Top 10 Tips on How to Get Followers on Instagram in 2023

How to Get Followers on Instagram

Instagram is not just a social network, but a great platform for self-realization and earnings. If you want more people to know about you or your brand, here are 10 tips to make it happen.

Almost every person who has a phone has an Instagram page. If you blog and share expert content, if you are running a small business, for instance, helping students with homework like, you may want more followers and audiences. Here are some ways to grow your audience:



A reliable and white way of promotion, if, of course, everything is done correctly.

You have access to:

  • blogger advertising;
  • targeted advertising.

When ordering advertising from bloggers, be prepared for pitfalls – you need to decide where to look for bloggers (on your own or on exchanges), understand what percentage of your target audience they have in subscribers and how active they are, check the blogger for cheating. Then agree on a price, make sure that everything is done correctly and on time, and analyze the effectiveness of cooperation.

A significant advantage of ordering advertising from bloggers is that with a competent approach, it looks like a natural part of the content, therefore it is positively perceived by users.

Contests, promotions

The main difference between contests and giveaways is that the organizer is the account owner, and not a third-party blogger. Your account will not be lost among other sponsors, because in the case of a contest, there is only one sponsor – you.

Why contests are better than standard giveaways:

  1. you choose the prize yourself — choose it according to the interests of the target audience;
  2. you determine the mechanics of the contest;
  3. you can post a post in your account with a prize or give a prize live.

Promotion through other social networks or website

If you have promoted pages on social networks, a YouTube channel with a large number of subscribers, a visited blog, send traffic to your Instagram profile.

For example, now Tik-Tok is the #1 app in terms of downloads, the authors of short videos attract new subscribers from there to their YouTube channels and Instagram. Usually promoted bloggers do just that – they redirect traffic back and forth, because it really works.

If you do not have promoted accounts or a channel, do it, in the future they will bring you profit.

Target hashtags

Target hashtags

It would seem that the time has already passed when it was possible to shove a kilometer of hashtags into a post and thereby promote an account, but hashtags themselves have not lost their usefulness – you just need to be able to work with them:

  • exclude unnecessary hashtags, leave 3-5 target ones (despite the fact that up to 30 are allowed);
  • do not repeat a set of hashtags from post to post – this is considered spam;
  • add hashtags not only to the post, but also to the stories. You can make an active hashtag in stories visually invisible by reducing it or hiding it behind another object;
  • periodically use brand tags;
  • launch a challenge with a unique hashtag;
  • use trending hashtags (but not always mixed with low-frequency tags, because trending hashtags are usually highly competitive).

Important: if you get to the TOP by the hashtag, you can attract a lot of new subscribers!


Do not dwell on this point in detail. Just be aware that geotagging and geotagging can also bring you new followers and customers. Especially if you have a local business, such as a cafe or pizzeria.

Statistics Tracking

Track statistics regularly to understand what actions lead to an increase in subscribers.

To have access to the full statistics of the Instagram profile, we recommend that you change your account to the status of “Business” or “Author profile” (if you have not already done so). It’s free and doesn’t obligate you to anything.

Viral content

By creating viral and visually appealing content, you solve several problems:

  • content is actively liked and commented;
  • subscribers regularly visit the profile and look at other publications;
  • your content is shared with friends and reposted to other social networks.

Personal brand

A personal brand is an image and reputation that, from a certain moment, begins to promote your projects and pages on social networks without much effort. Create a personal brand, and people themselves will start looking for you in all social networks.

Of course, you need to spend time and effort first, for example, coming up with cool expert content or creating a product that will be in demand and be associated with you.

Shoot Reels

Reels work like Tik Tok, and if your video gets recommended, it can give you a quick influx of subscribers.

When publishing a video, do not forget to add it to the main profile grid and put an attractive cover.

Do not ignore Reels, because this is one of the few ways to quickly gain subscribers without cheating, legal methods and for free. Without spending big budgets on advertising.

Proper profile design

It’s not enough just to drive traffic to your page – you need to make guests want to subscribe. Here’s how to get your profile right:

  • choose a memorable nickname;
  • add a beautiful photo or illustration to the profile picture;
  • create an attractive profile description;
  • we make out highlights;
  • add contacts and links to your other social networks or projects – for this you can use a multilink.


The easiest ways to quickly gain followers on Instagram are cheats, giveaways and contests. But you need to be careful with them so as not to get the opposite effect. The most expensive way to promote is to buy paid advertising.

If you have long-term goals, we advise you to seriously take on your account – create engaging content, remember about optimization, fill in all the lines of the profile and design it beautifully, post stories regularly, conduct live broadcasts, shoot Reels, adhere to a single style in the design of the page, ideally create a personal brand. This path seems long, but if you do everything right, you will succeed.

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