How to Reset PS5 Controller [Soft Reset & Hard Reset]

How to Reset PS5 Controller

Having an electronic gadget that glitches from time to time can be frustrating. Especially when you have invested a lot of money in a PS5 controller, and it glitches out in the middle of a game.

While this problem can occur to anyone, owning a DualSense controller that fails to connect to your console is annoying. When your PS5 controller glitches, it does not mean it has reached the end of the road.

Consider resetting the controller before you think of replacing it or calling in a technician. It is one of the proven ways of fixing most issues with the device. Here is a guide on how to reset the PS5 controller.

Signs that Your PS5 Controller Requires a Resetting

Signs that Your PS5 Controller Requires a Resetting

When issues with your DualSense controller sets in;

  • The controller will fail to receive your inputs.
  • It starts performing oddly.
  • In worse scenarios, it will stop functioning.

Types of PS5 Controller Reset Methods

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There are two different options of resetting a PS5 controller;

  • A soft reset
  • A hard reset

Note: If you should go for the soft reset option for any reason, you should have an alternative controller handy.

Soft Reset a PS5 Controller

Soft Reset a PS5 Controller

This option allows you to reset the controller from the PS5 machine itself. This method is ideal for sorting out non-complicated issues such as the inability of the controller to pair with the console. A soft reset should sort that issue. Here is how to soft reset the PS5 gamepad;

Step 1: Unplug or disconnect the malfunctioning controller.

Step 2: Press the PS button on the second controller, and it will display the home screen on your screen.

Step 3: On the home screen, press the PS button once more to access the Control Center menu.

Step 4: On the control center, choose the Accessories menu, then proceed to Controllers.

Step 5: Select the controller that you intend to reset (the disconnected one).

Step 6: Choose the Turn Off option to power off the selected controller. This move should turn off the LED light on the DualSense controller.

To power on the controller, follow the procedure of pairing the PS5 control to the PS5 machine.

Hard Reset PS5 Controller

Hard Reset PS5 Controller

The hard reset option is resetting the controller back to its factory setting. This method is most recommended when the DualSense controls hang or fail to respond to your commands. Here is how to do it;

Step 1: Unplug the controller from the console and turn it off. If no one is using the PS5 console, turn it off.

Step 2: Find a sim ejector tool (pin) or a paper clip.

Step 3: If possible, place the PS5 controller on a table and turn it upside down so that you can access the reset button hole on the backside of the controller. There are two holes; the reset one is on the right of the SONY logo. Insert the sim ejector pin or the paper clip in the small hole to press the reset button. You will hear a slight click when you press it right.

Step 4: Long press the button for about 3-5 seconds to reset the DualSense controller.

Step 5: To pair the PS5 controller back to your PS5 machine, use a USB cable to link the controller to the console and press the PS button. This should turn on the controller, and it will start synchronizing with your PS5.

Before you reset your PS5 controllers, ensure to conduct basic troubleshooting like;

  • Checking out for updates
  • Ensuring the cables are correctly fixed
  • Unpairing and paring the controllers to the console

If your controller still malfunctions even after the troubleshooting steps above, then you can proceed to reset it.

Caution: If troubleshooting and resetting the controller doesn’t seem to bring a solution, take the controller to a service center for further diagnostic and repairs. Never disassemble the controller yourself, especially if it’s still under warranty.


Q. Why should I reset my PS5 controller?

Different scenarios necessitate the resetting of a PS5 controller; they include;

  • When the PS5 controller fails to connect wirelessly through Bluetooth.
  • The controller flops to pair with the PS5 machine even via a charging cable.
  • If you had initially paired the controller with another device, such as a PS4 console.
  • If the haptics/triggers are not working as expected.

Any of the above scenarios demand a PS5 resetting.

Q. Can you reset a PlayStation controller?

Yes. Power off your PS console and disconnect the controller you intend to reset. You will need a safety pin or paper clip that you can use to press the small reset button. The button is inside a small hole. Insert the pin or paper clip gently and press the button for about 5 seconds. And the resetting will be over.


Having a malfunctioning PS5 controller can be frustrating. Before you go out and buy a new one, consider resetting it using one of the methods provided in this guide. If the problem persists after resetting, it might be time to call a technician.

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