Last Epoch Itemization Overview

Last Epoch Itemization

In this article, we’ll talk about the itemization in Last Epoch. Discover the gear rarity, crafting, affixes, shards, runes, and many more. Read now!


Welcome to the itemization system found in Last Epoch. In this comprehensive article, we’ll discuss every aspect of the gear system and the crafting materials found in this beautiful ARPG. Down below, we are gonna take a look at the Gear Itemization, Rarity, Crafting Materials, and more.

We’ve designed our guide on Last Epoch itemization with a user-friendly structure in mind, ensuring it’s easy to follow and navigate.

Now, let’s shift our focus to exploring the Itemization in Last Epoch.

Gear and Itemization

Last Epoch follows many ARPGs in this genre when it comes to gear, as you have special bosses and zones where some items can be found. Getting excited when a unique or set item drops is no exception, as some of the best unique and set items have a very small chance to drop at special Bosses or Timezones, ranging from 10% chance to even 1%.

In terms of builds, Last Epoch stands unique from other ARPGs such as Diablo and Path of Exile. In Diablo, your gear has special interactions with some skills. Path of Exile combines the main skill with support gems and sometimes unique items. Last Epoch has a special skill tree built for every skill in the game, so customization and experimentation can be very interesting and entertaining.

Securing the ideal gear and setups in Last Epoch often demands extensive understanding of the game and a significant investment of time in grinding. Thankfully, is here to assist you in finalizing your builds, acquiring sought-after uniques, and engaging in various late-game pursuits.

Down below, let’s delve deeper into the gear & rarities offered by this ARPG.

Gear Rarity

Last Epoch features a highly elaborated gear rarity system comprising seven distinct rarities. This ecosystem provides an extensive range of itemization options and enables the combination of multiple gear rarities.

Gear Rarity

Drop Rates

The drop rates in Last Epoch vary like in many ARPGs. The Common and Magic items are found anywhere and can be acquired anytime within the game. As for Rare and Exalted items, they are a little bit less common than the previous ones, but once you start pushing the end-game content, such as Monoliths, you’ll find plenty of them. The hardest part is the affixes to match your desired build.

For the special gear, such as Unique and Set items, the drop rate is different. Some unique and set items can be dropped very easily from Monoliths or Timezone Bosses, and some of them can be extremely rare drops with a 1% chance from a certain Boss or from a specific Timezone.

Note: Every Timezone contains special Echo Rewards that drop a specific unique or set base item. A good example is Fall of the Outcasts, which drops Bows and Quivers, while Reign of Dragons drops Swords, Axes, Maces, Daggers, and Spears.

Items Rarity in Last Epoch

Below we present the various types of Item Rarities in this ARPG:

  • Common (white):With this rarity, you’ll start your journey, and this rarity doesn’t offer any affixes.
  • Magic (blue):In the early stages of your leveling journey, Magic items will start dropping. This rarity has 1 or 2 affixes, which can be prefixes, suffixes, or both.
  • Rare (yellow):The Rare items are a big upgrade from magic ones through the campaign and early end-game. This item rarity has 3 or 4 affixes.
  • Exalted (purple):Exalted rarity is the goal you’ll want to achieve in Last Epoch. Exalted items have one or more tier 6 or tier 7 affixes.
  • Unique (orange): The Unique item has stats and effects that cannot be found on lower rarity items, and Uniques cannot be crafted on.
  • Set (green):Set items are very similar to the ones we find in Diablo, are unique, and also grant bonuses for having other parts of the same set equipped. Sets will typically have 2 to 4 pieces.
  • Legendary (red):Legendary item rarity is the best-in-slot gear for your character. This rarity is created in the Eternity Cache and is a combination of a Unique and an Exalted item.

Note: Tier 6 and 7 affixes cannot be created through crafting, but crafting otherwise works the same for Exalted items as it does for Magic and Rare items.

Items Rarity in Last Epoch

Crafting Materials

In Last Epoch, we have a very rich crafting system mechanic with the help of Glyphs, Shards, and Runes. The outcome of crafting an item can be altered with these currencies in many ways. Below we’ll take a look at each of these Crafting Materials, starting off with:

H3: Glyphs

Glyphs are support items in Last Epoch that can be used alongside the Runes and the Affix Shards to affect the outcome of crafting. Down below, we’ll take a look at every Glyph and its properties.

  • Glyph of Hope:Modifies the outcome of a craft, granting it a 25% chance to have no Forging Potential cost.
  • Glyph of Chaos:Modifies the outcome of a craft when upgrading an affix. Randomly changes the upgraded affix to a different one that can spawn on that item type. It cannot change a prefix into a suffix or vice versa.
  • Glyph of Order:Modifies the outcome of a craft when upgrading an affix. Prevents the roll of an affix within its range changing when it is upgraded.
  • Glyph of Despair:Has a chance to seal an affix instead of upgrading it. The Sealed affix is moved to its own slot, leaving its old slot open for you to add a new affix.
  • Glyph of Insight:Changes a prefix into an experimental affix. Only works on gloves, boots, and belts and does not work if the items already have an experimental affix.

Glyph of Insight


Runes are modifier items that can have various effects on the item they are applied to. Let’s explore the full list of Runes you can find in Last Epoch:

  • Rune of Shattering: Destroys an item, creating a random number of affix shards containing its powers.
  • Rune of Refinement: Rerolls the values of all affixes on an item within their tiers.
  • Rune of Removal: Removes a random affix on an item, returning a number of shards equal to its tier.
  • Rune of Discovery: Adds random tier 1 affixes to all empty affix slots on an item. Has an increased chance of rolling rarer affixes.
  • Rune of Shaping: Rerolls all implicits on an item.
  • Rune of Ascendance: Changes the item into a unique or set item of the same item type. Using this on a Silver Ring could turn it into any unique ring, including ones that are not Silver Rings. However, the Silver Ring cannot be turned into any other base type.
  • Rune of Creation: Duplicates the item but reduces the forging potential of both the original and the copy to0.
  • Rune of Research: Seals an Experimental affix on the item. The affix is moved to its own slot, leaving its old slot open for you to add a new affix.

Rune of Research


Shards are the basic crafting currency in the game that allows the player to add affixes to items or to increase the tier of an existing affix by one. You have two prefixes and two suffixes, and each can be crafted up to Tier 5. Let’s check out a short list of suffixes and prefixes in Last Epoch.

  • Lightning Resistance– Suffix
  • Chance to Bleed on Hit– Suffix
  • Chance to Shred Armor on Hit– Suffix
  • Dodge Rating– Suffix
  • Freeze Rate Multiplier– Suffix
  • Melee Physical Damage– Preffix
  • All Attributes– Preffix
  • Spell Critical Strike Chance– Preffix
  • Potion Health Converted to Ward– Preffix
  • Cold Penetration– Preffix

Forging Potential

The Forging Potential is the key property for all Normal, Magic, Rare, and Exalted items. Each of these items comes with a Forging Potential number that will decrease when applying an affix to an item or upgrading it. Higher rarity items will generally drop with more Forging Potential.

Note: There is a 25% chance that the forging potential will not decrease when applying or upgrading an affix if you are using the Glyph of Hope.

Merging Exalted with Unique Items

The most powerful items, as stated in the Gear Rarity section, are the Legendary ones. To be eligible for merging an Exalted with a Unique item, you must first conquer the Temporal Sanctum Dungeon on at least Tier 3 difficulty. After that, ensure you have the Exalted item rarity with your desired stats and a desired Unique piece with at least 2 Legendary Potential slots, and you are ready to go.

In this process, the Exalted item will be destroyed, and the Unique item will inherit a number of random affixes. If the Unique gear has 2 Legendary Potential, it will randomly choose 2 affixes from the Exalted base. Remember that the Exalted and Unique items must be the same base item!

Now, we will take a look at the maximum level of unique items that can be merged in the Temporal Sanctum Dungeon.

  • Tier 1– Maximum Level of Unique that can be merged is
  • Tier 2– Maximum Level of Unique that can be merged is
  • Tier 3 – Maximum Level of Unique that can be merged is
  • Tier 4– Maximum Level of Unique that can be merged is

Moving on, let’s take a quick look at the sealed, tier 6, and 7 affixes.

Merging Exalted with Unique Items

Sealed, Tier 6 and 7 Affixes

In Last Epoch, we have some unique types of affixes, such as sealed ones, Tier 6 and 7. You can’t achieve Tier 6 or 7 through crafting, and they can only drop from high-level Monoliths or from the Lightless Arbor Dungeon. However, you can seal any affixes from tiers 1-5, and the Soulfire Bastion Dungeon has a chance to drop directly sealed T5 affixes.

Let’s wrap up this guide with our final thoughts for the itemization in Last Epoch.


In this article, we covered everything you need to know about the gear in Last Epoch. We’ve discussed the gear rarity, crafting materials with a breakdown of every crafting currency, and more. Now it’s your time to conquer the end-game and achieve your best gear. Stay safe, traveler, and we’ll meet you soon.

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