite animal in the world.

Step 8: Click Next and tap Finish to complete setting up your password.

Your windows 10 computer will prompt you to enter the password each time you power it on or restart it.

Setup Your PIN Password on Windows 10

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Signing in to your Windows computer using a PIN is a quick way to access your computer. Here are easy steps to follow;

Step 1: Follow the procedure in setting up the password without using the control panel to a step where you have to choose the signing options.

Step 2: On the signing in options, click Add, just below the PIN.

Step 3: Before you add a PIN password, you have to input your computer password and click sign in.

Step 4: Enter your four figures PIN password in the New PIN field and re-enter it into the Confirm PIN.

Step 5: Click OK to finish up the setting.

Note: You cannot set up your password to a PIN before setting up the signing password.

Setup Windows 10 Picture Password

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A picture password remains among the most effective and entertaining ways for logging in to your Windows computer. Here is how to set a picture password;

Step 1: Follow the steps for creating a password from steps 1 to 4.

Step 2: When you come to the Sign-in options, click Add below the Picture Password.

Step 3: Type your Windows Password to verify that you are the owner, and Click OK.

Step 4: Click on Choose Picture and Select a photo from your picture folder.

Step 5: Once you select a photo of your preference, click on Use this Picture. You can drag the image to a position that you deem fit. Otherwise, click Choose a new picture to continue browsing for more photos.

Step 6: To create your Picture password, set up three gestures on the photo. You can draw circles, taps, or lines to coordinate with your picture using your cursor. Please keep in mind the size, position, and direction of your gestures. They are a critical part of your picture password.

Step 7: A successful picture password setup will be followed by a Congratulations blue Window on the left of your picture.

You can now use the picture password to sign in to your windows 10.


Q. Is my Windows 10 password the same as my Microsoft password?

No, these are two different passwords. Windows 10 password is what you type in to access your computer. In contrast, Microsoft password is the one you will use to access Microsoft products such as Outlook and OneDrive. However, for easy management of your Windows PC and Microsoft account, set the passwords for the two to be similar.

Q. How do I find my Windows username?

You can check your computer’s username by;

Step 1: Press the Windows key+R to display the Run dialog box.

Step 2: Type cmd in the empty field of the dialogue box and click OK or press Enter.

Step 3: When the command prompt window appears, type whoami and press

Step 4: Your PC’s current username will be displayed.

Final Word

Passwords are one of the best ways to keep intruders away from your PC. Windows 10 provides several ways of setting up passwords to keep your computer data safe. Follow the steps above to set up a password on your Windows 10 computer. That said, we wrap up this post. I hope you found it very helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, drop them in the comments section down below.

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