How to Find Someone’s Steam ID with 4 Ways

Find Someone's Steam ID

Are you an avid gamer who wants to connect with others on Steam? Maybe you’re looking to add a friend or join a gaming community, but you are not sure how to find their Steam ID. Luckily, we have got you covered with a step-by-step guide on how to easily obtain someone’s Steam ID.

Steam, the popular digital gaming platform, has millions of users worldwide. Whether you are playing with friends or exploring new gaming communities, knowing someone’s Steam ID is vital for connecting and joining in on the fun. However, finding someone’s Steam ID can be confusing if you are not familiar with the process.

In this article, we will break down the methods and tools you can use to obtain someone’s Steam ID effortlessly. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching and wondering how to find someone’s Steam ID, and get ready to enhance your gaming experience.

What is a Steam id?

What is a Steam id

A Steam ID is a unique identifier assigned to each user on the Steam gaming platform. It’s a 17-digit number that acts as a digital fingerprint for every user, allowing for user identification. The Steam ID is crucial for multiplayer gaming, as it helps connect players, track achievements, and facilitate in-game communication. It is made up of numbers, and there are several formats for it, such as SteamID, SteamID3, and SteamID64. To play multiplayer games, add friends, and interact with the Steam community, use this ID. It guarantees an uninterrupted gaming experience by creating a unique online persona for every player inside the expansive and networked Steam universe.

Knowing your SteamID is useful in a variety of situations since it allows you to access user information, notably on internet forums. Understanding your SteamID are essential because it is frequently required for forum profile completion and may also be required for things such as submitting an unban application or reporting a cheater. Furthermore, the ability to readily search for user information using your SteamID via platforms such as Google underscores the need of having this knowledge.

There are different ways of getting someone’s Steam ID, as discussed below;

1. In-game console:

Obtaining someone’s Steam ID via the in-game console is a convenient and efficient approach, especially if you are actively playing an online game. This method allows you to quickly get the Steam IDs of LinkedIn users, providing you with the information you need for a variety of purposes such as adding them as friends, reporting misconduct, or simply getting to know your fellow gamers better.

Steps to Follow:

a) Obtaining Access to the In-Game Console: To begin, confirm that you are connected to a game server within the relevant game. When you are in-game, open the console by pressing the tilde key (~) on your keyboard. The console acts as a command line interface, allowing you to interact with the game and access a variety of information, including player information.

Obtaining Access to the In-Game Console

b) Utilizing the “Status” Command: Open the console, type “status” into the command line, and press Enter. This command instructs the game server to display a complete list of all connected players, along with their Steam IDs. The data is usually presented in an organized fashion, making it simple to identify and extract the pertinent features.

c) Extracting and Using Steam IDs: After viewing the list of linked players and their Steam IDs, you can easily copy the necessary information. You can easily move the Steam IDs to another area, such as a text document or a communication platform, by utilizing the conventional keyboard commands CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste.

Furthermore, this method is especially beneficial when direct communication with other players is not possible, such as in competitive multiplayer matches or large-scale online gaming environments. You can speed up the process of engaging with the gaming community, facilitating interactions, and improving the overall gaming experience by quickly accessing the Steam IDs of connected gamers.

2. SteamRep:

SteamRep is a useful online resource that provides detailed information about Steam users, allowing for the exploration of user profiles and the retrieval of important details such as Steam IDs. The platform functions as a consolidated database for Steam user data, allowing users to do targeted searches and receive relevant information for a variety of reasons such as community interactions, game collaborations, and user verification.

Steps to Follow:

a) Accessing SteamRep: To begin utilizing Users of SteamRep can access the website using a conventional web browser. When visitors arrive at the SteamRep homepage, they are greeted with simple search functions that allow them to retrieve user information based on particular input parameters.

SteamRep Custom Profile search

b) Search by Profile URL or Custom Profile Address: SteamRep provides a variety of search methods for locating user information. Users can start a search by inputting the Steam user’s profile URL or their custom profile address, often known as an alias. This adaptability ensures that individuals can access the desired information using the manner that best corresponds to the information they have about the Steam user in question.

c) Retrieval of Steam ID: Upon executing the search through SteamRep, the platform promptly generates a detailed report containing pertinent information about the specified Steam user. Importantly, the user’s Steam ID is clearly shown within the report, providing a unique identity that may be used for a variety of purposes within the Steam community and gaming environment.

3. Special websites:

Acquiring Steam IDs through specialized websites adds another channel for players to gain essential information about other Steam users, enabling diverse interactions within the gaming community and enhancing lawful activities. These websites provide user-friendly interfaces and search functionality, allowing people to do specific searches and retrieve the appropriate Steam IDs for a variety of purposes, such as community interactions, gaming collaborations, and user verification.

a) Diverse Range of Websites: There are various credible websites dedicated to making it easier to find and retrieve Steam IDs.,,, and are some notable platforms. Each of these websites has its own set of features and search capabilities, catering to the diverse needs and tastes of individuals looking for Steam IDs for lawful and constructive purposes within the Steam community.

b) User-Friendly Search Functionality: These specialized websites often have user-friendly search interfaces that allow users to commence the search process by entering specific parameters such as profile URLs, custom profile addresses (aliases), or other relevant identifiers. Individuals can quickly and easily retrieve the needed Steam IDs thanks to the seamless search functionality.

c) Process Similar to SteamRep: The process of searching for users on these specialized websites mirrors the approach adopted on SteamRep. Users can utilize these platforms’ search capabilities to identify and retrieve specific persons’ Steam IDs, gaining access to vital user information for a variety of lawful purposes within the Steam community and gaming environment.

4. On the Steam Mobile app:

YouTube video

Let’s go over how to use the Steam Mobile app to find someone’s Steam ID and provide some context.

Steps to Follow:

a) Obtaining the Steam Mobile App: To begin, make sure you have the Steam Mobile app loaded on your mobile device. You can get it from the app store that corresponds to your device.

b) Logging In and Navigating to the User’s Profile: After installing the program, log in with your Steam credentials. After logging in, go to the profile of the person whose Steam ID you want to find. You can accomplish this by searching for their profile or by visiting your friends list if they are a Steam friend.

c) Locating the Three Vertical Dots: When you are on the user’s profile, look for the three vertical dots or ellipsis icon. This is typically placed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, although it may also be available in a menu accessible by tapping on the user’s profile image or username.

d) Selecting “Community”: A dropdown menu will show after tapping on the three vertical dots. From this option, choose “Community.” This action will take you to the community area of the user’s profile.

e) Tapping on “Share”: You should be able to find the “Share” option under the community area. When you tap “Share,” a new window or dialog box may emerge, displaying numerous sharing options.

f) Finding the Steam ID: When you tap on “Share,” you may find that the user’s Steam ID is included in the sharing options. It could be shown as a link, a numerical ID, or in another manner that makes sharing or copying simple.

g) Copying or Saving the Steam ID: Depending on the interface and options available, you can either copy or save the Steam ID for future use. This is very important if you need to share the Steam ID with others or keep it for yourself.


It’s important to mention that the specific steps and interface may vary slightly based on the version of the Steam Mobile app you are using, as well as any updates or changes made by Steam. As a result, these instructions must be tailored to the current version of the program. Following these specific instructions, you should be able to successfully locate someone’s Steam ID using the Steam Mobile app, providing you with the information you require for various interactions and purposes within the Steam community.


Q. Can I find someone’s Steam ID without being friends with them on Steam?

Yes, you can find someone’s Steam ID even if you are not friends with them on Steam. You can do this by using their custom profile address (alias) or by utilizing special websites or tools designed to find Steam IDs. Additionally, if the person has shared their profile URL with you, you can extract their Steam ID from the numbers within the URL.

Q. Is it possible to find someone’s Steam ID using the Steam Mobile app?

Absolutely, you can find someone’s Steam ID using the Steam Mobile app. By accessing the user’s profile, tapping on the three vertical dots next to “Community,” and then selecting “Share,” you may be able to locate the Steam ID. The specific steps may vary slightly based on the version of the app, but the process generally remains consistent.

Q. Are there any privacy considerations when trying to obtain someone’s Steam ID?

Yes, it’s important to respect the privacy of others when obtaining their Steam ID. Always ensure that you are acquiring the Steam ID through legitimate means and with the person’s consent, especially if you are not directly connected with them on the Steam platform. Additionally, be mindful of any privacy settings or preferences the user may have set on their Steam profile.

Final Thoughts

Obtaining someone’s Steam ID can be done in a variety of ways, such as using the Steam Mobile app, accessing their personalized profile address, or using external websites and applications. Whether you are friends with the individual on Steam or not, it is critical to respect their privacy and obtain their Steam ID legally. You can effectively find someone’s Steam ID and use it to add them as a friend, join games, or engage in other interactions within the Steam community by following the methods provided and keeping privacy in mind. When obtaining and utilizing someone’s Steam ID, always prioritize consent and respect.

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