9 Ways to Fix Reddit Search Not Working in 2023

Reddit Search not Working error

Reddit is an immensely growing social platform that offers content and threads on any thinkable topic. Despite its good functionality, claims have arisen that at a times users are unable to access the Reddit Search to search for their preferred content.

Here, we have worked out some procedures that you can follow to fix the Reddit Search not working.

Reasons for Reddit Search failure

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Our research has led us to various issues that may cause Reddit Search not to be working. Here are the reasons:

1. Search Filter being enabled:

Search Filter being enabled

Reddit is programmed to filter all mature content by default from its results. There is no indication portrayed to show that the filter is activated. Therefore, you may think there is something wrong with your Reddit Search.

2. Reddit’s back-end Issue:

Reddit’s engineers have, on several instances, acknowledged issues at Reddit’s end and have worked to fix the issues shortly after that.

3. Less customization:

The Reddit Search is eventually less customized and known for returning limited results. Try other searches that allow you to search Reddit Forums with more parameters.

4. Ad-blockers:


Ad- blockers are known for conflicting with many website applications and modules. Reddit is not an exception to this issue.

1. Check for Reddit Backend Issue

This is the first step to start with before taking any troubleshooting process. Reddit Search may not be working due to issues lying at the back-end servers. When Reddit backend servers are down, sit tight and wait until everything resumes. To confirm if there’s an issue with the Reddit backend servers:

Step 1: Navigate to Reddit Forums and check if people are experiencing the same issue.

Step 2: Or go to the official Reddit Page and check its status “if a yellow bar appears on the current time, there is an issue with Reddit Back-end servers”.

2. Disable Ad-blockers

Ad-blockers have inbuilt mechanisms that intercept all traffic, therefore, removing ads and passing on a filtered version without ads on your computer. However, as much as it improves that user experience, disabling ad-blockers could be the reason cause the Reddit Search is not working. To disable Ads:

Step 1: Start by checking your browser extensions on chrome.

Step 2: At the address bar, type “chrome://extensions”.

Chrome extentions

Step 3: Press Enter.

Step 4: Uncheck the Enable Option to disable the Ad-blocker extension.

Uncheck the Enable Option to disable the Ad-blocker extension

Step 5: Restart your browser and check if Reddit Search resumes its functionality.

3. Disable search filter

Reddit automatically filters “not safe for work content” from its search results. To disable the search filter:

Step 1: Navigate to Reddit’s website.

Navigate to Reddit’s website

Step 2: At the top right corner, click on your Profile Image.

click on your Profile Image.

Step 3: Click on User Settings.

Step 4: Click on the Feed Settings Tab.

Click on the Feed Settings Tab

Step 5: Toggle the adult content and safe browsing mode buttons to the right.

Toggle the adult content and safe browsing mode buttons

Step 6: Save the changes and exit.

Step 7: Reload Reddit Website and try searching.

4. Use an alternative search engine

Use an alternative search engine

Other independent sites allow users to search Reddit Forums using advanced parameters that do not restrict results. Although at a time, these sites do cease to work with bizarre issues, and if Reddit revamps its search algorithm.

Step 1: Navigate to the Redditsearch.io on your web browser.

Step 2: Add the search term and other parameters you may intend to set.

5. Force stop and clear cache

Force stop and clear cache

In case the Reddit application gets stuck in a certain operation or fails to load a certain subreddit page. Some operations work in the background as much as you try stopping their respective apps. Force stopping the application halts all the upfront and background activities. Clearing cache help improves the user’s experience in case the application slows down due to the exceeding amount of saved cache data. If your device lacks enough space, Reddit’s app becomes corrupt, and the problem occurs.

6. Sign out

At times, miscommunication between the Reddit server and your device may be why your Reddit Search is not Working. Signing out of the app and logging in to your account may solve this issue.

7. Check your internet connection

An unreliable internet connection is inefficient for any online operations. Test your internet connection by going to another website and see if it’s working. If it does not load properly also your internet connection might be broken.

8. Uninstall and reinstall the Reddit app

In case you are experiencing the Reddit Search not Working issue. Try installing and reinstalling the application, as this can solve many issues.

9. Restart your device

The best way to deal with the unresponsive app is to restart the device. Restarting your device helps solve issues on memory retention, smooth operation, and crash prevention. This is one basic way to get Reddit Search not Working issue resolved.


Reddit Search not Working error can impair your ability to make the most of the social platform. Luckily, there are countless methods you can use to resolve this problem. We have highlighted some of the solutions in this post.

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