How to Promote Your Instagram Account

How to Promote Your Instagram Account

Making your Instagram account popular is a step-by-step plan with working recommendations for attracting followers.

The day has come when you’ve decided to make money on Instagram. But here you look at your brand new account and feel like a little fish in the ocean of successful bloggers… Everyone has gone this way from scratch; the first 3,000 subscribers are the most challenging stage. It is where many people give up and quit the account, but not you!

Now we will tell you how to achieve the first goal, overcome the “valley of death,” and promote your page on Instagram. The promotion of free essays by WowEssays inspired us to do research and write an article on this topic.

Prerequisites Before Promotion

Prerequisites Before Promotion

Check your profile with a short checklist before you start promoting your Instagram account:

  • Whether your description is complete, it’s clear what your account is about, and the title is related to the theme. Even if you use your first or last name, write the field of activity.
  • The profile is translated into a business page. Selling and tracking stats without this option will be difficult. You can keep a regular page if you’re blogging. But remember, as soon as you want to take something for advertising, you still have to show the advertiser your stats. And it’s only available for the business profile.
  • There are 12 posts in the feed. No one will subscribe to an empty account. You have to fill in the first visitor screen. It is precisely 12 posts, but you can write more. Pictures must reflect the essence of your topic and texts – to be valuable and extensive. How to do it? Look at the posts you save on Instagram or other social networks, and do it by analogy.
  • No selling content. Until you get your first 1,000 subscribers, use helpful and engaging content. Don’t be repulsed by the “they’re selling something again” impression from the first second – it won’t help promote your account.

Try the Standard Methods Everyone Advises

Collected the essential tips that are most often repeated in articles on “How to promote Instagram by yourself from scratch.” There is no need to abandon them – check on yourself. The main thing – is to get experience.

Tell everyone.

You probably have a profile on Facebook. Publish a post saying you have an Instagram account. Write about why you should be read there and your existing profiles. Send an email with the news of your new account to your contact base or customers.

Sign Up and Get Likes

Get active and get noticed on Instagram. The mass following can help at the initial stage but do not abuse it. It’s better to act manually. Remember that Instagram does not approve of connecting third-party mass following services and may block the account.

Instead, put reactions to Stories by people who might like your topic. This method will attract a more loyal audience and active followers.

Hold a Contest

Give away your product for free or raffle it off for fulfilling conditions. Spread the word about the contest on your pages and let them know it’s a draw among subscribers only.

You don’t have to repost the contest terms. Ask your friends to share the contest on their pages.

Test Ways to Promote that Few People Use

Promotion takes effort, so set yourself up for work in the coming months. If you plan to have more rest, allocate a budget and set up targeted advertising on Instagram. Or try out-of-the-box approaches to promoting your account.

Declare a Challenge

Make a reality show and tell people how you’re trying to promote your Instagram account from scratch. Report back in your posts, involve everyone who wants to help, and promise a grand finale if the endeavor is successful.

Let everyone know, “I’m hitting 3,000 in a month!” maybe someone will suggest new ideas. In your Instagram Stories, talk about what’s happening and involve your viewers.

Run a Marathon

Gather your audience for a useful marathon. Come up with a theme and easy tasks for the week. This is where you can promote the publication (you remember that we moved the page to a business profile, and only they have this option right from their Instagram account).

Ask your friends to participate or tell their acquaintances. Be sure to organize activities under posts and stories to promote the account: collect reports on tasks or come up with challenges for shooting videos for Stories on Instagram.

Write a Plan of Action

A clear plan will help you not miss publication days and track your progress on Instagram. Try putting yourself on a strict regimen for 30 days to reach your goal of 3,000 followers.

How Long Does it Take to Promote Instagram from Zero to 3,000

We need to get 3,000 followers – that’s 100 people a day. With 8 hours of work, we need 12 people per hour. Let’s assume that every tenth person who saw the publication will subscribe to you. So the conversion rate is 10%, and you need at least 120 people an hour to learn about yourself.

Ensure this statistic is observed – look at the report on your page every night. If growth is not enough, then scale up. Hold two marathons, put up some ads, and ask not 5 but 10 friends to tell about you.

How to Record your Successes

How to Record your Successes

Create a spreadsheet to track your success. Choose actions from the article and mark your progress every day.

What Will Help you be Regular?

Add to the table – when and what actions you will do on Instagram. You can fill in the cell with color when the task is done. If you have an idea or want to record your emotions, write a comment on the cell.

How to Stay Motivated

Figure out how you will make yourself happy for every hundred subscribers. You can put the data in the table to keep the motivation in front of you. Share your accomplishments on all social networks – it motivates you to follow your project.

I do Everything, but They don’t Subscribe

The lack of an active influx of new subscribers makes many people give up and think, “I should have started earlier.” More often than not, the problem is in the profile, not in your actions. So check your Instagram account using a short checklist.

1. Clear Subject Line

  • The description answers the question, “Why should I subscribe to this account?” or “What’s interesting here?”
  • With a glance at the photos, you can understand the theme of your account, and they are beautiful (Instagram is a visual social network).
  • The texts are written in clear language and on your topic.

Try to use an unusual theme. It will help to promote the account more easily. People will subscribe because they have not seen anything like that.

2. Content Suits the Audience

You understand who you are attracting to your account. Don’t write “girls, look bouquets on my page” under a fitness trainer’s post about how to lose weight after childbirth.

That’s where advice about your yoga mats would look more harmonious. Don’t have a “my menu for the week” marathon if you’re selling financial planning services.

3. Regular Postings

You may have published 12 posts and forgotten about the account while promoting. To keep your Instagram Story circle always active and your posts coming out at least 2-3 times a week, use SMMplanner.

Shoot content for stories, write posts, take a couple of hours of deferred scheduling, and engage your audience.

To Summarize

You’ll need regularity to promote an Instagram page from scratch to 3,000 followers monthly. In action and updating content in your profile. Write a plan for the days of the week and mark your progress.

Treat promoting your account like a game, and your persistence will turn into excitement. Remember that after the first 1,000 subscribers, it gets a lot easier! Don’t give up if you’re behind schedule.

Once you get past the “valley of death,” the snowball effect will begin, and the growth will be faster.

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