Time Wasted on LOL: How much time I spent on League of Legends?

how much time have i wasted on lol

It’s been 13 years since League of Legends (LoL) was launched. Well, do you remember how many games you’ve finished, or how much time you have wasted on LoL?

League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular multiplayer MOBA games. The battle arena video game is not only entertaining but addictive too. Once you start playing it, you don’t feel like quitting.

Therefore, you can waste a lot of your productive time playing it if you aren’t careful. I’m not saying that playing LoL is a bad thing, but you shouldn’t become its slave and forget other things that add value to your life.

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Here are basic tips on checking the amount of time you have spent playing LoL. That way, you can make necessary changes in your life if you feel you’re spending too much on the game.

LOL, game port query

Please note that this approach doesn’t count data before 2018. However, it can give you an accurate picture of how long you have been playing LoL.

Step 1: Start or launch the LoL game on your computer.

launch the LoL game

Step 2: Open your profile tab, scroll to the menu bar and then click on the stats tab.

click on the stats tab

Step 3: On the panel that appears, move to the bottom left corner. Here you will see the number of hours that you have played LoL. Consequently, you can approximate how much time you have spent playing the game.

Wasted on LOL

You can also use Wasted on the LOL platform to check the time you have spent playing the League of Legends online game. The site is easy to use, comes with minimal links, and has a friendly UI.

You can also buy RP on the site to check the top 20 player lists in various regions and determine how much time they have spent playing LoL. It’s worth noting that Wasted on Lol doesn’t cover accounts from China and some parts of South East Asia.

Step 1: Open the software using its URL address (https://www.op.gg/)

Open the software

Step 2: Once the page opens, scroll down to the “summoner’s name” box and enter your summoner name.

Step 3: Choose your region and click the “How much time I have wasted lol” button. Please note that you won’t get accurate results if you don’t choose the right region.

Choose your region

Step 4: Once you do that, you will be re-directed to another page where you see the time you spent on LoL in days, hours, and minutes. Here you also get information about your regional and global ranking, as shown in the image below.

re-directed to another page

The good thing about Waste on Lol software is that it gives you approximate figures of the time you would have spent doing other things if not playing LoL.

For instance, you can see how many kilometers you would have walked, read books, and watched movies, among others.

Game record query

Another practical approach for checking how much time you have spent on LoL is using the game record query.

Step 1: Open the OP.GG website (https://www.op.gg/)

Open the OP.GG

Step 2: Once the site opens, go to the search bar and enter your LoL username. Please note that you won’t get accurate results if you enter the wrong LoL username.

Step 3: You’ll be redirected to a new page and see your LoL profile avatar

Step 4: Click on “Update” and then click the “How many hours did you play on LoL” option, as shown in the image below

Click on Update

Step 5: Once you do that, the site will redirect you to another page where you can check the time you have spent playing League of Legends. You also get an approximate time of other things that you could have done with the time you spent playing LoL.

Spend your time doing things you enjoy

Spend Your Time with LoL

Do you think that playing LoL is a waste of time? I don’t think so. On the contrary, LoL is a delightful game, and you feel relaxed after playing it.

Besides, life is too short, and there’s nothing wrong with doing things that make you happy. It doesn’t matter how many days or hours you have spent on LoL. Continue playing League of Legends as long as doing so makes you happy.

However, you should ensure you don’t get addicted to the game. Remember that you need to spare time for other essential things in your life. Make sure you play LoL moderately and don’t become an addict.

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