How to Make a Fake Snapchat Account [2023]

How to Make a Fake Snapchat Account

Are you concerned about your Snapchat privacy? Or are you simply seeking to deceive your friends and gauge their reactions? Snapchat is an entertaining platform for exchanging photographs and short videos with various remarkable features. Why lose everything if you can create a fake Snapchat account?

Are you aware that Snapchat is a more varied social networking platform? In addition to sharing films and photographs, it provides several communication features. Such as the ability to send and receive messages, convey locations, and organize audio and video conferences, to name a few.

In addition to entertaining encounters on Snapchat, fraud and privacy breaches have become paramount. Consequently, you may be seeking ways to reduce your online footprint.

Here, we demonstrate how to create a phony Snapchat account without using your actual email address and phone information. 

What you need to create a fake account on Snapchat

fake account on Snapchat

Before we head to the initial process of creating a fake profile on Snapchat, let’s understand what you need. Here is a list:

  • Come up with a unique Username.
  • Generate a new Email address.
  • Come up with a unique Password.
  • Acquire a new Phone number.

Now that all requirements are ready, without further ado, below is a step-by-step procedure to follow:

Create a Fake Snapchat account on a phone and desktop

Now that we know you can create a Snapchat account anonymously, here is the procedure applicable on desktop, Android, and iPhone devices:

Step 1: Get Snapchat running on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Step 2: To join Snapchat, just hit the Sign-Up button at the bottom.

Step 3: Wait as you are redirected to a new page where you ought to fill out an application form.

Sign-up & Accept button

Step 4: Enter your first and last name and click the Sign-up & Accept button.

Step 5: The app will ask for your email address and phone number to set up a fake Snapchat account. Enter them or visit the Email Address Generator or Receive SMS Online to get a fake email and phone number.

Step 6: Go ahead and submit the Snapchat-generated email address.

confirm email

Step 7: After confirming your email address, select Verify when prompted to verify your phone number and input your fake phone number appropriately.

Step 8: Submit your registration by clicking the Submit button.

Use a fake Snapchat profile.

Now that you have a fake Snapchat account that does not reveal your real personal information, it is highly recommended that you utilize it to share or see photographs and videos that your friends and family share. Remember that this account is unrestricted, allowing anonymous calling and texting. You can also share the link to your page with your friends and family so they may access it. However, using the account for malicious purposes, such as harassing other users, is strongly frowned upon. In the event of harassment, you will be reported and required to pay for damages.

Construct fake Snapchat messages

fake Snapchat messages

Would you like to deceive your friends by faking Snapchat text conversations? Yes, this is doable, but you will require access to Snapchat’s fake message generator tools. Here is what must be done:

  • Identify the user with whom you wish to mess around.
  • Change the name of the user. Ensure that the letter’s capitalization and spelling match the recipient’s initials.
  • Initiate a conversation with the individual regarding what you want to convey—alternating typical chat communication from each end.
  • Remember that the conversation will be gone forever unless every message is saved before exiting the chat tab.
  • After the chat has concluded, get a screenshot of the chat.
  • Change the phony name to the original user’s name to prevent inconvenience.
  • However, you can make a false account that matches the name of your friend or anybody you like to impersonate to generate a bogus chat.

How can I tell if a Snapchat account is fake?

Now that most users know how to create a fake account, they all want to mess up with you. Here is how to identify if it’s a real Snapchat account or not:

Step 1: Check the Snapchat Score

Snapchat Score

Real accounts are normally rated; Snapchat accounts with high Snapchat scores are most likely to be real accounts. However, it’s advisable to conduct more investigation on the account.

Step 2: Check the Snapchat user’s postings and profile picture

user's postings and profile picture

Fake account users do not use or share their real images as their profile pictures. Instead, they use celebrities’ photos. If you suspect the accounts and details do not match the accounts postings and profile icon, that should raise the alarm.

Step 3: Check the account’s followers list

Check the account's followers list

No matter the number of followers an account has, it may still be a fake account. Fake account creators may have fake followers. Conduct due diligence before buying anything from such an account.


Q: Do fake Snapchat accounts work?

Yes, fake Snapchat accounts normally work as original accounts. However, fake accounts are manipulated to trick users and text recipients or for monetary benefits. In case you suspect anything malicious on an account, take caution. 

Q: Is it possible to prevent yourself from a fake Snapchat account chat?

No, it’s not possible. All you can do is conduct due diligence on the account before you open up on anything personal or share your details with the account’s user. 

Q: Is there any system that can prove a snap chat account to be original or fake?

No, no developed system proves the genuineness of a Snapchat account. You can only prove it by checking for any malicious business on the account.


The popular messaging app Snapchat is perfect for keeping in touch with pals. Making a fake Snapchat account and using it to fool your friends is fun and can catch them off guard. However, scammers and fraudsters are all over social media. It would be best if you watched out for scammers.

In return, fraudsters request personal data, pictures, and cash. Don’t think twice about blocking any suspicious accounts you come across them and especially when harassed.

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