4 East Steps to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV

How cool is it to play switch games on your living room TV? Well, switch to the big screen and get even a better experience with your family member and friends.

The Nintendo Switch(NS) is both a handheld and home gaming console. This means that you can hold the console into your hands as you play or hook it up to your TV, just as you do with a PS5. If you are going to use NS for a two-player game, then I definitely recommend connecting to your TV.

Nintendo Switch

The following is a simplified guide on how to connect Nintendo Switch to TV and enjoy a better experience.

Things that need to be prepared

  • Switch host (except Nintendo Switch Lite version)
  • Switch dock
  • The AC adaptor
  • The HDMI cable
  • HDMI-enabled TV
  • Gamepad (Joy-Con or any other gamepad)

1. Connect the Switch dock

The main work of the Switch dock is to help you connect the Nintendo Switch to a TV and charge it. Therefore, you need to make sure you have your Nintendo switch dock ready before you think of joining the Switch to a TV.

If you lost it or it’s faulty, you can always buy another dock from Nintendo at an affordable price. Always remember that using the wrong Switch dock can affect the quality image displayed on the TV.

Connect the Switch dock

Step 1: Put the Nintendo Switch dock on a flat surface close to your TV. Open the back cover as shown below so that you can expose the ports and start making connections.

Put the Nintendo Switch dock

Step 2: Once you open the back cover of the switch dock, you can now access the three ports that you need for connecting Nintendo Switch to the TV. These ports are AC Adapter ports (USB-c cable) at the top, HDMI Out.

Step 3: Plug in the AC adapter to supply the Switch dock with power. It would help if you connected the other end of the AC adapter to the wall socket or your preferred source of electricity.

Plug in the AC adapter

Step 4: Connect the one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI Out port of the Switch Dock, as shown below. The other end will go to the HDMI port of your TV.

Connect the one end of the HDMI cable

Step 5: Line the cables up, get them out the side exit notch on the dock, close the back cover.

2. Select a signal source on the TV

Plug the other end of the HDMI cable into your TV

Plug the other end of the HDMI cable into your TV, which usually has more than one video port. You may need to select the signal source, use the remote control, and select the HDMI port you’re plugged into.

Adjust the volume and other settings as you wish using the TV remote. Now the TV is ready to receive data from your Nintendo Switch.

3. Add it to the Switch host (dock)

Once you’re done connecting all the cables, now it’s time to place the Switch console to the host or dock for this case. It’s easy to place the console on the host; keep the LCD screen of the Switch facing the logo, align it left and right, and slowly lower it down, as shown below.

place the Switch console to the host

Check if the indicator light in the lower-left corner is on.

4. Connect the handle

If you are using the cable handle, so you need to connect to the switch through the dock on the side of the USB interface. For those using the joy-con controllers from the Console, you need to remove them from the host (using the small black button at the back of the joy-con grip).

connect to the switch through

Once the Joy-Cons are off, just press any key to launch a Bluetooth connection with the Switch so that you can start using them as controllers.

Power your devices and start playing

start playing Nintendo Switch to TV

Now that you have completed connecting Nintendo Switch to a TV, you can power them and start playing. The screen of the Nintendo Switch console turns offs when placed on the dock.

All the data from Switch should be displayed on the screen of the TV if you have done the connection right. You should also adjust the settings of your TV using the remote.

Monitor multipurpose

HDMI Selector Switch Box

If you only have one monitor, but you need it as a screen for both the Switch and PC, then I recommend you buy an HDMI Selector Switch Box. That way, it becomes easy to shift to what you wanna see on the screen without having to disconnect the TV.

An HDMI Selector Switch Box Allows you to route More than one HDMI channel to your TV. That way, you can easily select what you wanna watch using a remote.

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