How to Get Bot Lobbies in MW2

Get Bot Lobbies in MW2

When you hear the term Lobby, what comes to your mind? As usual, the bot lobby is located in Warzone 2. A full lobby is required whenever the player count is very low. Whenever you feel the urge to play or even practice Modern Warfare 2, then you should get yourself a bot lobby. But the problem is getting the lobby is very difficult due to Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM).

How Can We Set Up Bot Lobbies in Modern Warfare 2?

Bot Lobbies in Modern Warfare 2

When setting up these lobbies, we require only two methods: manipulating SBMM and smurfing. These methods only require time, and on the other hand, you don’t need to put in much effort.

Try playing the games requiring low skills, enabling you to meet lowly ranked players. These matches will enable you to understand the game since they are easy lobbies.

You should also know that you can be banned anytime by the admin immediately if they realize you are doing either. The admin considers this as boosting, so it’s prohibited.

Check out these two methods of how to get a bot lobby in MW2.

Steps On How to Smurf in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

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When you Smurf in Modern Warfare 2, you create a new account using a new email and begin playing the game. It’s an added advantage if you use a PC because it’s the easiest. But if you are using either Xbox or PlayStation, you will be forced to disconnect your account from Activision.

If you are using an Xbox or PlayStation linked to your account of Activision, the game will automatically detect you. If you disconnect your account, Activision will assume you never had one and immediately link you to your new account.

You must purchase your PlayStation Plus or Xbox Gold to create an account for either Xbox or a PlayStation.

What you need to do when Smurfing on the Modern World 2 is create a new account for Activision and make sure you follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the website of Activision.

Step 2: Check on the top right corner of the page and click on the three lines.

Step 3: Check on the signup button and press it.

Step 4: Key in your details are an email address, first and last name, and date of birth.

Step 5: Choose a memorable password and confirm it.

Step 6: Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.

Step 7: In case of any other steps, such as setting up two-factor authentication or verifying your email address, you have to complete it.

When you finish all the steps above, you should definitely be signed up for your new account Activision.

In the beginning, the few lobbies will be bots. Here your skills will be gauged accordingly by the game. You will have new players very easily.

How Can We Manipulate Skill-based Matchmaking in The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

Manipulation of the services is the second option, but you should be very cautious about doing this on your Smurf account. This is because; Skill-Based Matchmaking takes your records and submits them against players at your skill level. Therefore, to manipulate Skill-Based Matchmaking, be prepared to play the worst in games.

For instance, if you play terribly for about five consecutive games and lose all the matches, you will find yourself in a bot lobby. This is, however, known to not only your opposing team but also your team members. This will make your opponents report you for throwing.

Tips for Setting up The Bot Lobbies in Skill-Based Matchmaking

Setting up The Bot Lobbies in Skill-Based Matchmaking

We have various ways to help you get the bot lobby in the game. This is, however, not a guaranteed thing.

When the game starts twice, you should leave instantly. This is because; the game might assume that you have a poor internet connection. As a result, you won’t be placed together with players with good network connections, and this will lead you to be dropped out.

It would be best to use a VPN that places you in a country with a lower player count. After using a VPN, the game will automatically fill in bots to fill out the teams faster. The countries that are highly recommended are as follows;

  • Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Singapore
  • Lithuania
  • Serbia
  • Greece

What you need to do now in this game is you should play with other players who are worse than you. This will enable you to get into their lobbies.

How Should We Turn Off The Crossplay?

Step 1: Go to Settings

Account & Network

Step 2: Select Account & Network

Step 3: Go to Crossplay


Step 4: Toggle it to off

If you strictly follow the above tips, it’s a guarantee that you will end up with a bot filled with lobbies. Another alternative way to find players equal to your skill level is chat groups or Discord servers. Finding these players of your equal skill level will enable you to practice with them without the fear of getting banned.

Can Someone Be Banned for Using The Bot Lobbies in Skill-Based Matchmaking?

You can get banned when using bot lobbies in skill-based matchmaking. The bot lobbies are regarded as an exploit. This is because the players are in a position to create software that uses a third party to create more than one private match filled with bots. Instead of being controlled by human players, these bots are controlled by an AI.

The reason why most players use these bots is to level up their accounts, quickly achieve the experience points, and also unlock new perks, weapons, and achievements that can be carried over to the next game-level mode.

So you now know that these bots go against the terms and conditions of the services and thus end the agreements of the user license of Activision and the. You should know that the game’s publisher is an organization that is known to take action against the players who use these bot lobbies. This will, however, lead to a permanent or temporary ban from this game; this depends on the seriousness of your offense.

The most important thing is to know that cheating on the game, which includes the use of bot lobbies, not only does it negatively impact other people playing the game but also undermines its integrity. As a result, you should know that using the bot lobbies in Modern Warfare 2 or other games is not recommended because you might get banned, just like how hackers are banned.

To be safer while using the bot lobbies, use VPNs like the Express VPN and make sure to pick on the best location. Finally, be cautious as the above method is not 100% safe, and you might also get banned.

Final Thoughts

When you want to find the easiest lobbies in Modern Warfare 2, use certain VPNs. But if you are in a financial crisis, other categories are available and will help give the best bot experience. Finally, when you decide to use these solutions in this article and invest much time in learning them correctly, you won’t regret it.

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